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Turpial Airlines is a reputable airline known for its commitment to providing quality air travel services. The airline offers a wide range of destinations and flight options, making it a popular choice for travelers. When planning a trip with Turpial Airlines, the reservation process is a crucial step to ensure a seamless and enjoyable journey.

Importance of Making Reservations

Making reservations with Turpial Airlines is essential for securing your seat on a desired flight and ensuring a hassle-free travel experience. By reserving your flight in advance, you can also take advantage of special offers, choose preferred seats, and make necessary arrangements for your trip.

Booking Process

A. Online Reservation

  1. Visit the Turpial Airlines Website: Start by visiting the official Turpial Airlines website.

  2. Select the Destination and Dates: Enter your departure and arrival cities, as well as your preferred travel dates.

  3. Choose Cabin Class: Select your preferred cabin class, such as economy, business, or first class.

  4. Search for Available Flights: The website will display available flights based on your input.

  5. Select Preferred Flight: Choose the flight that suits your schedule and budget.

  6. Enter Passenger Information: Provide passenger details, including names, contact information, and any special requests.

  7. Review and Confirm Booking: Carefully review your booking information, including flight details and passenger information, before confirming your reservation.

B. Phone Reservation

  1. Contact Turpial Airlines Reservation Center: If you prefer booking over the phone, call the Turpial Airlines Reservation Center.

  2. Provide Flight Details and Passenger Information: Share the details of your desired flight and provide passenger information to the agent.

  3. Confirm Booking Details: Ensure all information is accurate, and request a confirmation of your booking.

Payment Options

Turpial Airlines offers multiple payment options to make the reservation process convenient for passengers. These include:

A. Credit/Debit Card

You can pay for your reservation using major credit and debit cards, making the payment process quick and secure.

B. PayPal

Turpial Airlines also accepts PayPal payments, providing an alternative for customers who prefer this method.

C. Bank Transfers

For those who wish to pay via bank transfer, Turpial Airlines can provide the necessary details for a seamless transaction.

Seat Selection

Turpial Airlines offers passengers the opportunity to choose their preferred seats during the reservation process. This allows you to:

A. Choose Preferred Seats

Select seats that provide you with the level of comfort and convenience you desire.

B. Special Seat Requests

If you have special requirements, such as extra legroom, child seats, or assistance for passengers with disabilities, Turpial Airlines will do its best to accommodate your needs.

C. Seat Fees (if applicable)

Some seats may have additional fees, which will be clearly communicated during the reservation process.

Baggage and Additional Services

A. Baggage Allowance

Turpial Airlines has specific baggage policies regarding size, weight, and quantity. Be sure to review these policies to avoid any additional fees.

B. Extra Baggage Fees

If you need to carry more baggage than the included allowance, check the extra baggage fees and make necessary arrangements.

C. In-Flight Meals

You can request special meals or snacks during the reservation process if you have dietary preferences or restrictions.

D. Special Assistance Requests

If you require special assistance during your journey, such as wheelchair service or assistance for unaccompanied minors, make these requests during the reservation process.

Confirmation and Itinerary

A. Receive Booking Confirmation

After completing your reservation, you will receive a booking confirmation via email or through the reservation center.

B. Access to E-Ticket

Your e-ticket contains all the essential information about your flight, including departure and arrival times, seat assignments, and a booking reference number.

C. Review Itinerary Details

Carefully review your itinerary to ensure accuracy and to have a smooth travel experience.

Reservation Modifications

A. Change of Flight

If your plans change, you can request a flight change, subject to availability and applicable fees.

B. Date or Time Changes

Make changes to your travel dates or flight times as needed.

C. Name Corrections

In case of spelling errors or name changes, Turpial Airlines can assist with correcting passenger names.

D. Cancellation Policy

Familiarize yourself with Turpial Airlines' cancellation policy to understand any associated fees and refund options.

Customer Support

A. Contacting Turpial Airlines Customer Service

If you have any questions, concerns, or need assistance, contact Turpial Airlines' customer service through phone, email, or social media.

Loyalty Programs

A. Turpial Airlines Loyalty Program

Learn about the airline's loyalty program, which allows you to accumulate miles and earn rewards for frequent travel.

B. Accumulating Miles and Rewards

Understand how to earn and redeem loyalty program benefits, such as free flights, upgrades, and exclusive offers.


Turpial Airlines Office Addresses at International Airports


Turpial Airlines Office Address on Suhaj Mubarak International Airport in Suhaj

Turpial Airlines Office Address on Kuwait International Airport in Kuwait City

Turpial Airlines Office Address on Borj El Arab International Airport in Alexandria

Turpial Airlines Office Address on Asyut International Airport in Asyut

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

You can book a flight with Turpial Airlines online through their website or by calling their Reservation Center.

Turpial Airlines accepts payments via credit/debit cards, PayPal, and bank transfers.

Yes, you can select your preferred seats when making a reservation with Turpial Airlines.

Some seats may have additional fees; these will be clearly communicated during the reservation process.

Turpial Airlines has specific baggage policies regarding size, weight, and quantity. Please review these policies on their website.

Yes, you can request special meals and assistance, such as wheelchair service or help for unaccompanied minors, when making your reservation.

You can request changes to your reservation, such as flight changes or date/time changes, subject to availability and applicable fees.

You can contact Turpial Airlines' customer service through phone, email, or social media for any questions or concerns.

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