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Tarco Air

Tarco Air, Omak, Khartoum, Sudan, 11111

Key People : Gasim Al-Khalig , Saad Babikir


Founded : 2009

Tarco Air

About Tarco Air

Tarco Aviation, formerly Tarco Air, is a Sudanese airline that provides scheduled passenger flights. The hub of the airline is located at Khartoum Airport (KTR). It offers both domestic and international flights, but focuses primarily on domestic. The airline operates more than 70 daily flights to more than 10 destinations in North and Central Africa.

Tarco Air was founded in 2009 and began flying within Sudan. There were no international flights. The airline has grown its network over the years and is now one the most popular airlines in Sudan and the rest of North Africa. The airline changed its name from Tarco Air to Tarco Aviation in 2018.

Tarco Air Reservations

Tarco Air Booking Number

Tarco Air Reservations can be made at our website You can also book directly with Tarco Air by calling our toll-free number 888-220-0490.

Tarco Air Facilities

All flights offer passengers a complimentary snack as well as a hot or cold beverage. After the plane is taken off, the flight attendants serve this to the passengers.

Tarco Airpopular Destinations, and Hub

Tarco Aviation has over 10 destinations in North and Central Africa, the Middle East and Doha.

Tarco Air Check in and boarding pass Web

Tarco Air Web Check-In

Tarco Air allows passengers to check in online before they depart. Tarco Air makes it easy to print your boarding passes and e-ticket. You can locate your flight itinerary by using your Tarco Air ticket number or confirmation number. Online Tarco Air Web Check-In is the fastest and easiest way to check in for your Tarco Air flight.

With the help of Tarco Air's official website, you can check-in online at Tarco Air. You can contact the airline customer service directly by phone. Tarco Air offers special features that can help you speed up regular check-in. At the Tarco Air airport kiosk counter, you can print your boarding passes. You can manage your Tarco Air flight bookings and Tarco Air flight itinerary by calling Tarco Air at the toll-free number.

Tarco Air will also send your e-boarding passes to your registered email address.

Tarco Air Boarding Pass.

Tarco Air passengers are able to print their boarding passes using their PNR Number. Tarco Air has a simple four-step process to print your boarding passes. Visit the official Tarco Air website to print your eticket and complete the web check-in. You can call Tarco Air customer service using your phone and ask them to send you your boarding pass via your registered email address. Tarco Air has both an android and apple mobile app that allows you to print your boarding pass and book your Tarco Air flight. You can use the kiosk airport Tarco Air app to access your Tarco Air flight schedule if you arrive at the airport without your Tarco Air flights tickets boarding pass.

Tarco Air policy

Baggage policy, Fees

Tarco Air passengers can bring one piece of cabin baggage and one personal item onboard, including a briefcase or camera bag. You can fit your carry-on baggage under the seat or in the overhead bins of Tarco Air.

The combined dimensions of carry-on baggage must not exceed 114 cm in width, length, and height. This includes wheels and handles.

Tarco Air has set a maximum baggage weight limit.

Tarco Air passengers who fly on flights of 50 or less seats are restricted in their personal items.

Tarco Air allows sporting equipment and other special baggage to be carried on Tarco Air flights. Some of these items can be considered standard checked baggage due to their size. Tarco Air will not consider overweight or excessive items. Tarco Air will impose certain restrictions and charges. Visit the Tarco Air website.

Pet policies

Pets such as cats, dogs and birds of the household (birds are not allowed on domestic flights) may be brought onboard for $125 each way. Travel outside of the United States is subject to a $200 fee.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Tarco Air, a major airline carrier of the country, is committed to serving a wide range of domestic and international flights.

Tarco Air cancel policy information is essential if you want to cancel your Tarco Air flight.

Cancellation within 24 Hours Policy (Depends on origin country and airline)

Tarco Air offers a 24 hour cancellation policy, paying attention to passengers' needs. Tarco Air offers more flexibility and benefits to passengers while bookings are managed.

Tarco Air allows passengers to cancel their flight online with no hassles. Online cancellations can be made by passengers using the Tarco Air refund request form. Only eligible Tarco Air flight tickets can be refunded if they are cancelled within the current time frame. Tarco Air will not issue a refund for tickets that have expired after their expiry date. Tarco Air refund requests can take up to 7-10 working days to process. Tarco Air provides compensation for passengers who cancel Tarco Air flights due to unavoidable circumstances. You can cancel your flight easily and receive a refund from Tarco Air.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

Tarco Airlines, a Sudanese Airline, has its headquarters in Khartoum, the capital of Sudan. Their IATA code is 3T. They operate a fleet 757 aircraft out of their main hub, which is located at Khartoum International airport (KRT), in Sudan.







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