Airline TAAG Angola

Airline TAAG Angola

Airline TAAG Angola, Luanda, Quatro de Fevereiro, Angola, 3010


Phone : +244 923190 000

Website : Airline TAAG Angola

Founted : September 1938

Key People : Joaquim Teixeira da Cunha (Chairman and CEO), Vipula Gunatilleka (CFO)

About TAAG Angola Airlines

The company is TAAG Angola Airlines, a state-owned flag carrier of Angola. The airline's headquarters is in Luanda's Quarto de Fevereiro International Airport (LAD), Luanda. They fly to more then 25 destinations across Africa.

In 1938, Divisao dos Transporter Aereos was formed. It flew its first flight in 1940 from Luanda to Pointe Nore. The airline was renamed TAAG -- Transportes Aereos de Angola (TAAG Angola Airlines) in 1973. It still uses this name.

Over the years, TAAG Angola Airlines flew to many destinations around the world. Intercontinental flights to East Asia, Europe, and the Middle East have been also offered. Recently, the airline restructured its operations in order to focus on Africa and offer flights to Brazil, Cuba, Portugal and other continents.

TAAG Angola Airlines Reservations

TAAG Angola Airlines booking numbers

+244 9231 90 000

TAAG Angola Airlines Classes

Economy Class

The Economy Class cabin is spacious and modern. The airline's experienced cabin crew is available to assist passengers with any questions.

Economy Classes Facilities

Passengers may order food and drinks from the airline's flight menu. Hot meals can be ordered on longer flights. Light snacks are available on all flights.

Select flights offer passengers the opportunity to access the airline’s in-flight entertainment system via a personal TV attached to their seat.

Economy-Class Seating

For short haul flights, the seats are laid out in a 3-x-3 formation. On long-haul routes, they are either 2 x 4x2 or 3 x3 x 3. The seats have a pitch of 78-83cm (31-33") and a width of 43cm (17")

Business Class

The Business Class cabin offers extra space with more personalized service. It is perfect for those who desire luxury and comfort on their flights.

Business Classes Facilities

Passenger can check in prior to departure and have access to the Business Class Lounge.

Business Class passengers enjoy a special dining experience in flight. They are served food on crockery and beverages in glassware.

A personal screen is attached to every seat so passengers can access the airline’s in-flight entertainment system.

Business Class Seats

With the touch-control pad located on the seat, you can convert your seats into angled lie flat beds for longer flights with widebody planes. These flights feature seats in a 2x3x2 arrangement, 182 cm (72") of pitch, and 50cm (20") wide.

Shorter flights with narrow planes have seats set up in a 2 by 2 configuration. They offer 81 cm (32") of seat pitch, and 43 cm (17") wide.

First Class

First Class cabins are TAAG Angola Airline’s most exclusive and premium cabin classes. They offer the ultimate in flight experience with a cabin crew specially trained to cater to First Class passengers. Only long-haul, wide-bodied flights can have First Class cabins.

First Class Services

Passengers can enjoy priority check in and First Class Lounge access.

A First Class three-course meal is available for passengers once they are in the air.

Passengers can also access the airline's inflight entertainment system via the personal TV screen attached each seat.

First-Class Seats

First Class seats convert into fully lie-flatbeds and offer 198 cm (78") of pitch and 55 cm (22.2") of width.

TAAG Angola Airlines Facilities

All long-haul passengers are offered complimentary hot meals. First and Business Class passengers receive better-quality dining experiences. All meals come with a choice between hot or cold beverages, as well as soft and alcoholic drinks.

Short-haul and long-haul passengers can order snacks or drinks.

TAAG Angola Airlines popular Destinations and Hubs

TAAG Angola's fleet is entirely Boeing-powered. The airline has more than 10 aircraft on its fleet and uses models such as the 737 and 777.

Quatro de Fevereiro Airport

Quatro de Fevereiro International Airport (LAD), is located in Luanda, Angola. It is also the hub airport of TAAG Angola Airlines. The airport has one terminal building and two runways. It is able to facilitate flights from all over Africa, Europe, and parts of Middle East. It is the main international airport of Angola, and also the gateway to the country.

