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Norwegian Air Shuttle

Norwegian Air Shuttle

Norwegian Air Shuttle, Fornebu, Oksenoyveien, Norway, 1330

Key People : Geir Karlsen (CEO), Svein Harald Øygard (Chairperson)


Phone : +47 21 49 00 15

Website : Norwegian Air Shuttle

Founted : 22 January 1993

About Norwegian Air Shuttles

Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA is Norway's largest low-cost airline. Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA, trading as Norwegian, is a low-cost airline from Norway. It is well-known for its distinctive livery, which consists of white and a red nose. Portraits of high achievers are displayed on the tail fins.

Norwegian's flight operations are managed by both its own subsidiary and fully-owned subsidiaries. Norwegian Air Sweden is the sole operator. Norwegian Air Norway is the only subsidiary. Each airline has a unique operator's certificate (AOC), but shares branding, corporate identities and other commercial functions with the rest.

Norwegian Air Shuttles Reservations

Norwegian Air Shuttle booking numbers

+47 2149 00 15

Norwegian Air Shuttle Classes

Norwegian Air Shuttles Facilities

Onboard snacks and beverages are available to purchase. Prices may also change without notice.
On board, we only accept credit cards.

Norwegian Air Shuttles popular Destinations and Hubs

Norwegian Air Shuttle provides services to destinations in Europe and North Africa, for both leisure and business travel. Norwegian Air Shuttle serves destinations throughout Europe and North Africa for both business and leisure markets.

The most flights are to European destinations, including those that are domestic or intra-Nordic. With 15 round-trips per day, the Oslo to Bergen route and Oslo to Trondheim route are the most popular routes in Norwegian's network. The largest Norwegian non-Scandinavian operation, London Gatwick, has up to 24 daily round trips. Because of the large traffic, Intra-Scandinavian routes are very attractive, especially those that connect Oslo, Stockholm, and Copenhagen. Other modes of transport between these cities are usually slow.

Norwegian Air Shuttle Check-in and boarding pass

Check in at select airports using our self-service kiosks. It's easy to print your boarding passes and enter your booking reference.

  • Check in your checked baggage and bring it with you to the bag drop location.
  • Once you have checked in, if you are traveling with a stroller or car seat for your infant or child, please visit our check-in desk for assistance.
  • You can visit our check-in counter if you need additional assistance or if you are unable to check into the kiosk.

When should you use our check-in counter?

If you are leaving before the departure , you must check-in at our check-in desk at least an hour before.

  • Need special assistance
  • You are using our unaccompanied minor service
  • Are you traveling with pets, musical instruments, or weapons?

Norwegian Air Shuttle Policies 

Baggage policy and Fees

Your ticket type will determine if your checked baggage is included or if you'll have to pay an extra. Special baggage (ski equipment, golf bags etc.) You cannot order checked baggage.

Checked baggage can be added to existing bookings up to 4 hours before departure. This is easy online, or you can call our Contact Centre.

  • LowFare:Aucun bagage inclus
  • LowFare+1x23 kg
  • Flex2x23kg

Find out how much it will cost by consulting our optional service fees.

Limits on size and weight

When packing for your trip, pay attention to the weight and size of your bags.

  • The bag should not weigh more than 32 kg and must not weigh less than 2kg.
  • The total weight of all checked bags must not exceed 74kg
  • Maximum dimensions for each bag are 250x79x112 cm (LxHxW). Maximum circumference 300 cm

Excess baggage

Additional baggage fees apply to checked bags weighing more than 23 kg, and small checked bags weighing less than 10kg. They are charged at 15 EUR per kilo per leg.

Pet policy

Transporting your pet in cargo costs between 80 and 99 EUR (online), 85 to 105 EUR (airport), each animal.You can transport your cat or dog in the cargo hold for the following flights.Fly to or from Svalbard for dogs only Flying within the EU and/or Schengen (Ireland exempt).

If they are well-acquainted, up to two cats and two dogs can share the same crate. They must be the same size as each other (maximum weight 14 kg for each animal). The same crate is not allowed for a cat and a dog.

These requirements must be met by your pet's pets. They should be transported in separate cages.

Only in Norway: Connecting flights

Dogs and cats can travel with their owners on Norwegian connecting flights (except to/from Svalbard).

Transfer time between flights should not exceed 1 hour, and no more than 2 hours.

Pets allowed in the cabin

Transporting your pet in the cabin costs 47-64 GBP (online), 55-75 GBP (airport), each animal.

You can take small pets or cats on cabin flights within Schengen, EU and/or EU.

You can bring up to two pets per flight. We also accept three small kittens or puppies in one container.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Protection covers you for full refunds if you can't travel due to illness.

  • Cancellation Protection cannot be purchased online if you are booking your ticket.
  • You can cancel your ticket up to 30 min before the departure time
  • Person booking becomes ill: To request a reimbursement, you'll need an original medical certificate.
  • Refunds for illness in a close relative: To obtain a refund, you'll need to present a original medical certificate as well as documentation relating to the family.
  • COVID-19-related: If you have tested positive or are in mandatory quarantine, you will need to present an original medical certification confirming the positive result.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

You must notify our agents at the airport if your baggage did not arrive on the same flight as you. You should not leave the airport until such a Property Irregularity Report (PIR) has been submitted.

We open a file to search WorldTracer, a global system that connects several hundred airlines, when we report a delayed baggage. When creating a delayed report, it is important that you provide accurate and complete information.

We will do our best to return your bag as quickly as possible. We will notify you as soon as your baggage arrives at the airport. The reference number (PIR Num. e.g. OSLDY12345 was given to you at the airport.

In case you change your location, while your baggage is delayed, please update the temporary address you provided, as well as the dates of your stay by logging into

Self-service is not available at this time. On arrival, the delayed report (PIR), must be filed.

Norwegian Air Shuttle Policies

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