United Airlines Pet Policy

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United Airlines Pet Policies

Even in the best of situations, traveling can be stressful. Traveling with your pet can make it more difficult.

Although service animals are generally allowed, there are some key points in the United Airlines Pet Policies that could cause problems. This article will cover all the important information you need about United Airlines pet travel.

United Airlines Pet Policy

United Airlines does not accept pets in the cabin. For each one-way flight, your pet must accompany you in the cabin. United will also charge $125 for each one-way domestic or international itinerary that has more than four hours stopovers. United has a limit on the number of pets it will allow in-cabin for certain flights. 

United allows you to add your pet to your booking at any time, but it is best to confirm that your pet is available when you book your flight. United does not charge change fees. However, you will have to reschedule your trip if the flight doesn't allow more animals in-cabin.

United Airlines Pet Carrier Requirement

Both soft-sided and hard-sided carriers are alloweds under the United pet policy. Hard-sided carriers should not exceed 17.5 inches in length, 12 inches wide, and 7.5 inches tall. 

United recommends soft-sided carriers not exceed 18 inches in length, 11 inches width, and 11 inches height. The only requirement for soft-sided pet carriers, however, is that they fit under your seat (hard-sided carriers must also fit beneath your seat).

United states that one pet can be kept in each pet carrier. The United pet policy also states that an animal must be able stand and turn in its carrier.

United Airlines Pet Policy

United Airlines flights currently does not allow  to travel in cargo. The United pet policy used to allow pets to be allowed in cargo. After some tragic animal deaths, United's pet-in-cargo program, Pet Safe was discontinued a few years back. This program is not expected to resume at this time.

How to use the United Pet Policy

United offers several options to book your pet on your United flight. You can first book a new trip with your pet. You can also add your pet to an existing trip if you have already booked it.

Once you have your itinerary, scroll down to the drop-down menu and click on "Special accommodations". Then, look for "Add pet."

Reservations for Pets

United Airlines allows 2 dogs per cabin on most flights. They recommend that you contact their Customer Service Team immediately after you confirm your travel plans. 

For customers who travel with their pets or pets travelling alone, reservations can be made between 30 days and 5 days before departure. 

Additional conditions may be required for reservation confirmation. You can call them directly at 1-800-8648331 to make reservations over the telephone.

Pets in the Cabin

United Airlines allows small pets (dogs and cats) to travel with them in its cabin. Pets must be kept in their pet carrier under the seat in front during the entire flight. 

At United Airlines Check-in, you will be asked to visit an agent to obtain a pet tag that can be attached to Fido’s carrier. Each carrier can only accommodate one adult cat or dog. United Airlines charges $125 per person for pets in the cabin.

Cargo for pets

American Humane has partnered up with United Airlines to improve their Pet Safe pet transport service. Pet Safe allows pets to travel from airport to airport for up 300 destinations. 

Pet Safe can transport pets from 2 lbs (1kg) to 770lbs (350kg). The size and country of departure will determine the rates. A pet less than 11 pounds (5 kg) can be transported from America to other countries and destinations around the globe for a fee between $201-417 and $963-2410.

Larger pets, 300-770 lbs (136-355 kg), will have to be transported between the US and Canada for a cost of between $963-2410. For more information or to reserve Fido's spot, contact Pet Safe Desk at 1-800-575-335-1541 or 1-832-235-1541.

Carrier Guidelines

Carriers must be either soft-sided or hard-sided for pets that are traveling in your cabin. Hard-sided carriers must be no larger than 17.5" x 12' x 7.5", which is 44 cm x 30cm x 19cm. Soft-sided carriers should be no larger than 18"x11"x11" (46cm x 28cm x 28cm). 

Your dog should be able stand and turn in its carrier. Pet Safe carriers must be large enough to allow your pet to be able to stand up and turn in its own direction. Properly ventilated and secured with metal bolts, the carrier must be made of metal, wood, or rigid plastic. 

Water dishes and food must be attached securely to the crate's interior. They must also be easily accessible from the outside, so that they can be filled without having to open the door. Pet Safe will not accept crates that are taller than 30 inches, including 700 series crates. United Airlines does not sell or offer crates at airport facilities.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

Airport Dogs are a security asset

The security team is a vital part of airport security. They have a remarkable sense of smell that can detect dangerous substances. They are able to detect drugs and weapons, as well as bombs and the Covid-19 virus.

United Airlines allows me to buy a United Airlines seat for my dog. If you are traveling with an additional pet, yes. United will allow you to purchase an additional seat if you are traveling with more than one pet. You'll need an additional ticket and $125 per person for each additional dog. You can find more information here about flying with your dog.

All you need to do is choose "Travel with your pet" when booking on united.com. You can also go to My Trips and add a pet for an existing trip. The United app does not allow you to add pets to your travel plans. Traveling with your pet is subject to a $125 charge.

Pets traveling with bags

These are considered checked baggage They must be kept in kennels of a certain size. It is expected that you check in with your pet at the airport early and then pick them up once the flight has landed.

This service costs $125 USD and can be paid at check-in at the reservations counter. Additional $125 will be charged for flights that have a layover of more than 4 hours or more outside the US.

Although airline requirements can vary, the basic requirements for carriers are the same. Dogs should be able stand up straight and move around in their carrier without having to touch its sides or top.  No. Your pet must be in its carrier during domestic flights.

United Airlines allows me to buy a United Airlines seat for my dog. If you are traveling with an additional pet, yes. United will allow you to purchase an extra seat if your pet is traveling with you. You'll need an additional ticket and $125 for each pet.

Each way, $125
Booking pet tickets

The United app does not allow you to add pets to your travel plans. You will need to pay a $125 per way to bring your pet along. For each additional four hours of layover in the United States, and for international flights over 24 hours, there is a $125 charge. This fee cannot be paid with travel credits.

United is not one of the airlines that allows animals to travel on cargo hold flights. The United pet policy is very restrictive in terms of the pets that can travel. You can only fly with pets that are the right size to carry your pet.

You can travel internationally with your pet dog or cat to the U.S. depending on whether you are traveling from a country that the CDC considers high-risk for rabies. We strictly follow CDC guidelines. We recommend that you check them at least two months prior to your trip.

We ask that you obtain a certificate from your veterinarian within 30 days if you are traveling domestically in the U.S.A with your pet. The following information should be included in the certificate:

  • Your name, address and phone number
  • Information about your pet including its breed, age, gender, colour, and markings
  • A list of all recent vaccines with names, expiration dates, and dates.