Volaris Airlines Baggage Policy

Volaris Airlines

Volaris Airlines Baggage Policy

Volaris is a well-known Mexican airline. It has developed policies to make it easy for its passengers to fly. These Volaris baggage policies include baggage, cancellation, and baggage. Volaris' baggage policy ensures that travelers have the right luggage according to size and weight. It is possible to board a plane without any major inconvenience by carrying the bag according to the same.

Volaris Airlines Baggage Allowance on Checked Items

Baggage allowance is the number of bags that can be checked on a flight. Volaris allows a maximum of two bags per flyer. Checked baggage allowance criteria can include weight, size restrictions and type.

Restrictions on the Volaris Baggage Size

Volaris Airlines passengers are required to bring their luggage according to the size restrictions. The maximum size of a bag is 62 inches. To understand the dimensions in depth, Volaris baggage or luggage dimensions/requirements based on type should be known.

  • Checked bag: Flyers can bring up to two bags of the appropriate size. Volaris Baggage measurements can be as long as 158cms, including the handles and wheels.
  • Cabin Bags - The Volaris checked cabin bag size can be up to 62 inches. Bag dimensions can reach 18x14x8 inches. Two cabin bags are allowed, provided that they do not exceed the dimensions.
  • Large Luggage: For this airline, the maximum length of oversized luggage is 62 inches. Any luggage exceeding this limit cannot be accepted.
  • Carryon Bags: The general limit for carry-on bags from Volaris is 41.2 inches (or 104.6 centimetres). Individual dimensions should not exceed 22.4''x 15.7"x 12.9's/56x39x32 cm.

Volaris Baggage Weight Limit

Mexico-based operators may have a weight limit. Volaris weight limit is applicable to checked, cabin, carry on, and overweight bags.

  • Checked/Cabin Baggage: The maximum Volaris bag weight is 25 kilos This limit does not apply to cabin baggage.
  • Carryon Bags: Volaris carries a maximum weight of 22 pounds, or 10 kilograms. Bags exceeding this weight limit will not be approved by the airline.
  • Luggage that is too heavy: An excess of 45kg or 101 lbs can be considered an overweight Volaris bag.

Volaris Checked Baggage Fees

Mexico Airlines may charge specific fees for the transport of checked bags. These fees are based on the current season and the destination routes. The following table shows the Volaris check bag fees for different routes and seasons.



International Routes

Domestic Routes

Routes to Central America

At the gate


USD 45

Mexican Dollar 500

USD 30


USD 50

Mexican Dollar 600

USD 35


Book at the Airport


USD 35

Mexican Dollar 400

USD 15


USD 40

Mexican Dollar 450

USD 20


Online Booking/Call Centre


USD 40

Mexican Dollar 300

USD 25


USD 45

Mexican Dollar 450

USD 30




USD 40

Mexican Dollar 400

USD 30


USD 45

Mexican Dollar 500

USD 35



Volaris baggage fees are subject to change according to the season. Before booking, always confirm the price with the operator.

Extra Luggage Subject to Additional Fees

Volaris can charge extra baggage fees if you want to bring extra/additional luggage on board a flight. The fees charged may vary depending on where you are traveling.



Domestic Routes Fees in Mexican Dollars

Destination Between Central America Fees (in US Dollars)

Book Online or Call Centre








Pre-flight Reservation








At the Airport and Boarding Gate








Volaris Baggage Fees for extra bags on other international routes


Sales Channel

Fees in Dollars

U.S., Mexico or Central America


Low: 72High: 83

Routes from Central America to the U.S.


Low: 140High: 260

Routes from Mexico to Central America


Low: 98High: 110

Pre-flight from the U.S., Mexico or Central America


Low: 121High: 143

Pre-flight from Central America into the U.S.


Low: 155High: 249

Routes from Mexico to Central America


Low: 155High: 179

U.S., Mexico or Central America

Airport or Boarding Gate

Low: 100High: 110

Routes from Central America to the U.S.

Airport or Boarding Gate

Low: 240High: 250

Routes from Mexico to Central America

Airport or Boarding Gate

Low: 150High: 160


Overweight or Oversized Baggage Fees

Flyers may be charged overweight and oversized baggage fees if they carry luggage that exceeds its dimensions/weight restrictions. Along with surpassing these, Volaris overweight baggage fees can also be determined by domestic/international routes.



Weight (Pounds)

Domestic Routes Fees in Dollars

International Routes Fees (Dollars).

International Routes Between Central America Fees (Dollars).

Airport and Boarding Gate


Low: 800 High: 900

Low: 80 High: 90

Low: 25 High: 30



Low: 1800 High: 1900

Low: 180 High: 190

Low: 50 High: 55


Volaris Airlines Carry on Prices

The airline may charge fees for hand- or carry-on luggage. Volaris carry-on prices may differ depending on where you book your tickets.

