Volaris Airlines Pet Policy

Volaris Airlines

Volaris Airlines Pet Policy

It can be stressful to fly with your pet. Volaris Airlines Pet Policy has some great options for you to consider the next time your pet travels with you. You can either check your pet onboard or bring it along.

You can also travel free with your service or emotional dog. Want to learn more?

Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about flying with your pet through Volaris Airlines.


General Conditions under the Volaris Pet Travel Policy

Volaris' pet policy states that pets are permitted in passenger cabins provided the animal and container weigh not exceed 10 kilograms. Additional information:

  • It is mandatory to document the container and pet if they are more than 10kg.
  • You can bring your pet onboard an aircraft as long as its combined weight is not more than 45kg.
  • Cats and dogs can travel with the airline as pets.
  • The airline does not accept pets younger than 4 months old. Pets with a medical condition or that require nursing are not allowed.
  • Only 4 pets can be carried on an aircraft. Volaris allows one pet per passenger in the cabin program.
  • Animals under anaesthesia, pets without a valid immunization certificate or other documentation, will not be permitted.
  • Pets that have unpleasant doors or require to be scrubbed won't be allowed.
  • A collar, leash or harness must be used to secure pets.
  • Passenger cabins will not allow animals that are dangerous to crew members or passengers because of their behaviour or nature.


Travel Requirement for the Emotional Support Animals

Volaris does not charge an animal for emotional support. This policy is applicable to the following routes:

  • Mexico
  • Mexico to Central America and vice versa
  • Central America
  • South America
  • From Central America to South America and vice versa

If you wish to bring an emotional support animal or cat along, please see the Volaris travel requirements. If the animal does not meet one of these requirements, it may be allowed to fly as a checked pet.

  • You must submit a statement from a licensed mental health professional, licensed clinical worker, psychiatrist, psychologist or another qualified individual.
  • It must be current, and have been issued within one year of the departure date.
  • It should state that the individual is receiving medical attention and requires the animal to fly.
  • It should be printed on letterhead paper with the professional license number.
  • Your ESA can be transported in a carrier or on a leash. Volaris dog policy states that the animal cannot exceed 26 pounds.
  • Volaris Pet Policy Program for emotional support -
    • Volaris can only transport cats in sturdy carriers. Volaris dogs must travel in fabric or strong carriers.
    • The combined weight of the animal and the carrier must not exceed 26 lbs.
    • Service dogs are allowed to leave the carrier but not during take-off or landing.


Volaris Pet Travel Requirements

Volaris requires that you follow the following guidelines and documentation.

Documentation for traveling with pets

Bring both your original and a duplicate of your vaccination card. Each pet must be vaccinated for rabies at the latest 30 days prior to departure. You should also be aware that -

  • If your pet is over 15 months of age, you must keep a record of all their anti-rabies shots.
  • You must record the application of the vaccine or its reinforcement at least one year prior to the departure date on your immunization card.
  • Anti-parasitic current that is not older than six months before the date of return flight
  • The certificate must be issued by a licensed veterinarian on paper.
  • The Health Certificate certifies that your pet was examined and is healthy. If the passenger is traveling roundtrip, the validity of the certificate must also be respected.
  • At the check in time of Volaris Airlines, a signed pet transport form was provided.
  • For flights to or from Mexico and Central America, a copy and the original of the zoo sanitary certificates are required.
  • The pet's health certificate is not required if the pet is flying to or from the USA.


Volaris Pets in Cabins Requirements

These requirements must be met by the Volaris-approved pet carrier for carry-on volaris baggage size

  • The Volaris approved container must contain the pet fully. The dimensions must not exceed 44 cm by 30 cm by 19 cm (17.5 x 12x 7.5 inches).
  • The pet must be able stand or walk within the container.
  • The cage should be strong enough to hold a dog. Cats require a sturdy cage/kennel.
  • The cage should be placed underneath the seat.
  • Your pet cannot leave its cage during the trip for any reason.
  • If the pet being transported is a cat or dog, they should travel together in the last row in a window seat.


