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Queen Bilqis Airways

Queen Bilqis Airways, Aden, Amman, Yemen, 930391


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Founted : 2013

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About Queen Bilqis Airways

Queen Bilqis Airways, a Yemeni airline that operates scheduled flights, is available. The airline is based in Aden International Airport (ADE), and flies only to a few destinations in Yemen and Jordan. Sudan. The airline currently flies to four destinations.

Queen Bilqis Airways, a new airline in Yemen, was founded by Queen Bilqis Airways at the end of 2013. It took some time for the carrier to begin flying. There were a few delays in its launches. It did not fly its first flight until 2018, when it flew from Amman, Jordan. In the same month, it also began domestic travel when it launched a Seiyun service. Queen Bilqis Airways added Khartoum to its final destination, completing the first phase of its route network.

Queen Bilqis Airways Reservations

Queen Bilqis Airways Booking Numbers

 +61 3 6272 6326 

Queen Bilqis Airways Classes

Economy Class

Queen Bilqis Airways Economy class cabins are comfortable and clean. A fully-trained cabin crew is onboard to assist passengers during boarding, disembarkation, and throughout the flight.

All flights have three-by-three seating arrangements. Queen Bilqis Airways has extra-comfortable seats. These are much more comfortable than the regular Economy Class cabin.

Queen Bilqis Airways Destinations And Hubs

Queen Bilqis Airways has flights to many destinations in Yemen, Jordan, and Sudan. It flies to Amman Khartoum Aden, Seiyun and Khartoum. In the future, Queen Bilqis Airways plans to expand its network to include more destinations within Asia, North Africa, and parts of Europe.





Queen Bilqis Airways Facilities

In-Flight Entertainment

Queen Bilqis Airways flights do not have any in-flight entertainment media. Queen Bilqis Airways does publish an in-flight magazine. Some flights may offer passengers the opportunity to pick up a magazine during their flight.

Food and Drink

Once in flight, passengers can order food or drink from the airline’s in-flight menu. There are many snacks and beverages on the in-flight menu.

A passenger may request a meal on their flight by contacting the airline before they depart. In-flight meals cannot be ordered without prior request.

Queen Bilqis Airways Check-In

Online Check In

This airline does not offer online check-in. 

Queen Bilqis Airways Policy

Baggage Policy

The Queen Bliqis Airways baggage allowance depends on which flight the passenger is on. The airline offers a complimentary carry-on and checked baggage allowance, which varies from one route to the next.

Alternative Airlines will inform you of the baggage allowance on your flight when you book your flight. This allows you to plan ahead and prepare for your journey.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

It was established in 2013, and received state approval in December 2016. It was scheduled to begin operations in summer 2017. However, it ended up starting operations on 24/11/2018. Queen Bilqis Airways launched flights from Queen Alia International Airport to December 2018, and also expanded coverage to Seiyun that month.


Queen Bilqis Airways, a Yemeni airline that offers scheduled flights, has received 3,581 ratings in service over the last year. The airline is based in Aden International Airport (ADE), and flies to a few destinations in Yemen, Jordan, and Sudan. Sudan.

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Queen Bilqis Airways Policies

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