First Carryon Bag


Domestic Fees (Mexican dollars)

International Routes Fees (U.S. Dollars)

International Routes Between Central America

Book Online or by Phone










Bookings made before you fly










At the Airport










At the Airport/Boarding Gate











Allowed/Prohibited Items on Volaris Airlines

Certain items are not allowed on board flights. These items can be either allowed or banned to ensure the safety of passengers and crew. Items such as knives and scissors, hammers or e-cigarettes can be added to the prohibited list. However, approved items include carry-cots and baby food, handbags/diaper bags, strollers, and air mattresses.

You can also find other allowed/disallowed items.

Allowed Products

Prohibited Products



Assistive devices



Radioactive substances

Hearing aids


Reading material



Materials that are corrosive



Electronic devices

Certain gases


Volaris Airlines Baggage Policy for Infants

The airline offers a baggage system that allows passengers to fly with infants and babies. It is important that your infants are at least 7 days old before you fly with them. Car seats may be required for international and domestic passengers.

Additional rules regarding the Volaris Airlines baggage policy to infants can also be found here:

  • A separate ticket can be purchased for an infant who is at least two years old.
  • No additional baggage allowance is allowed on a flight if the infant has been allocated a ticket fare.
  • For infants, certain medications can be carried on board.
  • If the flyer does not have a car seat, the airport can sell the child restraint device.

Volaris Baggage Policies for Bringing Pets

Volaris flyers over 18 years old are allowed to bring their pets. They should be checked as luggage if they are to travel in a cabin. The pet must be seated with the flyer underneath the seat during transport.

Volaris' new baggage policy for pets can also include

  • Properly vaccinating pets is important.
  • Before you can book, all your pets' health records must be provided to the airline.
  • Pets must not exceed 45 kg to be allowed in the cabin or cargo of an aircraft.
  • They might not receive extra baggage allowances because they would be traveling as checked baggage.

Volaris Baggage Policy for Sports/Music Instruments

Mexican airlines can allow passengers to fly with certain music/sports equipment under special baggage. You can take the instruments as either checked baggage or carry-on luggage. The items must not weigh more than 55 lbs and be less than 78.7 linear inches for checked baggage. They should not exceed 12.99 inches by 15.74 inches by 22.44 inches for carry-on.

Items such as ski, snowboarding and water skiing can all be carried on most Volaris cabin classes. Volaris has a policy that allows Economy, Business and First-Class passengers to take their baggage.

  • Bows and Arrows
  • Equipment for fishing
  • Football equipment
  • Scooters
  • Skateboards
  • Equipment for diving
  • Surfboards
  • Kayaks
  • Canoe
  • Kite flying equipment
  • Violin
  • Basses
  • Guitar

Volaris Carry on Allowance

The airline offers affordable tickets and a generous luggage policy for high-end tourists. Volaris allows carry-on luggage to be carried on board, which is not the case with other airlines. However, these necessities are limited to a very narrow range. The carrier will accept cabin baggage and check-in luggage at a cost.

Volaris Vuela You are allowed to bring only one personal item, measuring 14x18x8 inches. This is in addition to the cost of the base ticket. You are not allowed to bring cabin luggage. You can buy a regular carry-on allowance for as little as 10 kg/22 lbs.

Both the 14x18x8-inch personal item as well as the one carry-on bag are allowed on Volaris Vuela Classic fare. They must each measure 22x16x10 inches and not exceed 10 kg (22 pounds). You are not purchasing an additional carry-on bag (approximately $95), but the weight limit of 10 kg/22 lbs for both bags is the same.

Volaris Plus flights allow personal items up to 14x18x8 inches and two carry-on bags of 22x16x10 inches each. The combined weight limit for both carry-on bags is 10 kg (22 pounds) and not the bag's 10 kg (22 pounds) each. 

Remember that TSA allows only 2 carry-on bags (personal item and carry-on bag) to be checked through security checks when you are leaving or transiting the USA. Therefore, the allowance of 2 carry-on bags is not applicable for flights within the USA.

Volaris Checked Baggage Policy

Volaris Basic Prices do not include free checked bags. You will need to pay $25 to $27 (or $55 for flights from Central America), to check your first bag for domestic flights. For international flights, you can pay $38 to $43 or $55 (or $55 for flights). It is much cheaper to buy your bag when you book than later, or at the airport.

Volaris' "More Baggage Combo" allows you to take extra luggage. It includes a standard checked bag as well as a 10kg carry-on bag. This package can only be purchased at the time you book.

Volaris Airlines Oversize/Overweight Baggage Fees

Each additional bag on domestic flights will cost $25-$27. If you purchase it after you make your reservation, you can pay more. Additional luggage on international flights costs $38 to $43 per piece. You can add up to four additional bags.

