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Founted : July 6, 2020

Key People : Marco Prud’Homme (President)

About OWG Airlines

Over the past few years, there have been several types of airlines. After examining the profiles of each category, we concluded that OWG was not a LOW-COST or ULTRA-LOW COST airline. These airlines aim to reduce the complexity of air transport services. OWG believes that, regardless of what fare scheme is in place, the priority should remain to provide an exceptional experience. Our travelers must always be our top priority. OWG believes in giving you plenty of love. That's why OWG has been awarded the HIGH LOVE category. Your level of satisfaction with your experience is determined by what you see as the difference between your expectations and reality. The gap between your expectations and the reality of the experience is what defines satisfaction. OWG has a strong force: it is the force of providing a positive experience for passengers. We are a team with a fresh outlook, lots of creativity, and a thirst for knowledge. We share this energy with the whole team. This helps us to keep our eyes open to the challenges ahead and to help improve each traveler’s experience.

OWG Airlines Bookings


Please call at 877.872 , or 867.872 to make your reservations.

OWG Airline classes

The airline offers only one class of fare: Standard economy.

OWG Airlines Facilities

On select services, complimentary food and drink are offered. Your ticket includes a full meal as well as a bar service for flights between Canada & Mexico. For those who travel on airline's Cuban flights, there will be no complimentary drinks or snacks. Passengers can buy snacks and small meals at a very affordable price from an onboard bar. Onboard drinks include both non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks. OWG also offers a wide range of Hollywood movies and television shows to keep passengers entertained on the flight. For a fee of 10 Canadian dollars, you can access the wifi service to stream the latest films and TV shows. Passengers will need to pay a small fee for access.

OWG Airlines' most popular Destinations and Hubs

Montreal Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport (YUL)

Montreal Pierre Elliott Trudeau International (YUL) will be the base of the airline. YUL is the international airport in Dorval (Quebec) that serves Montreal. The airport is located 20 km (12 miles) away from Montreal. YUL is served by several international airlines, including British Airways and Sunwing Airlines, as well as Delta Air Lines and Turkish Airlines.

Toronto Pearson International Airport YYZ

OWG Airlines will have a base at Toronto Pearson International Airport YYZ. Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) is also the hub airport of Air Canada, Flair Airlines and Sunwing Airlines. Swoop and Westjet are also served by it. Toronto Pearson is the international airport with most international flights departing and arriving from this airport. There is a dedicated bus service that takes you downtown Toronto. Air France and Air Transat fly to the airport.

The popular destination are




OWG Airline Check In and Board Pass

Check-In Online

Online check in is available up to 24 hours before departure.

Check-In at the Airport

Airport check-in desks open 3 hours before scheduled departure time. Please report to the counter at the airline check in desk as soon you arrive at the airport (YYZ). The departure information board will show the exact location. If you are unsure, please refer to the map. Check-in counters will be marked with the airline logo and name. If in doubt, please ask airport staff.

OWG Airline Policies

Baggage Policy and Fees

Carry-On Baggage

Every fare-paying passenger is entitled to one piece carry-on baggage and one personal item. Maximum dimensions for carry-on baggage must not exceed 48cm by 40cm by 22cm (19x16x9") or total dimensions of 110cm (43/43") The personal items that passengers should not carry are a purse or laptop bag, a camera, and a briefcase. Any fluid/gel greater than 100ml, as well as baby milk and food, are not allowed.

Checked Baggage

The maximum size of checked baggage is 158cm (62") and the weight must be less than 23kg (52.5lbs). If it exceeds these dimensions, it may be considered overweight baggage and subject to fees. Any baggage larger than 292cm in diameter and 32kg in weight (70lbs) would not be accepted by the airline.

Refunds/Cancellations Policy

OWG will choose the story that it considers the most worthy of having the deposit refunded once a week. The winner will be able to choose between cash reimbursement and a voucher for future flights with the airline.

Pet Policy

OWG allows domestic pets such as dogs or cats to travel along with their owners. They can travel with their domestic pets inside the cabin as long as they keep in a soft-sided pet transport bag. In the cabin, pets cannot be transported in hard-sided carriers, cardboard boxes or cages.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

Can you get your plane tickets back? While the answer is yes, each airline will have a different policy on refunding airfare. There are many airlines that offer both refundable and nonrefundable airline tickets. This is something most people tend to overlook or forget.

When I check in online, will I need to print my board pass? Yes. Each boarding pass must be printed on its own piece of A4 paper. You will need to scan the pass's barcode at the airport. The page must not have tears or rips.

Nolinor Aviation is the airline

OWG, a division of Nolinor Aviation has been operating in Canada since more than 30 year with Boeing type aircraft. Mirabel's 300-strong team monitors aircraft in real time and provides maintenance.

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