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Passion Air, Accra,, Greater Accra,, Ghana, CT 920


Phone : +233 30 273 9898

Website : Passion Air

Founted : 2017

Key People : Edward Annan (Founder), Billionaire Boateng, Duncan Sambu

About Passion Air

PassionAir, formerly DAC International Airlines, is a Ghanaian airline that provides domestic flights to many destinations in Ghana. The airline is based in Accra at Kotoka International Airport. It offers daily flights from Accra and Kumasi, as well as flights from Accra and Tamale. Plans are to expand the airline's route network over the next few years.

PassionAir was originally founded as DAC International Airline. However, it rebranded as PassionAir shortly after it received its air operator's certificate.

PassionAir's inaugural flight was in August 2018. It flew between Accra, Kumasi, and then rolled out flights from Tamale soon after.

Passion Air Reservations

Passion Air Booking Numbers 

0800 221 221 

Passion Air Classes

Economy Class

PassionAir has only one cabin class for its flights: Economy Class. The Economy cabin offers comfort and professional service by the airline's cabin crew.

Passion Air Destinations And Hubs

PassionAir fly to these destinations in Ghana. The airline expressed interest in adding another route to Takoradi. 


Passion Air Facilities

In-Flight Entertainment

PassionAir flights do not offer any entertainment in-flight.


PassionAir flights don't have WIFI.


Passengers receive a light snack consisting of a pastry stuffed with meat or a substitute for it, along with a small bottle water and/or juice.

Passion Air Check-In And Boarding Pass

Check In Online

You can check in online for PassionAir flights by visiting the PassionAir website and entering your flight details. Online check-in is available 24 hours prior to the scheduled flight departure time, and closes an hour earlier. 

Airport Check In

To allow for check-in, the departure gate closes approximately 40 minutes prior to departure. To check in for their PassionAir flight, passengers must show the appropriate travel documents to the PassionAir checkin counters.

Passion Air Policies

Bagagge Policy

PassionAir passengers get one piece of carry-on luggage free of charge with every ticket. Passengers can also bring one small bag with them, including a purse, rucksack or laptop bag.

These are the weight and size limits:

PassionAir passengers flying with a Silver or Bronze ticket receive a 7kg carry-on allowance. Bags must be within 22x35x56 cm.

PassionAir passengers who have a Gold Ticket can get a 10g free baggage allowance. The bag must be within 22x35x56 cm.

PassionAir passengers who have a Silver or bronze ticket receive a 25kg free checked baggage allowance.

PassionAir Gold ticket holders receive a 30kg free checked baggage allowance.

All baggage checked must be within the following dimensions: 250 x 79x 112 cm

PassionAir offers additional baggage to passengers who wish to carry more than the allowed baggage allowance. A maximum of 10 bags can be carried per person and no bag may exceed 32kg.

PassionAir does not allow infants and babies to check in baggage. They are allowed to bring 7kg of baggage on the flight, but they can only carry 7kg.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

Edward Annan

Edward Annan, also known as Eddie Annan, is a Ghanaian politician, entrepreneur, and art collector. He was born 22 February 1945. He is also the co-owner of and co-founder the Ghanaian domestic airline Passion Air.


A return flight from Accra to Tamale will cost GHS577. This is the lowest domestic airfare market price, compared to other prices. March 2018, Passion will operate twice daily from Monday through Saturday and three times on Sunday. There are 30 weekly flights.

Terminal 2

EL Baffour is currently located at Terminal2. This offer is available to those who want to connect to international and regional destinations.

Accra, Ghana

Head Office. 1 Duchessville 2nd Circular Road Cantonments Accra, Ghana .

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