Volaris charges $80-$90 for overweight luggage that weighs 26-35kg. Splitting your luggage into two bags of equal weight will save money. Larger bags (36-45kg) will incur a $180-$190 tax.

If you're traveling with equipment, consider the More Baggage Combo. It combines a lighter carry-on, a checked bag and a piece or sports equipment at a single price.

Volaris Baggage Add-On

Volaris allows you to add luggage to your flight for an additional fee. You can only check 4 bags per person. It is usually cheaper to add baggage to your reservation than to do it later or at the airport.

Volaris' "More Baggage Combo" costs $160 for international flights (200 during High Season). It includes 1 carry-on bag and 1 regular checked bag of up to 25kg, as well as 1 item or sporting equipment. This combo is highly recommended if you plan on travelling with such equipment. 

This combo is no longer available online. Instead, call Volaris to find out if the "More Baggage Combo", which includes 1 carry-on bag and 1 regular checked bag up to 25 kg, can be purchased for domestic flights within Mexico.

Lap Infant Carry-On Policies

The airline also offers a Baby Combo Package that allows you to bring 10 kg (22 lb.) of diaper bags. You shouldn't exceed 25x40x40 cm (9.8x15.7x15.7 inches) in size.

A foldable stroller is also allowed for guests to take up to the doors of the aircraft.

Volaris Baggage Pre-Pay

Volaris Airlines will accept prior payment for your luggage. To access your booking area, you will need to log in to the company's website. Click the "My Trips” page to add the luggage that you wish to buy.

The Last Thought

Volaris Airlines systematic approach to helping travellers reach their destination is outstanding. The company prides itself on offering low fares and excellent Volaris baggage policies.

It is important to travel more and spend less while enjoying every moment of your enjoyable adventure. We have tried to collect all the relevant data as best we could. I trust you find the article helpful.

Volaris Airlines Baggage Policy Restricted Items

  • Sharp objects – Pointy or penetrating items; axes and knives, knifes and fight knives, tactical knives and kitchen knives.
  • Batteries-Dry batteries that can be used in wheelchairs and other powered devices.
  • Electronic Equipment-Power tools and electric-powered power tools. Also, gas-powered machines that can be used to cut or weld (drills or portable electric-powered saws or torch, torches or welding guns), hammers, screwdrivers and pliers. High-depth lamps that use bulbs and batteries. Bulbs and batteries must be packed in a single package and labelled. Harpoons, different underwater weapons, bows bayonets, guns, arrows and other similar items must all be packed in a single bag.
  • Aerosol Sprays- You can inspect non-public-care aerosols with a maximum weight and length of 16.9 Fl oz or 1.1 pounds. Aerosols should not exceed 67.6 Fl oz and 4. four lbs in total. To prevent spillage, cover the openings.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

Perishable food items can be brought on board the Volaris, as per the Volaris Baggage Policy. However, vegetables, fish, liquids and other products can't be checked as baggage. They must be carried onboard. Volaris's regulations on checked baggage allow passengers to bring in food containers that are not appropriate.

You can bring food under the Volaris Liquid Policy. You can bring food, including coffee grounds, spices, milk powders, nutritional goods, milk and products, subject to the carry-on weight restrictions. Volaris allows passengers to bring 100ml (3.4 ounces), or less of any beverage onto board. It is possible that liquids exceeding this limit may be prohibited.

Volaris may allow one carry-on bag and one personal bag. You can also bring 1 Volaris bag, weighing 23 kilograms.

Volaris allows liquids up to 3.4 ounces (or 100 millilitres) to be carried on board its flights. Be aware that liquids exceeding this limit may not be allowed.

Vuela Plus fares include one piece of checked luggage (55 lb (25 kg). Vuela Basic or Vuela Classic do not include luggage. Bags would need to purchased separately.

Volaris Airlines Checked baggage Policy Summary. Volaris Vuela Basic tickets do not include free checked bags. You will be charged $25 to $27 USD for domestic flights and HTML38 to $443 USD for international flights. For flights to/from Central America, you can bring up to $55.

Carry-On Allowance: 1 Bag + One Personal Item

Volaris passengers are allowed to bring one (1) bag with them and one (1) personal item. The combined items cannot weigh more than 15 lb (6.8kg) and their external dimensions (H+L+W] must not exceed 41.2 inches (104.6 cm).

Economy passengers should have two pieces of luggage. The combined dimensions of the pieces (length + breadth + length). The length of each piece must not exceed 62 inches. Each bag should not weigh more than 23 Kgs (or 50 pounds).

You will notice that most airlines do not charge fees to carry a carry-on bag. However, you can only bring one personal item and one item with you. Personal items include a backpack, laptop bag and camera bag.