Spirit Airlines baggage policy

Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airline Baggage Policy

Spirit Airlines doesn't include bags in its base allowance (Bare Fare). Additionally, baggage prices rise the closer you get from take-off. Your best option is to purchase your allowance at the time of your first booking.

Another thing to consider: Spirit's baggage policy stipulates that the maximum bag weight is 40 pounds (18 kilograms). This is 10 lb (5 kg) less than the average and you can be sure you will pay more for it.

Standard Carryon Bag:

The fees vary depending on where you are going and when you buy your bags. Spirit recommends that passengers use its baggage calculator. We found the following consistent fees after doing a few searches. However, please make sure you check the route for which you are traveling.

Book Now

  • Spirit Saver$ Club -- $59 - $68
  • Standard -- $60 to $69

Before you go online, check-in

  • Spirit Saver$ Club - $61 to $70
  • Standard -- $62 to $751

During online check-in

  • Spirit Saver$ Club -- $63 - $72
  • Standard -- $64 to $753

Airport Reservation Desk: $79At the Gate: $99

Size Restrictions

  • Personal: 18x14x8 inches (45x35x20 cm)
  • Standard: 22x18x10 inches (56x46x25 cm)

Lap Infant Carry-on Policy

  • Baby formula and breast pumps can be brought on board an aircraft. They don't count towards your carryon allowance.

Stroller Check Policy

  • Spirit Airlines will inspect your stroller, double stroller and car seat at either the gate or ticket counter. When you exit the plane, the stroller will be there waiting for you.

Spirit Airlines Checked Baggage Discount

All checked bags must be 40 lb (18.1 kg) in weight and have a maximum length of 62 inches (158 cm).

Spirit Airlines takes into account several factors in its fee calculations. These include the route, travel dates, Spirit Saver$ Club, or standard fare.

Additional and Excess baggage Fees :

Overweight Fee
41 to 50 lb (18 to 23 kg), $59
51 to 100 lb (23 to 45 kg), $99

Extra Large Fee
63-80 linear inches (158-203 cm): $100
Order special items greater than 80 inches (203 cm).

Spirit Airlines baggage fees for special luggage (sporting equipment, musical instrument, etc.)

Spirit Airlines allows passengers to prepay their luggage online, through the mobile app or by calling its call centre.

These are the methods you can prepay.

  • Log in to your reservation using the My trips tab. Then click Add bags. Use the Check In tab if you are departing less than 24 hours in advance.
  • Log in to the Spirit Airlines app and download it.
  • Call Spirit Airlines at 855-SAVE555 (855-728-3555).

Waivers and Exclusions

Spirit will give 2 checked bags free to active-duty military personnel. This does not apply to family members.


Spirit Airlines allows one personal item in carry-on baggage. It is 18x14x8 inches (45x35x20 cm). An additional larger item can be brought for a fee, up to 22 x 18x10 inches (56x 46x25 cm).

There are three options for paying the additional fee to bring an item onboard: at check-in, before/during check in, or at the gate. The fee for most flights is $37 one-way, standard if paid online. 

A passenger who is a member or a guest of the $9 fare group* can buy their carry-on allowance for $28. The cost of the allowance can be purchased online or before check-in for $47. For fare club members, it will cost $38. The airport charges $55 and the gate costs $65 respectively.

Some items, such as diaper bags and pushchairs, do not count towards the customer's allowance for carry-on.


As part of their standard carry-on allowance, passengers may bring along musical instruments. An extra seat must be purchased if the item exceeds the allowed carry-on size. You must secure the instrument against or in a window seat.


Some items are too dangerous to be brought onboard an airplane. These items include but aren't limited to:





Nail guns.


Spirit Airlines does not offer a free checked baggage allowance. The hold can accommodate up to five bags, but passengers must pay a fee. Each bag cannot exceed 62.5 inches (158 cm) in overall dimensions or 40 pounds (18.1 kg).


The hold is free for pushchairs and car seats.


Excess baggage fees will apply if a bag weighs more than the allowance purchased with Spirit

The fee for a bag weighing 41 to 50 lbs (18 or 23 kg) is $30.

The fee for a bag weighing 51 to 70 lbs (23 to 32 kg) is $55.

A bag weighing 71 to 100 lbs (32 or 45 kg) is charged $100.

If the bag's dimensions are between HTML68 and 80 inches (158-203cm) then the charge is $100.

The fee for a bag with dimensions greater than 80 linear inches (203cm) is $150.


