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Phone : + 47 75 53 50 10

Website : Widerøe

Founted : 19 February 1934

Key People : Stein Nilsen

About Widerøe Airlines

Wideroes Flyveselskap AS, a Norwegian regional airline, is its name. Wideroes Flyveselskap AS is also known as Wideroe. Its 40 Bombardier Derh 8 aircraft and three Embraer E190/E2 planes serve more than 40 destinations. Wideroe has 40 aircraft. The primary airports of Northern Norway offer services to Sandefjord Airport, Torp and Flesland, Trondheim/Vaernes, and international services to Trondheim/Vaernes.

Bodo Airport (Torp) is the headquarters of the company. However, Tromso Airports and Tromso Airports are also its primary bases. Wideroe focuses primarily on point-to-point transit but it also serves international and medium-haul airlines. Wideroe is a member of EuroBonus international flight and has interlining agreement.

Widerøe Airlines  Reservations

Widerøe Airlines Booking Numbers

Email: support@wideroe.no

Phone: (+47) 75 53 50 10

Widerøe Airlines Classes

Wideroe offers many ticket options, including Flex, Flex and Eco Low, Eco High as well as Youth Tickets and the Student Ticket. Full Flex tickets are a great option for people who need full flexibility. Tickets can be modified and are refundable without any additional charges. Flex ticket flexible ticket can be modified within the same fare category or upgraded by paying for the difference. Tickets are non-refundable.

Widerøe Airlines  Facilities

  • Move your device into airplane mode.
  • Connect to the "wideroe ###" network" by turning on WiFi
  • Navigate to wideroe.everhub.aero.
  • Get free movies, TV-shows and games. Flight information is also available.

All passengers aboard the baord can use the entertainment system at no cost. The entertainment system can be accessed via your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Use Chrome or Safari browsers.

Widerøe Airlines  Popular Destinations And Hubs

Wideroe Hub Airport

Oslo Airport serves Oslo as the main airport. It is also the hub airport of Wideroe and Scandinavian Airlines. Oslo Airport can accommodate nearly 25 million passengers annually and has two runways.

Wideroe Airline offers flights to many destinations, including Aberdeen, Alta Bergen, Batsfjords, Bodo Berlevag and Copenhagen.

Widerøe Airlines Check-In And Boarding Pass

Online Check In

Check-in on the airline website is open for passengers up to 22 hours before departure

Airport Check In

Check-in times at airports vary. For the check-in deadline for your departure airport, please visit the airline website. We recommend that passengers arrive at the airport no later than two hours before their scheduled departure time.

Widerøe Airlines Policies

Baggage Policy And Fees

Checked Baggage

When you travel in Smart Flex, Flex, Full Flex, or Full Flex, you must have at most one piece of your checked baggage. Checked baggage is not included in the reduced fares. If your checked baggage exceeds 23kg, you will be subject to an overweight fee. Here are the rates. If the baggage is more than 158 cm in length or weighs 321-45kg, you can send it as special luggage. Here are the prices. All other luggage greater than 158 cm or more than 32 kg must be shipped cargo. If your luggage is included with your flight, you can check it in. You should not store valuable items such as money, keys, or medicine. Keep your valuable belongings safe. passports, laptops, money, medicine, jewelry, cameras, keys, etc.) They should not be packed in your checked baggage. You should instead bring them in your carry-on bag.

Cabin Baggage

All passengers over 2 years old are allowed to bring one bag (55x40x20cm), and one bag under their seat (40x30x15cm). Minis can only carry one bag under their seats (40x30x15cm). If you are travelling in Mini, you can add more cabin baggage My travels. You should not exceed 8 kg in cabin baggage. Additional baggage should be checked.

Pet Policy

A dog or cat can be brought on a trip in the cargo hold or cabin. You can also bring other animals into the cargo hold. You can order online and add your pet under Additional Services. If your application is approved, we will ask for a specific place for the pet. We will notify you via e-mail. The pet must be approved before a ticket can be issued. We will not issue a ticket if you cancel 72 hours prior to departure. However, we will do our best to assist you, but we cannot guarantee that we can satisfy your needs. You should reserve your place in advance, especially during hunting season.

Refund And Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

Wideroe makes it easy to cancel your flight online. Also, passengers can make a request for the refund online by filling the refund request form at Wideroe official site http://www.wideroe.no/. If the tickets are not cancelled within the time limit, they can only be refunded. Wideroe cannot issue a refund once the ticket has expired. Wideroe can take 7-10 working days for a refund request to be processed. Wideroe offers compensation to passengers who have to cancel Wideroe flights because of unavoidable circumstances. Wideroe makes it easy to cancel your flight and get a refund.

Cancellation Fees

Wideroe charges a cancellation fee for domestic and international flights. You can find out more about the Wideroe cancellation fees for international flights by following these instructions.

Wideroe charges $100-$500 cancellation fees for tickets cancelled after the risk-free cancellation period that lasts 24 hours. Wideroe charges $100-$400 cancellation fees for cancelling a Wideroe flight that is less than 24 hours prior to departure. You can cancel your ticket by filing a cancellation request.

For more information, call Wideroe at +4775 803 568 They are available 24/7 to assist passengers. You can call the helpline number +4775 803 568 to cancel or request a reimbursement.


  1. What happens if my Wideroe Flight is Cancelled?

It depends on what type of Fare was booked and if you purchased a refundable Wideroe Ticket. Within the 24-hour grace period, you cannot cancel your ticket to receive a refund.

  1. Can I cancel a Wideroe Flight in 24 Hours?

Customers have 24 hours to cancel any Wideroe reservation regardless of fare.

  1. What happens if Wideroe cancels your non-refundable flight?

Wideroe tickets cannot be canceled. The amount you pay depends on the type of Fare, how long it took, and where it was taken. The remaining fare will be issued as an eCredit, which you can use to book future Wideroe flights.

  1. Wideroe compensation is available for delays of 2 hours in flight

You are entitled to legal compensation if Wideroe was responsible for the delay. Your arrival time may be delayed by the replacement flight. You were less than 14 days before departure of your Wideroe flight.

Widerøe Policies

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