Tassili Airlines

Tassili Airlines

Tassili Airlines, Algiers, Dar El Beida, Algeria, 16000


Phone : +213 21 752 727, + 213 21 604 258

Website : Tassili Airlines

Founted : 4 March 1998

Key People : Sidahmed Tazka

About Tassili Airlines

Tassili Airlines is an Algerian airline. Tassili Airlines offers scheduled and charter services from Houari Boumedienne Airport. The airline operates domestic flights within Algeria as well as international flights to France. Tassili Airlines covers more than 15 destinations.

Air Algerie and Sonatrach, the national oil company in Algeria, created the airline in 1998. In 1999, the airline launched its first flight with a service from Hassi Messaoud and Algiers. Air Algeries sold its shares in the airline to Sonatrach in 2005. Sonatrach now owns 100% of the airline.

Tassili's focus has been on charter flights since Air Algerie's share was sold. The airline still offers a wide range of scheduled services, and it continues to expand its schedule network.

Tassili Airlines temporarily suspended international flights to France due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Tassili Airlines Reservations

Tassili Airlines Booking Number

Tickets can be booked via the official website and any other booking site.

Tassili Airlines reservations visit our website airlinesmap.com or can book with direct Tassili Airlines official website http://www.tassiliairlines.dz/ You may call our toll free number 888-220-0490 or direct Tassili Airlines number +213 21 752 727.


  • Economic Class

The passengers will receive a semi-reclining seat, an LED screen for entertainment and duty free shopping.

  • Business Class

Passenger will receive convertible beds, access to the business lounge, and other special amenities.

Tassili Airlines Facilities

All passengers are provided with complimentary drinks and food, regardless of their seating position. The class determines the type and variety of food served.

Business class passengers have access to a wider range of food options and a higher quality.

Tassili Airlines special menu. Passengers can also order a menu, but they must notify the authorities 48 hours prior to departure.

Tassili Airlines popular Destinations & Hub

Tassili Airlines operated in approximately 21 countries as of December 2015.

These are some of the most popular spots:

  • Annaba
  • Oran
  • Alger
  • Bechar
  • Biskra
  • Constantine
  • Djanet
  • Eloued
  • Ghardaia
  • HassiMessaoud
  • HassiR'Mel
  • Illizi
  • Setif

You can find more information about the airlines' hubs and destinations on the official website. Or, search Google.

Tassili Airlines Check in and Board Pass Web

Tassili Airlines allows passengers to check in online before they leave for their flight. Tassili Airlines makes it easy to print your boarding passes and e-ticket. You can locate your flight itinerary by using your Tassili Airlines ticket number or confirmation number. Check-in online for your Tassili Airlines flight is easy and fast.

Tassili Airlines passengers can print boarding pass using PNR Number. To print your boarding passes with Tassili Airlines, there are only four steps. You can visit official site http://www.tassiliairlines.dz/ of Tassili Airlines under manage booking section you can print your e-ticket and do web check-in simple steps. You can call Tassili Airlines customer service at +213 21752 727 and ask them to send you your boarding pass via your registered email address. Tassili Airlines has both an android and an apple mobile app that allows you to print your boarding pass and book your Tassili Airlines flight. You can use the kiosk airport Tassili Airlines app to access your Tassili Airlines flight schedule if you arrive at the airport without your Tassili Airlines boarding pass.

Tassili Airlines policy

Baggage policy, Fees

Tassili Airlines passengers can bring one piece of cabin baggage and one personal item onboard, including a briefcase or camera bag. You can fit your carry-on baggage into the overhead bins of Tassili Airlines or under the seat in front.

The combined dimensions of carry-on baggage must not exceed 114 cm in width, length, and height. This includes wheels and handles.

Tassili Airlines passengers who travel on flights of 50 or less seats are restricted in their personal items.

For each restriction beyond size, weight, or quantity, extra baggage fees will be charged by Tassili Airlines. This varies from one geographic region to the next. For more information on exact fees, please visit the Tassili Airlines Website.

Pet policies

For $125, domestic flights to Algeria are allowed for pets (cats and dogs) as well as household birds. Travel to Algeria is subject to a $200 fee.

The pet must be placed in a carrier box which fits under the front seat.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Tassili Airlines, a major airline carrier in Algeria, offers a wide range of domestic and international flights.

You can cancel your Tassili Airlines flight by contacting the Tassili Airlines cancellation department before you proceed.

Cancellation within 24 Hours Policy (Depends on origin country and airline)

Tassili Airlines has a 24 hour cancellation policy to meet the needs of passengers. Tassili Airlines offers more flexibility and benefits to passengers while bookings are managed.

Tassili Airlines' 24-hour cancellation policy allows passengers to cancel any flight they have booked within 24 hours. If the booking was made more than a week before the flight departure, Tassili Airlines will refund your entire ticket cost. Tassili Airlines reserves the right to cancel any flight within 24 hours.

If you cancel your Tassili Airlines ticket after the risk-free cancellation period of 24 hours, a $100 to $500 cancellation fee will be charged. You will be charged a $100-$400 cancellation fee if you cancel your Tassili Airlines flight less than 24 hours before the flight is due to depart. After cancelling your flight ticket, you can also file a cancellation request.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

Tassili Airlines offers a variety of snacks and meals for those who are hungry. You can order something from the service cart and then relax and enjoy the ride. Are you ready to go? Expedia offers the best prices on Tassili Airlines flights.

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Tassili Airlines Policies

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