Ofd Ostfriesischer-Flug-Dienst

Ofd Ostfriesischer-Flug-Dienst

About   Ofd Ostfriesischer-Flug-Dienst

In 1958, the airline was established with the goal of providing an air taxi service in the Emden region. The original name of the airline was Ostfriesische Lufttaxi. It was then rebranded to Ostfriesische Lufttaxi GmbH after local shipping companies invested. However, it wasn't the last time the airline was rebranded. The company changed its name to Ostfriesische Lufttransport GmbH and operated super-regional services under the DLT Luftverkehrsgesellschaft brand name, finally, in 2011 the airline became Ostfriesischer-Flug-Dienst GmbH (OFD), the name it still operates under. They have a fleet consisting of two types of aircraft. The GA 8 Airvan and the larger Britten Norman Islander are used by the airline. OFD operates services in North-West Germany as well as the North Sea, connecting small towns and isolated islands.

Ofd Ostfriesischer-Flug-Dienst  Reservations

Ofd Ostfriesischer-Flug-Dienst Booking Numbers

Tel.:  04921 8992-0
Fax: 04921 8992-22
Mail: info@fliegofd.de

Ofd Ostfriesischer-Flug-Dienst Classes

Because their flights are small and the aircraft aren't large enough to provide a premium seat, they only offer economy class travel. Inflight food and shopping services are not available due to the short flight times. All passengers will be given the same type of seat, which is a standard seat on these types of aircraft.

Ofd Ostfriesischer-Flug-Dienst  Facilities

Inflight entertainment is not available, such as magazines or wifi. You won't need it because flight times are so short. However, you might want to bring something to keep your mind busy for the duration of your flight.

Ofd Ostfriesischer-Flug-Dienst  Popular Destinations And Hubs

Hub Airport

Because the airline is a regional airline, it doesn't have a hub airport. It only operates to 5 airports.

OFD offers only 5 destinations in the North Sea and North-West Germany. The airline connects mainly small islands off the coasts of Germany and the Netherlands with the German mainland.

Ofd Ostfriesischer-Flug-Dienst Check-In And Boarding Pass

The airline doesn't currently offer online check-in.

At airport

You must check in at the airport if you are flying with the airline. Although the airline doesn't specify when check-in will close, domestic services should be aware that check-in closes at 45 minutes before departure. Once you have received your tickets, you will be provided with information about check-in times and boarding times.

Ofd Ostfriesischer-Flug-Dienst Policies

Baggage Policy And Fees

The airline uses small aircraft which are limited in space, so the allowance for baggage is limited. Your ticket includes baggage, but it is limited to 10 kg of luggage, which can be divided between hand and suitcases. Only 5kg is allowed for children. You can only take 5kg of luggage. If allowed, you must contact the airline to see if it is possible. Each kilogram will cost EUR2.

Pet Policy

There are no information on pet policy

Refund And Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of the flight ticket is possible free of charge for up to three days prior to departure. Cancellations made less than 24 hours prior to departure will incur 50% of the flight cost. Cancellations made within 24 hours of departure or non-compliance to check-in times and taxes will be reimbursed 50%. 100% of the flight cost will be charged. All fees and taxes not used will be refunded.


What happens to luggage destruction, loss, or damage?

Luggage loss, destruction or damage by the air carrier up to ZR 1 288 (approx. EUR 1,601.00 Checked-in luggage is exempt from liability unless it was damaged previously. Unchecked baggage is not subject to liability. The airline is only responsible for its culpable behavior.

What is the cost of a flight from Nordholz, Germany to Heligoland? 

For adults, a one-way flight from Heide/Busum airport to Heligoland costs 101 Euros. There are also tiered pricing options similar to the ones at Cuxhafen/Nordholz Airport. Children up to 11 years old can fly for 50.50 euro.

How can I travel cheaply from Borkum to Eemshaven? 

The ferry ride from Eemshaven takes only 50 minutes due to its shorter route. The ticket costs EUR24.30 for a return trip from Emden, EUR35.70 for weekends, and EUR42.60 for a multi-day ticket.

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