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Spirit Airlines Pet Policies

The Spirit Airlines pet insurance allows you to travel with more types of pets than other airlines. The Spirit pet policy permits you to bring small domestic animals, such as domestic dogs and cats, along with small domestic birds, onboard.

Before you book your flight or take your pet to the airport with you, you need to follow certain rules. This is everything you need about flying with your pet to Spirit Airlines.

Spirit Airlines has a Pet Policy

Spirit Airlines Pet Policies states that domesticated cats and dogs can fly on Spirit Airlines flights to the U.S., Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Although small "household birds", which exclude chickens, ducks, and small domestic rabbits, are permitted to fly in cabin on Spirit Airlines flights, domestic pets cannot fly to Puerto Rico or to the U.S Virgin Islands.

Spirit prohibits cargo flights from any animal. Spirit Airlines' dog policy states that larger dogs cannot fly as cargo.

All pets must reach eight weeks of age and have been weaned from their mothers. Pets traveling to Puerto Rico will need to have rabies vaccination certificates and their health certificate.

Spirit prohibits pets from flying on international flights. However, service animals are allowed to fly internationally.

Spirit allows you to choose any seat, except the emergency exit row, when flying with an approved pet. You must keep your pet in the carrier throughout the flight. They must not require attention, be in good health, and should not be able to scream.

Book your Spirit Airlines flight for your pet

Spirit Airlines charges $125 per person to allow your pet to travel with you in the cabin. Reservations are not necessary but recommended. Spirit does not allow more than six pets per flight so it is best to make a reservation as soon as you can. Spirit can help you add your pet to your reservation.

Spirit Airlines Pet policy stipulates that you must visit the ticket counter to check in your pet when checking in at the airport. Self-service or curb side check in is not allowed. A Spirit agent will inspect your pet and its carrier when you go to the ticket counter.

Spirit Airlines pet carrier requirements

If they are able to fit into one carrier, you can bring two pets with you on Spirit. The pet's (or pets) must be able to move around in the carrier. Soft-sided carriers are only allowed. However, pets with their heads sticking out of the carrier are not permitted. The dimensions of the carrier cannot exceed 18 by 14 by 9 inches.

The carrier must be placed under your seat and kept there throughout the flight. The Spirit pet policy also stipulates that the carrier and pet must be no more than 40 pounds combined.

Spirit airlines baggage policy will allow you to bring your Spirit Airlines pet carrier onboard. You can only bring one personal item (for free) and one carry-on (with the associated fees) to go on board.

Spirit Airlines Flights Do Not Allow Animals

Spirit Airlines maintains a list of animals they will not allow on any flight. The following animals are currently on this list:

  • Snakes
  • Other reptiles
  • Rodents include hamsters and mice, rats and squirrels.
  • Ferrets
  • Sugar gliders
  • Spiders

Spirit Airlines also states that some "other unusual animals" are not allowed to fly on its flights. These other animals are considered to be "unusual" and allowed to fly. They consider factors like the animal's weight, safety, health, and potential disruptions to cabin service.

You should confirm in writing if your animal is allowed to board the plane. To ensure that your trip runs smoothly, you will need to have signed documents on hand.

Spirit Airlines Pet Policy

Spirit Airlines allows domestic dogs, cats, small domestic bunnies, and small birds to travel on domestic flights. International flights are not allowed to carry animals. Birds and rabbits are prohibited from flights to Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. Spirit Airlines only allows six pets on each flight. They also allow only one pet per container.

Spirit Airlines charges $110 per pet container for each flight. This means that you will be charged $220 round-trip for pet transport. Spirit Airlines pet carrier must comply with the same requirements as carry-on baggage and must be kept in the cabin.

Spirit cares about safety and allows animals to fly only in the cabin of the plane with their owner. Spirit charges $110 per carrier, and allows only one passenger to have a single carrier. You can have two small animals from the same species and put them in one carrier.

Animals can be carried in an aircraft cabin provided they are able to stand and move comfortably in their carrier. Due to the dangerous temperature and conditions in the cargo area, pets cannot be checked in as baggage. Pets cannot also be stored in overhead compartments.

Your pet must be kept in the carrier during the entire flight, unless you have a service dog. ESAs are treated as normal pets and will not be covered by this policy.

Spirit Airlines Policy for Emotional Support Animals

Spirit Airlines welcomes psychiatric support dogs on its flights, provided they have the appropriate documentation. A current certificate from a doctor is required for your pet. An ID tag is also recommended. Spirit Airlines requires the following documentation for PSAs:

  • Form for Mental Health Professional - Subject to Verification
  • Verification of Veterinary Health Form
  • Passenger Acknowledgment form

These forms can be downloaded at the bottom Spirit Airline’s policy page. These forms should be submitted 48 hours before the flight. Their team of Disability Coordinators will verify them and will make sure that your documents are correct.

If the flight is international, additional documents may be required. The destination will determine the additional documentation required. You can find more information about destination-specific documentation from your travel agent, or Spirit Airlines' guest service.

