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Shree Airlines

Shree Airlines, Sinamanga, Kathmandu, Nepal, 99999


Phone : +977 14222948

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Founted : 1999

Key People : Sudhir Mittal (chairman)

About Shree Airlines 

Shree Airlines is a local airline in Sinamangal and Kathmandu, Nepal. The airline offers both helicopter and plane service using Bombardier aircraft. The airline also offers close-encounter experiences on Everest. For more information about flying to Mount Everest please visit our flights To Everest page. They also operate a number humanitarian flights for the World Food Program, and the Nepal Food Corporation. These flights deliver food packages to Nepalese residents living in remote areas. 

Shree Airlines Reservations

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Shree Airlines Aircraft

Shree Airlines' fleet includes six Mil Mi-17 helicopters, two Bombardier CRJ200ER and two Bombardier CRJ700 airplanes, as well as two Bombardier CRJ700 CRJ700 aircraft.

Shree Airlines Facilities

Charters of helicopters are a cost-effective way to travel through mountains safely and comfortably.

Shree Airlines offers both one-off and long-term charters.

Shree Airlines partners with agencies such as the World Food Program and Nepal Food Corporation to provide long-term charters.

Shree Airlines Destinations And Hubs

Shree Airlines was granted permission to fly chartered international flights in February 2019. This will enable the company to fly to places like India and Bangladesh.

  • Bhadrapur
  • Bhairahawa
  • Biratnagar
  • Dhangadhi
  • Kathmandu
  • Nepalgunj
  • Rajbiraj

Shree Airlines Check-In And Boarding Pass

You can now check in for Shree flights from the comfort of your office or home. You can check in online and print your boarding passes right from your computer. This speeds up the check-in process. The airline will send you the e-Boarding Pass via email.

Web Check-in allows you to pre-register your luggage, choose your seat and meal options, and then check out before you board your flight. Shree offers web check-in.

Shree Airlines Policies

Baggage Policy

Shree Airlines passengers can bring one piece of baggage on board with them, up to a maximum weight limit of 5 kg.

Shree Airlines passengers can check up to 20kg of baggage.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

Shree Airlines fly directly to 8 destinations worldwide, including Kathmandu and Biratnagar. Skyscanner is the best way to book Shree airlines flights. Skyscanner compares every price offered by over 1,200 travel agencies and airlines to help you find the best.

Shree Airlines provided helicopter flights for the World Food Program (WFP) and the Nepal Food Corporation (NFC). These flights brought food to the poor and hungry in remote areas of Nepal. Shree Airlines delivered more than 8,000,000 kilograms food to Nepalese people.

Two Bombardier CRJ200ER and two Bombardier CRJ700 aircraft are part of the Shree Airlines fleet. Six Mil Mi-17 helicopters are also included in the Shree Airlines fleet. There are also two Eurocopter As350 B3e aircraft. Shree Airlines passengers can bring one piece of baggage on board with them, up to a maximum of 5 kg. Shree Airlines passengers can check up to 20kg of baggage.


After a helicopter was set on fire at Jiri by Maoists, there were several accidents and helicopters struck by bullets. Chairman and CEO Banwari Lal Mittal sought the advice of an astrologer and suggested that the airline's name be changed. Thus Air Ananya became Shree Air.

Shree Airlines Policies

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