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Founted : 1977

Key People : Shannon Wells - Managing Director

About Par Avion Airlines

Airlines of Tasmania, also known commercially as Par Avion, is a regional airline that is based in Hobart (Tasmania), Australia. It offers scheduled services to a variety of destinations in Tasmania. Par Avion also offers a variety of charter services, including business, scenic flights into Tasmania's South West and group charter. Par Avion is the owner and operator of Cambridge Aerodrome. This flying school is affiliated to the University of Tasmania. It also operates a tourism company into the Southwest National Park of Tasmania.

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Our friendly staff is available to provide further information on any of our services or experiences. Call us, send an email, drop by, or fill out the contact form.

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Par Avion Airline Classes

Standard seating is not available by the airline. The airline offers standard seating. However, there is plenty of storage underneath and above the seats in the storage compartments. There are not many facilities onboard. Because flight times are very short, passengers should make use of all the airport services before departing. The scenery below can be seen from the plane.

Par Avion Airlines Facilities

Par Avion is known for its reliable and punctual air service to Melaleuca. We actually fly the most flights into Southwest National Park each year!

We drop off at Melaleuca and pick up there, giving passengers direct access to either the South Coast Track to Cockle Creek/Port Davey Track To Scotts Peak.

Our flights depart from Cambridge Airport every day for convenience and flexibility. We can also customize a flight to suit your needs.

Par Avion Airlines popular Destinations and Hubs

Hub Airport

Cambridge Airport

Cambridge Airport, also known by the name Cambridge Aerodrome is a minor airport in Cambridge, a suburb near Hobart. It is close to Hobart International Airport which serves the island of Tasmania.

Today, Par Avion's operating base is Cambridge Aerodrome, which operates scheduled and scenic flights to the picturesque Southwest Wilderness in Tasmania.

Scheduled passenger service is provided by Airlines of Tasmania to these locations in Tasmania

  • Hobart-Cambridge
  • Launceston Airport
  • Cape Barren Island
  • Strahan Airport
  • Flinders Island Airport

Charter services are provided by the airline under the Par Avion brand. They are conducted at the airline's Cambridge Aerodrome base near Hobart.

Par Avion  Airline Check-in and boarding pass

All passengers, children included, must bring any travel documents (see 3.1), and proof of identification to check in. Adults will need to show photo identification such as a passport or driver's license. Examples of acceptable forms for identification are a passport, birth certificate, and school identification. Proof of age (under 2) is required for infants who do not require their own seat. You may be denied entry to the country if you don't provide any travel documentation or proof of identification.

We will issue you your boarding pass at check-in and a Baggage Check for any checked baggage. These documents should be kept with you until your trip is complete.

Par Avion  Airline Policies

Baggage policy and Fees

Carry-On Baggage

Each passenger may bring one main item (main) and one small item (such a bag, coat, umbrella or laptop). The combined weight of the cabin items cannot exceed 7kg.

The main item's dimensions must not exceed 48cm in width + 34cm in height + 23cm in depth

The smaller item must not be rigid and must be unfolded. Its dimensions should not exceed 60cm (width + 114cm (+ 11cm) You must ensure that your cabin baggage can fit under the seat in front you or in an enclosed storage area above the seat. This will ensure that your items are checked in the aircraft hold.

Checked Baggage

Each passenger has 15kg of checked baggage free. You can use this to cover multiple items but not more than 32kg. Additional weight exceeding 15 kg will result in an extra fee. The airline may not allow you to take your baggage on your departure flight. It may have to be carried on the next flight.

The 15kg allowance may allow for bulky items up to 2 meters in length, such as skis, surfboards and bicycles. However, space availability will limit the amount. If you plan to bring bulky items with you, please arrive at least 2 hours before the departure time.

Pet policy

If you have a registered guide dog, hearing dog or mobility dog that you need to travel with you, your fare includes carriage. If possible, the dog should be seated at your feet on the flight. Please notify us when you book your flight. We cannot accommodate more dogs than allowed per flight. If your dog is not available, we will need to recommend alternative dates or times.

Guide, hearing, and mobility dogs must be properly registered. You must also provide documentation or an ID card for your dog to confirm this.

If you have a wheelchair, it can be transported in the hold for no additional charge. You can have up to two passengers in a wheelchair on each flight. This is subject to restrictions.

We may impose additional requirements for the carriage of hearing, mobility or guide dogs and wheelchairs.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

(a) Flight times shown on your Itinerary/Receipt could change between the date of issue or your travel date. Par Avion Airlines cannot guarantee flight times and these are not part of your contract with us.

(b) We or one of our Authorised Agents will inform you about the flight's scheduled departure time before we accept your booking. This information will be displayed on your Itinerary/ Receipt. After your Itinerary/Receipt has been issued, we may need to modify the flight's scheduled departure time. We or one of our Authorised Agents will let you know if any changes are made by providing contact information.

(c) We make significant changes to your flight departure time or cancel your booking after you have paid for it.

  • This means that your Booking cannot be used for the intended purpose.
  • We or our Authorised Agents can't book you on a flight that you haven't accepted.

We will refund your fare. We will not pay any expenses or costs you might incur due to the cancellation or changed time.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

Airlines of Tasmania Pty. Ltd

Par Avion Flight Training, a division of Airlines of Tasmania Pty. Ltd.

You can take only one piece of luggage if your flight ticket has the code "1PC". You can take two bags if your flight ticket has the code "2PC".

When Par Avion Airlines, or an Authorised Agent accepts and confirms a booking for a flight, it is considered a Booking. We or our Authorised Agent can provide written confirmation of your booking if you ask.

Par Avion Airline Policies

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