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White Airways is a Portuguese carrier that offers a mixture of scheduled and charter flights. Lisbon Portela Airport is where the airline is based. It flies to several European and African destinations. It has over 20 destinations in its overall route network.

The airline mostly flies charter flight on behalf of European tour operators. It also flew scheduled flights for TAP Portugal’s’ regional subsidiary TAP Express as well as Ceiba Intercontinental Airlines.

The airline began flying under the name Yes Linhas Aereas Charter in 2005. TAP Portugal was the majority owner of the airline, which is why it has an affiliation to TAP's regional subsidiary. Abreu Group was the owner of the remaining airline portion. White Airways was purchased by Omni Aviation, which is its current owner, a year after its launch.

TAP Express Reservations

TAP Express booking numbers


(+351) 211 234 400

TAP Express Facilities

The flight length will determine the food and beverage options. White Airways flights don't have onboard catering. However, passengers on longer flights might be able to buy snacks and drinks during flight, but this is not always possible.

Passengers can bring their own food or drink to the plane. If they bring food or drink from home, they should ensure that they meet the airport security requirements.

TAP Express popular Destinations and Hubs

White Airways offers flights to many destinations in Europe and Africa. These include Lisbon, Porto and Malta, Athens. Rhodes. Ibiza, Tenerife. London. Oujda. Boa Vista. Sal.

Lisbon Portela Airport

Lisbon Portela Airport is the international airport serving Lisbon, Portugal. It also serves as the hub for White Airways. There are two terminals at the airport and two runways. Since 2005, White Airways has used Lisbon Portela to be its headquarters and main hub.

TAP Portugal, Ryanair and easyJet also have hubs at this airport. Orbest, Air Arabia Maroc and Azores Airlines fly to/from the airport, as well as British Airways, Luxair. TAAG Angola Airlines, Tunisair. United Airlines, Wizz Air, and many others.

TAP Express Check-in and boarding pass

This airline doesn't offer online check in.


Passengers need to check-in at the airport before they can board their flight. Check-in at the airport can be done by visiting the check-in desk. Check-in agents can be found at the airport's check-in desk. They should be clearly marked. Passengers must have the appropriate travel documents including their passport and eticket in order to check-in.

TAP Express Policies 

Baggage policy and Fees

White Airways flights have a different baggage allowance depending on the company or airline they are operating for.

Passengers may view their baggage allowance during their booking, or they can check their e-ticket which is sent to their email after they complete their booking.

Pet policy

TAP Miles&Go makes it possible to book your pet's transport with your points. Book transport and pay in cash to earn miles

Learn how your miles can be used to book your pet's plane trip and learn how much you can earn by travelling with your four-legged friend.

  1. Only available for TAP Miles&Go customers
  2. Airports are not able to sell the product.
  3. These services can only be used on TAP or TAP Express flights.
  4. Non-refundable miles.
  5. Subject to availability

Refund and Cancellation Policy

You can easily request a refunded for any changes to your travel plans via the TAP refund page

Refunds can only be made in accordance to the fare regulations, which are here.

You can request a refund at any rate that is allowed. Refunds may be subject to a penalty depending on how the fare was purchased. This will be added to the ticket price.

There may be different refund policies depending on which ticketing market you are in.

No refund fees will be charged if you request a refund via flyTAP. You will be charged a 30 Euros* refund fee if you request a refund via the Contact Center, or at a Sales Desk. This applies to all tickets, regardless of their value. Your TAP product.

* For tickets issued in other currencies than those mentioned above, the value of the ticket will be converted at exchange rate on date of order.

TAP can cancel your flight. You can ask for a full refund.

Coupon and increased by 10%

Payment method used (no marking up).

Refunds within 24 Hours

No matter what fare you purchased, any refunds requested within 24hrs (even on fly TAP), after the booking has been completed will be subjected to a 30 Euros refund for continental flights and a 45 Euros refund for intercontinental flights.

Refunds will come in the form a voucher after deducting the above fee.

These vouchers can't be redeemed. They must be used within a year for TAP tickets.

If you request a refund within 24 hours of booking but before the flight departs (no-show), then the fare rules apply.

TAP Express Customer Care phone numbers

Phone: (+351) 211234400 


How do I check in at the airport?

You can check in at an airport-

At a check-in desk;

Self-check-in kiosk

Be sure to verify the check-in times to avoid being late.

Can I self-check in at the airport? 

You can pick your seat at the kiosks located in most airports TAP fly to and receive your boarding cards in a matter of seconds.

You can also print your bag claim tags at some airports.

What documentation should I bring to the airport?


Your e-ticket reference or booking reference

Your passport or national ID card.

To avoid any problems at the airport, all documents must be valid.

Sometimes, additional information is required when traveling with children. For more information, please contact our Contact Center.

How do I book my meal?

Executive Class passengers can select their main meal in advance. Log in or enter your booking number to book your meal.

Who are the passengers who can use this service?

Executive Class passengers on long-haul flights departing Lisbon can use this service. This service is also available for Stopover passengers and intercontinental flight passengers that stopover at Lisbon.

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