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Sharp Airline, Hamilton, Victoria,, Australia, VIC 3300


Phone : +61 3 5574 8216

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Founted : 1990

Key People : Managing Director: Malcolm Sharp Director: Peter Sobey

About Sharp Airlines

Sharp is an active regional aviation company that operates in the southern eastern states of Australia.

Sharp, based in Hamilton, Victoria is an excellent example of a regional company that has grown to have a prominent presence in the regional aviation industry.

Sharp is perfectly placed to serve Victoria and Tasmania. Sharp also carries more than 100,000 passengers each year. Sharp is also a major provider of freight services throughout the network.

Fly regularly between:

  • Melbourne (Essendon), to King and Flinders Islands
  • Tasmanian mainland: Hobart and Launceston and Burnie (Wynyard), to King and Flinders Islands.

Sharp is the only airline that operates a regular service between Launceston and Flinders Islands.

Sharp Airlines Reservations

Sharp Airline booking numbers

International Calls +613 5574 8216

Urgent after-hours messages for Cancellations and Changes within 48Hrs beyond office hours

+61 (0) 438 553 263

All messages will be processed within 24 hours.

Sharp Airline Classes

Economy Class

Sharp Airlines only offers one cabin class, the Economy Class. It is small enough to hold 20 passengers on a single plane. Although the Economy Class service is not as extensive, it ensures that passengers have a comfortable, safe, and quick journey. A professional cabin crew is available to assist passengers with any questions.

Sharp Airlines Facilities

The airline does not have an in-flight entertainment system. Passengers are allowed to bring their own entertainment devices, but they must download any media before taking off.

Sharp Airlines does not offer food or drink on-board. Passengers can bring food and drinks onto the plane provided they don't violate airport security guidelines or exceed the allowance for carry-on baggage.

Sharp Airlines popular Destinations and Hubs

Essendon Airport

Three bases are available for the airline: Essendon Fields Airport and Launceston Airport.

Essendon Fields Airport is the main base. It is located approximately 3.5 hours from Melbourne, Australia. It serves both private and commercial aviation. It is located 13km from Melbourne's centre. The airport currently has two asphalt runways. Since its inception, Sharp Airlines has used Essendon Airport to serve as its hub.

Sharp Airlines offers flights to many destinations in the Southern States of Australia including Flinders Island and Launceston, Melbourne, Wynyard, and Melbourne.

Sharp Airline Check-in and boarding pass


Sharp Airlines does not offer online check-in for any of its flights. Passengers must check in at the airport to be able to check in.


All passengers can check in at airports. However, they must do so within the deadline. The airline can refuse to allow a passenger to board if they miss the check-in deadline.

Check-in at airports is available from 60 minutes prior to scheduled flight departure times and closes 30 minutes earlier. Passengers should be at the boarding gate no later than 15 minutes before their scheduled flight departure time. It is important to allow enough time for passengers between check-in time and boarding.

Passengers must bring the appropriate travel documents (eticket/flight ticket, passport/photo ID) in order to check-in at an airport check-in agent.

Sharp Airline Policies

Baggage policy and Fees

The carry-on baggage allowance for checked and carry-on baggage is listed below. It is included in the price of your ticket. Extra baggage fees will apply to passengers who exceed the amount. The fee is determined by how many additional kgs they have.

Carry-on Baggage

Sharp Airlines passengers can carry up to 6kg of luggage per person.

You must ensure that your carry-on luggage fits under the seat or in the overhead lockers. You cannot transport dangerous or prohibited goods with it. You must check-in any carry-on baggage whose dimensions or weight exceeds the limit.

Checked Baggage

Sharp Airlines allows 15kg of checked baggage per person. Maximum dimensions are 75cm x 45cmx 50cm

A passenger who has traveled from an international destination will be eligible for 30kg free baggage allowance if they fly on a connecting flight. Upon check-in, proof of international flight may be required.

Pet policy

Pets are considered freight and must be checked in at least 60 minutes before departure. If they are not checked in, they could be denied boarding.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

Other than tickets purchased at 'Fully Flexible' fares, passengers are not eligible for refunds. Transferability of 'Fully Flexible' fares to other dates and people is possible. Victorian service passengers need to give 24 hours notice for Tasmanian services, and Victorian passengers need to give 1 hours notice to Victoria services.

There may be circumstances where a transfer or refund is possible. Please note the following conditions.

Compassionate Grounds -- Bereavement

Travelers who purchased tickets other than Fullly Flexible tickets may apply for credit or a booking change to cover the death or imminent death of a member of their immediate family. Sharp Airlines will require a letter from a member the Clergy or Funeral Director, Police Officer, Doctor, or the treating hospital as proof. Sharp Airlines reserves the right to decide whether or not to waive our cancellation policy.

Compassionate Grounds -- Serious Illness

Passengers traveling on tickets other than Full Flexible tickets may apply for credit or a booking change because of serious illness. Sharp Airlines will require a letter from a General Practitioner/Spezial Doctor to support their claim. Sharp can decide to exempt you from our general cancellation policy.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

You can cancel or reschedule a flight. You may have to pay a cancellation or change fee depending on which airline you booked and the class of your ticket. Many airlines offer reduced or even waived change fees during Covid-19.

Scheduled services are carried out using the Metro III aircraft. Charter services are also offered using the Cessna 441 and Metros across Australia.

What happens if your boarding pass isn't printed? You can check-in online to get your boarding pass at the airport. Many airlines will be able scan your document directly from your smartphone in 2021.

Sharp Airline Policies

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