Swiss International AirLines

Swiss International AirLines

Swiss International AirLines, Basel, Zurich,, Switzerland, 4002


Phone : +41 848 700 700

Website : Swiss International AirLines

Founted : 31 March 2002; 20 years ago

Key People : Dieter Vranckx, CEO

About Swiss International Air Lines

Swiss International Air Lines is Switzerland's biggest airline. SWISS, a premium airline with one of the most modern and efficient aircraft fleets in Europe, offers direct flights between Zurich and Geneva. This allows Switzerland to stay connected to Europe and the rest of the world. The Swiss WorldCargo division provides a wide range of airfreight services from airport to airport for consignments that are high-value, care-intensive and time-critical.

SWISS, The Airline of Switzerland is committed to providing the best product and service quality.

The company also has committed to ambitious climate goals, including halving its net carbon dioxide emissions in 2019 by 2030 and becoming completely carbon-neutral by 2050. This includes promoting sustainable aviation fuels. SWISS is part the Lufthansa Group, and is also a Star Alliance member. Star Alliance is the largest airline network in the world.

Swiss International Air Lines Reservations

Swiss International Air Lines Booking Numbers

Contact Details+41 848 700 700

Swiss International Air Lines Classes

Economy Class

Relax, enjoy the service, and select products aboard.

Business Class

You will receive an exclusive service onboard. Many times, the airline's Business Class has been voted by travel professionals as the best in Europe. You'll feel more relaxed after landing in Business Class.


You'll discover a whole new world along your journey.

Swiss International Air Lines Facilities

Economy Class Facilities

Are you a meat-lover? You can choose from two hot meals. The service includes all beverages, including wine, spirits, and all meals. Special meals for passengers with special needs children can be ordered online ahead of time, and are free to them. You can choose from more than 140 TV programmes, films and games through the airline's on-board entertainment system. You will receive one piece of hand luggage and one piece of checked baggage on your flight (except for Light Fares).

Business Class Facilities

Take a flight to Switzerland and enjoy the best of Switzerland. You can enjoy our award-winning cuisine in a quick meal or several courses. It is accompanied with fine wines. Enjoy a wide range of entertainment in flight with your adjustable screen and a selection quality magazines. Swiss International Airlines offers the SWISS Universe magazine to First and Business Class guests. Enjoy a private lounge from the moment you board your flight until your departure. You can access Star Alliance Partner and SWISS as a Business Class Passenger all around the globe.

First-Class facilities

The Taste of Switzerland gastronomic idea brings the best cuisine to SWISS flights. Famous chefs create SWISS menus using regional specialties. They only use products grown and produced in the area. First-class passengers have the option to enjoy a wide range of salads and sandwiches, as well as a multi-course meal. You can always count on the assistance of a team of top chefs. Passengers can quickly pass passport control at a separate check in desk.

Swiss International Air Lines Popular Destinations And Hubs

Hub Airport

Zurich Airport

The largest international airport in Switzerland is located just north of Zurich. The airport was opened in 1948 and expanded in 1961 and 1971. The 2017 visitor count at Zurich Airport was 29 million, an increase of 6.3% from 2016.

From Zurich and Geneva, the airline serves 106 destinations in 49 different countries. These destinations include Abu Dhabi, Accra and Algiers.

Swiss International Air Lines Check-In And Boarding Pass

Online Check In

Swiss International Air Lines offers online check in up to 23 hours prior to scheduled flight departure.

You can do this from either their online or their SWISS app.

It is a good idea to check in online before you arrive at the airport. This will reduce the waiting time and make it easier for you to complete your check-in faster. If a passenger decides to not check-in online, they must still check in at the airport.

Airport Check In

Swiss International Airlines offers airport check-in to its passengers. This opens at different times depending on the airport. Please check the airline website to confirm the applicable time.

Failure to report to the airline's check-in counter by the deadline could result in the forfeiture of your fare.

Swiss International AirLines Policies

Baggage Policy And Fees

Carry-on Baggage

Swiss International Air Lines assigns the following hand luggage bags to each class of ticket:

SWISS Economy is allowed to carry 1 x 8kg bags

SWISS Business is allowed 2 x 8kg bags

SWISS First is allowed to have 2 x 8kg bags.

Please note that any bag or class must be within the following dimensions: 55cm x 40cm.

Checked Baggage

As with hand baggage, SWISS International Air Lines assigns checked luggage based on the type of ticket purchased.

Light - no baggage included

Classic - 1x maximum 23kg

Flex - 1 x max 23kg

Business - Maximum 2x 32kg

The airline will refuse to accept baggage exceeding 32kg due to strict international safety and health regulations.

Pet Policy

You will need to follow different rules depending on where you are going. Book your flight in advance and bring the original documents of your pet. These documents include its import, export, and transit papers as well as its health and vaccination certificates. The owner of an animal that has not received the required vaccines must pay for its return flight to the country it is being refused entry.

Refund And Cancellation Policy

Swiss offers the ability to cancel flights online with no hassles. Also, passengers can make a request for the refund online by filling the refund request form at Swiss official site Only eligible Swiss flight tickets can be refunded if they are cancelled within the current time frame. After the ticket's expiry, Swiss does not offer a refund. It may take some time for the Swiss to process a refund request. However, it can usually be granted within 7-10 working days. It provides compensation for passengers who cancel Swiss flights due to unavoidable circumstances. You can cancel your flight easily and receive a refund on Swiss.

Cancellation Fees

The cancellation fees for international and domestic flights are also set by the Swiss. The following instructions will help you to learn more about the Swiss cancellation fee for international flights.

If ticket cancellations are made after the risk-free cancellation period of 24 hours, a $100-$500 Swiss cancellation fee will apply. A fee of $100-$400 will be charged if you cancel your Swiss flight less than 24 hours before the flight departs. After cancelling your flight ticket, you can also file a cancellation request.

Contact the Swiss cancellation number +41 455 64 0000 for more information. They are always available to help passengers. To cancel or request a refund, you can dial the helpline number +41 455 64 0000.

Sometimes, plans change and you have to cancel a Swiss flight you've been waiting for for months. You've probably been in a situation where you had to cancel a Swiss flight. It can be expensive and complex.

You can cancel your Swiss flight if you booked it with Swiss. Find all information about the Swiss cancellation policy, and which policies are applicable to your situation.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

It depends on the type of fare you booked and whether you booked a refundable Swiss Swiss ticket. You cannot cancel your ticket for a refund within the 24-hour grace period.

All customers have 24 hours to cancel their Swiss reservation, regardless of the fare, within 24 hours

You will need to pay $200-$500 depending upon the type of ticket, length, and location in order to cancel a Swiss non-refundable flight ticket. You will receive the remaining fare as an eCredit that you can use for future Swiss flights.

Swiss International AirLines Policies

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