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Plus Ultra Líneas Aéreas

About   Plus Ultra Líneas Aéreas 

Plus Ultra Airlines: (IATA,PU,ICAO : PUE indicative : SPANISH), is a Spanish airline founded in 2011 byeJulio Martnez SolaandFernando Gonz Enfedaqueand that received theAir Operator Certificatein2015. Its current corporate name, Plus Ultra Lineas Aereas SA, is it.

Plus Ultra Lineas Aereas SA was established in 2011,by Julio Martinez and Fernando Gonzalez, two Spanish businessmen. After obtaining the Operator Certificate in July 2015, a Plus Ultra aircraft will take off for the first flight. On August 4, 2015, it began operations under the wet lease/ACMI regime, flying to the airports ofMadrid,Tenerife,CaracasandLima. Four Airbus A340-390s were the initial fleet. It began operating regular flights on June 15, 2016.

Plus Ultra Líneas Aéreas   Reservations

Plus Ultra Líneas Aéreas  Booking Numbers

  • Telephone numbers: Information and booking. 911 420 888.

Plus Ultra Líneas Aéreas  Classes

Economy Class

Economy passengers receive excellent service with friendly, attentive staff. Enjoy the excellent in-flight dining experience that is prepared with high quality ingredients. The allowance includes 2x23kg of checked baggage and 1 piece of hand luggage.

Business Class

Business class passengers enjoy the best comfort and flexibility on their flight. Priority boarding allows passengers to board their flight with less stress. The large, flat seats allow for maximum relaxation. Passengers also receive a blanket, pillow, and amenity kit so they can settle down during flight. To keep their hunger under control, passengers can enjoy a business lunch. Passengers also get additional luggage allowances.

Plus Ultra Líneas Aéreas   Facilities

The Inplay IFE Portal is the next generation IFE entertainment platform. It is secure and feature-rich to meet the needs of modern travelers. Plus Ultra was able to offer secure in-browser playback of DRM content. This platform also allows for beautiful UI customization to showcase the Plus Ultra brand. The Inplay IFE Portal is easy to use. Passengers only need to have their handheld devices. They can then connect to the inflight WiFi. It was easy for passengers to watch content onboard without having to download any additional apps.

The Inplay IFE Portal allowed passengers to create a watchlist prior to boarding the plane. This allows them to immerse themselves into their favorite TV shows and movies during their flight.

Plus Ultra Líneas Aéreas   Popular Destinations And Hubs

Hub Airport

Adolfo Suarez Madrid--Barajas Airport

Adolfo Suarez Madrid–-Barajas Airport is also known in Spain as Madrid-–Barajas Airport and Madrid's main international airport. It is also the hub for Plus Ultra Lineas Aereas. It is the biggest airport in Europe, according to size, and it ranks among the top ten most busy airports in Europe for passenger traffic.



Santiago de Chile

Comodoro Arturo Merino Benitez International Airport




Jose Marti International Airport




Jorge Chavez International Airport




Barcelona-El Prat Airport




Adolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas Airport



Santa Cruz

Viru Viru Airport



Plus Ultra Líneas Aéreas  Check-In And Boarding Pass

Online Check In

Plus Ultra Lineas Aereas does not offer online check in for any of their flights.

Airport Check In

All Plus Ultra Lineas Aereas flights require passengers to check in at the airport. You can check in at one of the Plus Ultra Lineas counters. Even though it may vary from flight to flight the hours of check-in at Plus Ultra Lineas Aereas airport are usually closed one hour prior to scheduled flight departure for international flights and 45 minutes prior for domestic flights.

Plus Ultra Líneas Aéreas  Policies

Baggage Policy And Fees

Carry-on Baggage

Plus Ultra Lineas Business Class passengers are entitled to 2 bags of carry-on baggage up to 8kg each.

Plus Ultra Lineas Aereas Economy Class Passengers are entitled to one piece of carry-on baggage up to 8kg.

Checked Baggage

Plus Ultra Lineas Aereas Business Class Passengers are entitled to three bags of checked baggage up to 23kg each.

Plus Ultra Lineas Economy Class passengers are entitled to one piece of checked baggage up to 23kg.

For passengers flying on Plus Ultra Lineas Aereas between Tenerife North-Caracas--Tenerife North the baggage allowance is different.

Passengers flying on Plus Ultra Lineas in Business Class between Tenerife North-Caracas--Tenerife North are entitled to two items of checked baggage, at 23kg per piece.

Passengers flying on Plus Ultra Lineas in Economy Class between Tenerife North-Caracas--Tenerife North are entitled to one item of checked baggage with a maximum weight of 23kg.

Pet Policy

If the combined weight of pet and carrier is not more than 17 lbs (8 kg), small animals older than 10 weeks can travel in cabins. Pets of the same breed may travel together in one carrier if they do not exceed the weight restrictions. For the duration of your flight, animals will be placed under your seat. Animals traveling in the cabin are subject to a $100 fee

Refund And Cancellation Policy

Up to EUR600 can be claimed in Plus Ultra Lineas Aereas cancellation compensation if your flight was cancelled less than 14 days before departure and the airline is deemed responsible. You must have the flight scheduled to depart from an EU-based airport.


Can I cancel my flight and get a refund?

Cancellation of your flight. You can request a complete refund. This includes any other flights you booked with the airline, such as return or onward flights. A replacement flight to take you to your destination.

Is a pet considered a checked bag?

Pets travelling as checked baggage
Pets can be flown as baggage if they are travelling on the same flight. They are transported in the cargo hold below. This applies to pets of medium size.

What happens if my connecting flight is cancelled?

Most airlines will offer a free rebooking on the next available flight to your destination if your flight is cancelled . It is possible to find seats on a different flight depending on the reason for cancellation. This could affect your travel plans.

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