This applies only to PSAs. ESAs will be treated as normal pets and are unfortunately not covered by this policy.

Spirit Airlines Service Animals Policy

Spirit Airlines, like all airlines in the United States, requires service animals to travel with their owners on flights. To avoid any problems during your journey, it is recommended that you carry all necessary documentation and that you complete forms ahead of time.

Spirit Airlines specifically states that a "service animals vest, harness, ID or card is not accepted" as an indication that an animal is a trained animal service animal. They also claim the right to refuse passage to any animal who behaves differently than they expect.

Spirit Airlines has additional guidelines and requirements that require the animal to be with you at all time. Spirit Airlines states that an animal that shows signs of aggression, disruption, or lack of training will be refused entry to a flight.

Spirit Airlines has additional requirements for seating, in addition to these regulations.

Spirit Airlines Animal Seating Requirements

With the exception of emergency exit rows, those with animals can sit anywhere they want. You are not permitted to sit in the first row if your animal is in a carrier.

You can allow service animals to sit on your lap provided they are no larger than a child's lap. You can only keep your animal on your lap if the seat has an inflatable seatbelt. This would make it unsafe for the animal. You can place trained service animals on the aircraft floor. However, they cannot be placed on any aircraft seat.

If an animal is placed on your feet, it cannot block aisles or any other areas that must remain clear for emergency evacuation. A pet placed on the ground cannot block the passageway of another passenger unless the other person has given their consent.

Animals that need more space than what a single seat can be accommodated with the purchase of extra seats or an upgrade to their "Big Front Seats". Spirit Airlines will try to accommodate you and your pet if you do not want to buy more space, but cannot guarantee space.

Tips for Traveling with Animals

Many people have tried to use service animal regulations recently, so many companies are more stringent about their proof requirements. Before you book any flight or other transportation, make sure to check with the airline before making your booking. You will be able to smoothen the whole process of traveling with an animal by obtaining written confirmation and signing documents.

Keep all documentation and forms printed and available for you to use during your travels. This will ensure that you are ready to respond to any demands or questions. While the law will be on your side if you follow all necessary channels, remember that humans are human and can sometimes not understand the situation.

Even in the face ignorance and outright hostility, it is important to keep calm and civil. There have been many horror stories about pets and travel recently. Keep your wits about yourself and avoid any arguments. 

It is important to make sure you and your pet are safe at all costs. You should never allow your pet to be transported in a cargo or closed container. Also, make sure you know all laws and regulations governing the transport of your animal from the same area as you travel to.

To help you prepare the documentation, it is a good idea to contact US Service Animals prior to your trip. You don't want spend your time trying to comply with regulations when you could be having fun and relaxing with your pet friend. Avoid potential problems by planning ahead and using common sense.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

The cargo hold is not accessible to airline staff, but your pet will still be taken care of before and after the flight.

Pets must be secured under the seat during taxi, take-off and landing Pets must be kept in their carrier at all times, including when they are being handled by the passenger. A pet that is not in compliance with these rules may be refused entry to future flights.

Use an absorbent "puppy toilet pad" to cover your dog's bladder and bowels while on the move. You should also bring extra pads, a few plastics zip-lock bags and some paper towels. These will help with any clean-up or containment.

Spirit Airlines Policy for Emotional Support Animals

Spirit Airlines welcomes psychiatric support dogs on its flights. However, you must have the appropriate documentation. A current certificate from a doctor is required for your pet. An ID tag is also recommended.

Although airline requirements can vary, the basic requirements for carriers are the same. Dogs should be able stand up straight and move around in their carrier without having to touch its sides or top.  No. Your pet must be in its carrier during domestic flights.

Spirit Airlines charges a fee $125 for a one-way pet travel. Reservations are not necessary but recommended. Spirit does not allow more than six pets per flight so it is best to make reservations as soon as you can.

Spirit Airlines will inspect and approve the crate you choose for your dog's safe and secure flight. Your pet must be able to move around in the container, and it should not be larger than 18x14x9 inches.

A pet must not be in pain, suffering, or ill. Although it is recommended that you give advance notice, this is not mandatory. With the exception of emergency exit rows and the first row, you can choose to sit wherever you like. The pet and the carrier must not weigh more than 40 pounds (18.14 kilograms).

Spirit Airlines charges a fee $125 for a one-way pet travel. Reservations are not necessary but recommended. Spirit does not allow more than six pets per flight so it is best to make reservations as soon as you can.

We want you to be free to bring your furry friend along when you travel. We allow small domestic pets to travel on domestic flights, including Puerto Rico and St. Thomas U.S.V.I. In the guest cabin:
As per the updated Department of Transportation requirements, emotional support animals (ESAN), will now be allowed to travel as pets starting January 11, 2021. The following requirements must be met in order for an animal to travel as a pet.

Spirit will allow these pets on board the aircraft only:
Domestic dogs
Domestic cats
Small domestic birds (except for Puerto Rico and U.S.V.I.)
Small domestic bunnies (except from Puerto Rico and U.S.V.I.