Skol Airlines

Skol Airlines

Skol Airlines, Surgut, Neftyanaya St., Russia, 236040


Phone : +7 4012 605 091

Website : Skol Airlines

Founted : 2000

Key People : Vyacheslav Vladimirovich Gaushin

About Skol Airlines

Skol Airlines (or Skol Aviakompania) is a Russian airline that operates regular passenger, charter, and cargo flights across Siberia. Surgut is the headquarters of the company, which was established in 2000. It has partnered with Russian companies like Alrosa, a Russian mining company for diamonds, and Gazprom to produce Russian natural gas.

The fleet includes helicopters, turboprop aircraft, and narrow-body equipment.

Skol Airlines Reservations

Skol Airlines Booking Numbers

+7 4012 605 091 

Skol Airlines Classes

These aircraft were included in the Skol Airlines fleet as of July 2021:

Mil Mi-8T
Mil Mi-26T
Mil Mi-171
Mil Mi-8AMT
Eurocopter AS350B3
Yakovlev Yak-40
Cessna Caravan
Let L-410 Turbolet

Skol Airlines Destinations And Hubs

SKOL Airlines flies across Eastern and Western Siberia. It has also flown to other countries in the past, such as Haiti, Afghanistan, Pakistan and South Sudan. 

Skol Airlines Facilities

Skol began its life at Surgut International Airport, (SGC) with one Mil-26T heavy helicopter. The Mi-26, also known as "Halo" in NATO's terminology, is a heavy transport helicopter that can transport military equipment to remote areas. It was designed to transport military equipment after it has been delivered by military transport aircraft like the Ilyushin Il-76 and Antonov An-22. The Mi-26 is the most powerful and largest helicopter ever produced in serial production.

Skol Airlines Check-In

Online Check In

Skol does not offer web check in on its flights.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

Skol Airlines is a major passenger and cargo carrier. It has a fleet of 73 planes, a 23-hectare, 230,000 sqm, heliport, 100-room hostel, a Mi-8 hangar and a helicopter filling station. Skol Airlines sent helicopters to Greece in 2007.

SKOL is involved in cargo and passenger transport by helicopter and plane. High-class pilots and a new fleet of cars provide excellent service.

Skol Airlines Flight 9375 was carrying 19 passengers and 3 crew members. It crashed into poor weather conditions on 21 October 2016. There were 19 deaths.

Skol Airlines Policies

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