You can check into the hold any sporting equipment, such as surf boards and bikes. A bike can be checked in for $75 one-way and $100 to check surfboards. You may only have 2 bags. Checked luggage is considered standard for items such as golf bags and skis/snowboards.

You can check in musical instruments as long as they're properly packaged and comply with Spirit's rules for checked baggage allowance.

Spirit carry-on guidelines

You will find the Spirit carry-on guidelines to be some of the most restrictive. Spirit's restrictions and those of other discount airlines are the foundation for the basic economic product airlines like American, Delta, and United. They were created to compete with low fares.

Spirit's definition of a personal item is one area where you will find some generosity. Each Spirit customer is allowed one personal item. Spirit stipulates that personal items must not exceed 18 by 14 by 8 by 8 inches. This includes handles and wheels. This is larger than other airlines, including United.

You will generally be charged for bringing a full-sized bag on a Spirit flight, as is to be expected from a discount airline. The Spirit carry-on guidelines are more restrictive than those of other airlines in terms of weight limits.

The airline has a dynamic pricing system for checked and carry-on bags. Bag pricing may differ between flights within the same city pair at different times. This is an example of two flights that depart from New Orleans to Las Vegas on the same day.

Spirit airlines weight baggage

Extra-large and overweight baggage fees

Spirit Airlines charges both an oversize and overweight fee. Spirit Airlines baggage fees can quickly add up. These fees apply to Spirit baggage:

  • Overweight Fee: $50 for bags weighing 41 to 50 lb, $75 for bags weighing 50 to 70 lb and $75 respectively if bags weighing 71 to 100 lb.
  • Extra Large Fee: From $100 per bag for bags measuring 63 to 80 inches including wheels and handles

Excess baggage fees

If you have excess baggage, there is an interesting twist to the Spirit Airline baggage policy. The airline will allow you to carry one bag on international flights. However, additional bags can only be brought on a first-come basis. To ensure you have more than one bag, you will need to buy your extra baggage allowance in advance.

Sporting equipment

Spirit has a smaller list of allowed sporting items than other airlines. Only golf clubs, snowboard equipment, and ski equipment can be checked at the standard baggage rates. Spirit's website outlines the fees and requirements for checking different types of equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

We want you to be free to bring your furry friend along when you travel. We allow small domestic pets to travel on domestic flights, including Puerto Rico and St. Thomas U.S.V.I. In the guest cabin:

As per the updated Department of Transportation requirements, emotional support animals (ESAN), will now be allowed to travel as pets starting January 11, 2021. The following requirements must be met in order for an animal to travel as a pet.

Spirit will allow these pets on board the aircraft only:

  • Domestic dogs
  • Domestic cats
  • Small domestic birds (except for Puerto Rico and U.S.V.I.)
  • Small domestic bunnies (except from Puerto Rico and U.S.V.I.

Spirit Airlines charges a fee $125 for a one-way pet travel. Reservations are not necessary but recommended. Spirit does not allow more than six pets per flight so it is best to make reservations as soon as you can.

A pet must not be in pain, suffering, or ill. Although it is recommended that you give advance notice, this is not mandatory. With the exception of emergency exit rows and the first row, you can choose to sit wherever you like. The pet and the carrier must not weigh more than 40 pounds (18.14 kilograms).

Spirit Airlines will inspect and approve the crate you choose for your dog's safe and secure flight. Your pet must be able to move around in the container, and it should not be larger than 18x14x9 inches.

Spirit Airlines charges a fee $125 for a one-way pet travel. Reservations are not necessary but recommended. Spirit does not allow more than six pets per flight so it is best to make reservations as soon as you can.

Although airline requirements can vary, the basic requirements for carriers are the same. Dogs should be able stand up straight and move around in their carrier without having to touch its sides or top.  No. Your pet must be in its carrier during domestic flights.

Spirit Airlines Policy for Emotional Support Animals

Spirit Airlines welcomes psychiatric support dogs on its flights. However, you must have the appropriate documentation. A current certificate from a doctor is required for your pet. An ID tag is also recommended.

Use an absorbent "puppy toilet pad" to cover your dog's bladder and bowels while on the move. You should also bring extra pads, a few plastics zip-lock bags and some paper towels. These will help with any clean-up or containment.

Pets must be secured under the seat during taxi, take-off and landing Pets must be kept in their carrier at all times, including when they are being handled by the passenger. A pet that is not in compliance with these rules may be refused entry to future flights.

The cargo hold is not accessible to airline staff, but your pet will still be taken care of before and after the flight.