TAAG Angola Airlines Check-in and boarding pass

Online Check In

Passengers can check in online at the TAAG online check-in page.

Online check-in for international flights is available between 36 and 90 minutes prior to the flight departure time.

Online check-in for domestic flights is available between 24 hours to 60 minutes prior to the flight departure time.

Check-in online is possible for departures from the following destinations

  • Cabinda
  • Cape Town
  • Johannesburg
  • Luanda
  • Lubanga
  • Ondgiva
  • Rio de Janeiro
  • Sao Paulo

Airport Check In

Passengers can also check in at their airport by visiting the airline check-in desk. Check-in at the airport opens 4 hours prior to scheduled flight departure time, and closes at 9:15 PM.

Check-in at select airports is possible through self-service kiosks. This allows passengers to check in much faster. These destinations have self-service kiosks:

  • Cape Town
  • Lisbon
  • Porto
  • Rio de Janeiro
  • Sao Paulo

TAAG Angola Airlines Policies 

Baggage policy and Fees

Carry-On Baggage

The route taken and the cabin class of passengers flying will determine how much baggage you can carry.






5kg of carry-on baggage

8 kg carry-on baggage

8 kg carry-on baggage


10 kg carry-on baggage

10 kg carry-on baggage

10 kg carry-on baggage


8 kg carry-on baggage

8 kg carry-on baggage

8 kg carry-on baggage

The total weight of all carry-on luggage cannot exceed 115 cm (42") (length + width + height).

Checked Baggage

The route and cabin class will determine the allowance for checked baggage.






30kg of checked baggage free (1 piece).

40kg of checked baggage (1 piece).



2 pieces of checked luggage (23kg per piece)

2 pieces of checked luggage (32 kg each)

3 pieces of checked luggage (32kg per piece)

The maximum length of checked baggage is 158 cm (length + height + breadth).

Pet policy

FLY ANGOLA must always be notified when making a booking. FLY ANGOLA cannot transport animals in Economy Class. Space availability is a consideration.

To be allowed to travel as cargo, all living animals must first be declared. If you have questions, please contact the Embassy of the Destination Country.

FLY ANGOLA can't transport passengers with an emotional support dog

The plane's cargo area or cabin can be used free of charge for a guide dog that is accompanying a visually impaired person or a hearing impaired passenger. When the dog is allowed in, he must be kept under control.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

  1. International tickets have a one-year refund policy, domestic tickets take six months.
  2. Discounts of 15% will apply to tickets purchased in AOA and for a 5% USD admin fee abroad
  3. Tickets can be returned in the same currency they were issued as well as at the place where they were purchased.
  4. FLY ANGOLA is the central location for Angola's agencies to repay their money. The procedures were immediately disclosed to local agencies.
  5. BSP processes tickets bought at their offices in accordance with BSP rules.
  6. Not only should tickets paid by state agencies be requested, but also reimbursed to the people who made them.
  7. According to the tariff rule, you can deduct 50%
  8. On certain routes, you can receive discounts up to 100 USD or 250 USD and 15% off your fare.
  9. Some tickets don't qualify for reimbursement, while others are exempt from reimbursement.
  10. You cannot get a refund if you are under the age of 18, if you have children or if your physical limitations prevent you from getting them.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

Yes. However, you will need to pay an administrative fee as well as the No-Show fee. For more information, contact a TAAG shop.

We are available at +244 923 19 000 000 (Angola), or +351 308 800 988 in Portugal to assess the situation right away.

Yup. Upgrades can be made by contacting TAAG via the following methods: Check-in counters or the TAAG Contact Centre. This upgrade is subject to the availability of seats and payment for the appropriate fee.

If for some reason the miles have not been charged to your account, please send us an email to or contact the Call Center. Please include your Umbi Umbi Club Number, your Ticket number, and the date of your trip to ensure faster service.

The cost for transporting your animal in the cabin is 14.70 USD per kilogram, with a maximum weight limit of 5 kg. The fee for transporting your pet in the hold will vary depending on its weight and the size of the cage. Please contact TAAG to get the exact cost. For more information, please contact our Store Department or our Call Center.

Airline TAAG Angola Policies

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