Perimeter Aviation Airline

Perimeter Aviation Airline

Perimeter Aviation Airline, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, R8N 1M9


Phone : 1-800-665-8986

Website : Perimeter Aviation Airline

Founted : 1960

Key People : Nick Vodden (President)

About Perimeter Aviation Airlines

Perimeter Aviation, founded by William J. Wehrle in 1960, was Canada's first private IFR School. In 2017, Exchange Income Corporation (TSX EIF) made the decision that Perimeter Aviation would join Bearskin Airlines, to enhance both airlines and foster continued growth. The merger had two main objectives: to keep the best from these iconic northern aviation brands and to jointly develop and offer new services and products for our customers. The merger was completed Dec 31, 2018. Bearskin Airlines (the legal entity) is no longer operational. Exchange Income Corporation decided to keep the Bearskin Brand and continue to operate the Bearskin Brand service within the new Perimeter Aviation. Perimeter offers cargo shipping and regularly scheduled passenger services to more than 33 communities across Manitoba and Northern Ontario. Perimeter also has the ability to chart custom-chartered flights to any North American destination.

Perimeter Aviation Airlines Reservations

Perimeter Aviation Airline Booking Numbers

Please call the Reservations department at 1-800-665-8986 if you have questions about scheduled passenger flight.

Perimeter Aviation Airline Classes

The Merlin is a reduced executive-class version, which can carry up to six passengers per flight. With a speed of 315 miles per hour and a range that covers 1700 statute mile, the Merlin is one of our fastest aircraft. The Merlin is capable of flying nonstop to any North American destination, even short gravel runways. The cabin has an all-leather interior with a refreshment center and can also be used as a catering service.

Perimeter Aviation Airlines Facilities

Perimeter offers many services for passengers with special requirements. Your special needs should be identified at the time you book to ensure that we meet them. Our customer service agents are happy to discuss the available services and make any necessary arrangements. For passengers with special needs, you can book online. To confirm your reservation, please call our Reservation Centre 48 hours before you make the booking. Please quote your reference number and give us the details.

Perimeter Aviation Airlines Popular Destinations And Hubs

Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport Perimeter Aviation offers scheduled passenger flights daily to more than 20 communities throughout Manitoba and North Western Ontario.

Perimeter Aviation Check-In and Boarding Pass

Check-in ID requirements

Passenger must be 18 years old or older to check in. The ID must match the name on the passenger reservation.

Passengers must use to check-in at any Perimeter counter location.

  • Acceptable ID (one piece)
  • You cannot expire your ID card/document
  • Original ID cards and documents must be kept in the original format. Photocopies will not be accepted.
  • The ID card/document must bear the name and be legible
  • The name on the passenger reservation must be identical to the ID.

Acceptable Identifier

  1. Any Government photo or nonphoto ID
  2. Loyalty Card
  3. Gym Membership Card
  4. Medical Warrant
  5. Bank Card
  6. Credit Card
  7. Student ID Card
  8. Library Card
  9. Documentation proving vaccination
  10. Indigenous Services Canada Transportation Voucher
  11. Temporary Confirmation from Indigenous Services Canada of the Registration of Indigenous Status

Passengers who check in at Winnipeg International airport must:

  • You must present one valid Government-issued photo identification
  • You can also present two valid (2) Government-issued, non-photo IDs.

You should allow enough time for security screening, check-in and baggage screening at the airport. It is your responsibility to get your boarding card and to check in any baggage before the check-in deadline. Once checked in, the passenger must ensure sufficient time to clear security and arrive at the appropriate departure gate. Acceptance of a passenger upon check-in does no guarantee that the aircraft can be held beyond its scheduled departure.

Check-in and board time information should be familiar. These deadlines can result in cancellation of your reservation. You may also be ineligible for denied boarding compensation. Depending on the ticket type, it may result in the forfeiture or cancellation of your reservation.

Perimeter Aviation Airline Policies

Baggage Policy and Fees

Carry-on Baggage

Maximum 2 pieces are allowed. They count as part of the baggage allowance weight. Maximum dimensions for carry-on are 40cmx33cmx20cm (16"x13"x8"), and a combined maximum weight of 13 lbs (6kg). You must have the ability to fit your carry-on luggage in the designated sizer located at the checkin counter. Laptop computers and soft-sided briefcases are both eligible. If the laptop is too large, crew members may ask that you take it out of your bag. You can carry personal cameras, purses (10'x12'x8'' or smaller), canes, containers containing life-sustaining items, and similar items. The airport agent may allow one wheelchair, baby stroller or bassinet as carry-on. All carry-out baggage must be checked-in and weighed. Carryout items are part of the free checked baggage allowance'. Additional baggage will not be accepted once passenger boarding passes have been issued. You should keep these items along with your medication in your checked luggage or carry-on. This document contains a complete list of prohibited, allowed and illegal items.

Sports equipment

You must ship fishing equipment, golf clubs and any other sporting equipment in a shipping-friendly container. In order to provide convenience, one booking is possible for all Bearskin interlines (interlines) and Canada. This includes selected Ontario Perimeter routes which connect to Bearskin at Sioux Lookout then on to Air Canada at Winnipeg or Thunder Bay.

If your ticket includes flights operated or owned by our partner airlines

  • Air Canada will charge fees and allowances for the first segment of your flight if it is operated by Air Canada (AC). You should familiarize yourself with the AC baggage policies, allowances as well as fees. * (Air Canada Rouge as well as Air Canada Express flight operated by Jazz, Sky Regional and Exploits Valley Air.
  • Bearskin Airlines operates the first flight on your flight. Bearskin Airlines checked baggage guidelines will apply to that flight as well as all other flights on the ticket.

Baggage Claims

Perimeter Aviation cannot be held responsible for the loss, damage or delayed delivery to perishable, valuable, fragile or perishable goods, medication and money. Perimeter Aviation also can't be held responsible for damage resulting from improper packing or baggage defects. Perimeter Aviation is not responsible for damage due to normal wear and tear, such as zippers and zipper scuffs. They can be regular baggage, or they could be excess baggage. Either way, both are considered baggage. You will not be entitled to compensation if you have missed or damaged your baggage.

Refund & Cancellation Policy

Perimeter Aviation Ltd. has a 24-hour cancellation policy. This means that passengers can cancel their flight within 24 hours. Perimeter Aviation Ltd. offers a full refund for tickets purchased more than one week prior to your Perimeter Aviation Ltd. flight departure.

Pet Policy

Perimeter Aviation will welcome your pet! If the airline approves the kennel, we will allow pets to travel. The weight of the pet and the intended destination will determine the service fee. Because of their size, crew or passenger allergies, pets tend to be larger than others.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

You can cancel your flight online, if the ticket is fully-refundable. You will find the section "My Trips", or "Manage My Flight" at the airline's site. Names may vary by airline. If you don't see the section, call customer service.

If a ticket is purchased less than seven days before the flight's scheduled departure, the airline must either allow customers to cancel the reservation or provide a full refund.

If you are not certain about your travel plans, it's best to book a flight that can be canceled. Some airlines charge fees to issue a refund while others have strict cancellation policies. Many airlines offer full refunds if you cancel your booking within 24 hours.

"Perimeter," first discovered in 1590. It is derived from the Latin and Greek words "perimetros peri", meaning "around", and "metron", meaning "measure".

Perimeter Aviation Airline Policies

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