Pet Travel and Checked Baggage: Requirements

These requirements must be met by the approved cabin or kennel that is required to allow pet to travel with checked items.

  • 45kg should be the combined weight of the pet's cage and its cage.
  • A strong framework is required for the cage.
  • It should be impermeable and have adequate ventilation on all sides.
  • Anti-leak seal must be achieved and must be scratch-resistant.
  • Handles are required to lift it.
  • If the cage is larger than 158 cm, a fee must be paid.
  • The cage should allow the animal freedom to move around its own axis.
  • An odour neutralizer must be included in the cage. The cage must have the contact information of the passenger to allow pet identification. You can fill it with hygienic rocks or absorbent material.
  • Containers should be able to withstand spillage and contain absorbent material.


Pet Travel Fee for Volaris

Volaris Airlines pet policy states that the cost of pet travel varies depending on whether you are traveling domestically or internationally. The Volaris Mexico pet fee is listed below.

Domestic Travel

Pet travel

Online Reservation [in USD]

At The Airport [in USD]




Pet as checked luggage




International Travel

Pet travel

Online Reservation [in USD]

At The Airport [in USD]




Pet as checked luggage




Volaris pet costs are not applicable to service animals if they meet the service conditions. It is the responsibility of the passenger to take care of them.

There will always be questions. These regulations are very clear but there will always be grey-area or "what-if" scenarios. To reduce unexpected surprises, be informed before you go.


Pets as checked Luggage

You can take your pet along as checked baggage. Be sure to follow these instructions.

Container requirements

  • The carrier should allow your pet to move and stand comfortably inside.
  • The carrier should be made from hard material
  • It should be waterproof.
  • It should be ventilated on at least three sides.
  • There shouldn't be wheels.
  • It shouldn't contain any objects that could cause injury to your pet while it is on the air.
  • You should lock the carrier properly.
  • Handles should always be readily available.
  • You can also place food or water in the container if you wish.
  • You must have kitty litter, absorptive materials and smell neutralizer.

Container restrictions

  • Your pet and its carrier must not weigh more than 100 Ib (or 45 kg). Your pet will not be accepted for check-in if it exceeds 100 Ib or 45 kg.
  • One pet is allowed per container.



This information should be clearly labelled on the container.

Information for the owner

Information for pets



Phone Number





Breed Restrictions

Brachycephalic dogs and small dogs cannot travel by plane because they could have breathing difficulties. You will need to sign a liability waiver if you plan to fly with a pet of brachycephalic dogs or small dogs.


Restrictions on Destination

The CDC restriction prohibits pets from entering the US if they are traveling from El Salvador or Guatemala, Colombia, Colombia, or Honduras, and have been in these countries within the past 180 days.

  • If you have the CDC dog import certificate or land in New York, this restriction will not apply.
  • These restrictions also apply to emotional support dogs.
  • You can request a refund if you've already bought a ticket.



  • Rabies vaccination certificate.
    • Your pet should have their first dose within 30 days of taking it.
    • If the pet is older than 15 months, it must receive a booster dose in order to fly.
    • A health certificate that your pet is healthy.
    • The certified veterinarian must sign the health certificate on a piece of notepad paper with their license number.
    • It must be dated within five working days of the flight.
    • If you do not have the license number on the paper, you can submit a copy.
    • You must present another certificate if the return flight isn't within five business days of the date issued.
    • Within 180 days of your pet's return, you must administer a deworming treatment.


Documents According to Destinations




Mexico to Central America

International Animal Health Export Certificate from SAGARPA/SENASICA

Mexico to the United States

SENASICA Health Certificate


Sanitary Inspection Certificates (CIS) from the Colombian Agricultural Institute


Your pet must be vaccinated if you plan to travel to Honduras.




