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TAR Aerolíneas

TAR Aerolíneas, Querétaro, Querétaro, Mexico, 58880


Phone : +52 442 291 9150 e 1160

Website : TAR Aerolíneas

Founted : 12 April 2012

Key People : Ricardo Bastón

About TAR Aerolíneas

TAR Aerolineas, also known as Tar Aerolineas, is a Mexican regional airline based out of Queretaro in Mexico. It operates scheduled services to 24 domestic destinations across Mexico. The airline was established in 2011 and began operations in 2014 between Queretaro, Guadalajara and Guadalajara.

Initially, TAR Aerolineas operated the central region of the country. It offered services on routes that were not adequately or sufficiently served by other airlines. Its mission is to be the leading company in regional aviation in the country and have a presence in all regions and a network of connectivity. The airline recently expanded its routes to the southeast region of the Mexican Republic.

TAR Aerolíneas Reservations

TAR Aerolíneas Booking Numbers

+52 55 2629 5272

TAR Aerolíneas Classes

Economy Class

Currently, TAR Aerolineas only offers one class on its flights: standard economy. You can also enjoy light refreshments onboard.

You will find comfortable, spacious seating and plenty of legroom. Our team is available to assist you.

TAR Aerolíneas Facilities


Each passenger can carry 1 piece of luggage with them and 1 personal item. Each passenger can bring one piece of checked baggage up to 25 kg.

In-flight Wi-Fi

TAR Mexico does not offer in-flight Wi-Fi services on its aircraft.

TAR Aerolíneas Popular Destinations And Hubs

The airline's strengths are growing its multiregional routes to destinations such as the Yucatan Peninsula and the Gulf of Mexico, the Pacific region, the South, and the Mid North. TAR Aerolineas flies many destinations, including

  • Mexicali and Juarez City,

  • Hermosillo.

  • Chihuahua. 

  • Culiacan. 

  • Durango.

  • Saint Louis.

  • Tampico. 

  • Queretaro.

  • Mazatlan.

  • Aguascalientes

  •  Saint Louis

  • Tampico.

  • Queretaro.

  • Toluca.

  • Vallarta Port. 

  • Zihuatanejo.

  • Acapulco. 

  • Huatulco. 

  • Oaxaca.

  • Vera Gutierrez.

TAR Aerolíneas  Check-In And Boarding Pass


Check-in can be done by visiting the TAR Aeroliineas website and choosing Tu vuelo/Check in. Simply enter your flight details, and click "Web Check-In".

To save time at the airport, all passengers are advised to check in online.


Check-in at TAR Aerolineas airport is possible on the day of departure. Check-in at the TAR Aeorlineas airport check-in desks is possible. To allow enough time for check-in, dropping any checked baggage, and security screenings, we recommend arriving at the airport no less than two hours prior to your flight departure. 

Arrive at the airport with your passport, itinerary, reservation code, and boarding pass printed. You must check in all liquids and gels larger than 100ml in your checked baggage

TAR Aerolíneas Policies

Baggage policies

  • Basic baggage policies allow passengers up to 23 Kg check-in baggage and 10 Kg carry-on bags.
  • What is the secret to it?
  • You can purchase additional baggage allowance by clicking the link after you have completed your booking. Click...
  • Once you have opened the link, you will need to enter the reservation code that you received after you booked and the last name that you used during the...
  • When using the booking management software, choose the "Improve flight experience" or the "Additional".

 Pet Policy

  • Pet Reservations. You can only allow 4 pets to fly with TAR Aerolineas in a cabin. Please contact the Customer.
  • The Cabin can accommodate pets. If the pet's combined weight is less than the carrier, small dogs and cats may be allowed to travel in the cabin.
  • Pets in checked baggage Pets over 22 lbs (20kg) can be transported as checked baggage. You...
  • Carrier Guidelines. Carriers must not exceed 19"x12"x10" for pets that are traveling in the cabin.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

TAR Aerolineas or Transportes Aereos Regionales is a 100% Mexican-owned business based in Queretaro. It currently connects them to 19 destinations in Mexico.

Simple trips are eligible for assistance 12 hours before and 12 after the flight. Round trips count the time it takes to get to the destination. These can be done up to 30 consecutive days, or for as long as 12 hours after the return flight.

You can check in online by visiting the TAR Aerolineas website. Enter your flight details and click "Webcheck-In". All passengers must check-in online at TAR Aerolineas airport on the day they fly.

TAR Aerolineas provides TAR Assistance which allows you to travel safely. Round trips include all the time it takes to get to your destination.

TAR Aerolíneas Policies

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