Rabies Distemper Adenovirus or Hepatitis Parvovirus Parainfluenza Leptospirosis

Rabies Viral rhinotracheitis Feline calicivirus Feline panleukopenia Feline leukaemia virus

  • You can provide the vaccine at the airport if your pet does not have it.
  • Within 180 days of your pet's return, you must administer a deworming treatment.
  • When you arrive in Honduras, OIRSA staff will inspect your pet's health. There will be a charge.


Emotional Support Animals (ESA)

Volaris Airlines allows travelers to travel with their emotional support animal without additional charges. However, emotional support animals cannot be transported from Mexico to Central America or contra.

  • The animal must be either a dog, or a cat.
  • It is necessary to have a signed document from a mental health specialist. It must be valid for at least one year. It must clearly state that the person in question is under professional care, and that the animal is required for the passenger.
    • It should be written on the notepad of a certified vet with his/her license #.
  • The requirements for other documents are the same for normal pets. Please refer to the section "Required documents" above.
  • The animal must not weigh more than 26 lbs.
  • You should always have a leash on you.
  • It can be transported in a container.
    • The carrier can be made from fabric or hard plastic for dogs.
    • The carrier should be made from hard plastic for cats.
    • The pet's total weight and the container must not exceed 26 lbs.
    • During take-off and landing, your pet must not be allowed to get out of its container.
  • If your emotional support animal has brachycephalic characteristics, you will need to sign the "Liability waiver".
  • Volaris will provide you with a form to transport your pet.


Service Dog

Service dogs are allowed onboard for passengers with disabilities. Volaris Airlines should be notified about your service dog once the flight is booked. The airport staff will be happy to assist you.

  • A health certificate will be required to prove that your service dog has been diagnosed as healthy.
  • Volaris will provide you with a form to transport your pet.
  • In case you fly from the US, you will need to complete the DOT form.
  • The requirements for other documents are the same as those for normal pets. Please refer to the section "Required documents" above.
  • It should always wear a collar.
  • If your service dog is brachycephalic, you will need to sign the "Liability waiver".


  • Volaris allows you to select "Travel with Your Pet" when booking your flight. Once you have selected that option, you can choose whether your pet will be traveling with you in the cabin or as checked volaris baggage size. Choose the option that you prefer.
  • You should book your flight ASAP as there are only two pets allowed in the cabin and four pets permitted as checked baggage.


  • You must be at the airport 2 hours prior to your flight if you're traveling within Mexico.
  • It is a good idea to check in at least three hours prior to an international flight.

Other Important

  • After landing, please collect your pet from the baggage claim area as soon as you can.
  • Five days before the flight, ensure that the pet has not had any surgery.
  • Frontier does not allow pets to be carried inside the cabin or as checked baggage.
  • You can choose any window seat, except premium or emergency exit, if your dog is in the cabin with you.
  • Window seats can be reserved only for cats if they are cats.
  • You should not feed your pet for more than four hours after the flight.
  • No sedatives.

How do I add a pet or bird to my flight?

So, you don't miss anything, we have outlined all the steps below.

  1. Follow the above instructions to book your flight. Don't forget to choose the "Travel with Your Pet" option.
  2. How would you like your pet to fly? Checked baggage or inside the cabin.
  3. Check that the container dimensions meet the requirements.
  4. You should ensure that you have all necessary documents to comply with the laws of the destination country.
  5. Label correctly
  6. Check the weather before you fly.
  7. You should check in approximately two to three hours before your flight departs.
  8. Security screening and filling out forms.
  9. Take your pet along.


  • You must ensure that you have all necessary documents and they are valid.
  • Take care when you receive your vaccine certificate.
  • Allow your pet to get used it a few days before you take off.
  • On the label, add the address you'll be staying during your trip.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

Volaris allows pets with documented checked luggage to fly as Volaris as long as they comply with all airline requirements.

Animals are not permitted to travel in the cabin.