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Nordic Regional Airlines

Nordic Regional Airlines, Vantaa, Öljykuja, Finland, 01530


Phone : +358 10 249 4000, 358 50 520 3344

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Founted : 2011

Key People : Janne Tarvainen, Managing Director

About Nordic Regional Airlines

Nordic Regional Airlines is also known as 'Norra'. It is a Finnish airline. It is a subsidiary Finnair that flies scheduled passenger flights. It occasionally flies Finnair flights, sometimes using Finnair branding and livery. Other times it operates its own branding and livery. Nordic Regional Airlines (HEL) is based at Helsinki Airport. It offers regional flights to over 40 destinations in Europe.

Norra launched flights as Flybe Nordic in 2011, under the name of "Flybe Nordic". At first, flybe and Finnair were both part owners of Norra. Flybe Nordic became a Nordic Regional Airlines in 2015 after Finnair acquired full ownership.

Nordic Regional Airlines Reservations

Nordic Regional Airlines Booking Numbers

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Nordic Regional Airlines Classes

Economy Class

Nordic Regional Airlines has two cabin types that it flies with: Economy Class and Business Class. This is the less luxurious of the two, but it offers fewer benefits. It's still a comfortable way of flying at a great price, and has a friendly cabin to help you with any questions throughout your flight.

Business Class

Business Class cabins offer extra comfort and special services. The airline's Business Class crew is dedicated to making your flight as comfortable and relaxing as possible.

Nordic Regional Airlines Facilities

All passengers receive a complimentary copy of the airline’s in-flight magazine. Business Class passengers also get newspapers.

Economy Class passengers receive complimentary coffee, tea, and juice during the flight. You can purchase meals, snacks, and other beverages. There are a variety of sweet and savoury options as well as alcoholic or soft drinks.

Business Class passengers receive complimentary Business Class high quality meals inspired by Nordic cuisine. These meals are served with complimentary beverages of your choice. You can also enjoy complimentary drinks on the flight.

Nordic Regional Airlines Popular Destinations And Hubs

Hub Airport

Helsinki Airport

Helsinki Airport (HEL), an international airport located in Helsinki, Finland, is the hub airport for Norra. Since its inception as Flybe Nordic, the airline has been based in Helsinki Airport. It flew its first flight there back at 2011 and is still a regular visitor to Helsinki Airport. There are three runways at the airport and two terminal buildings. Terminal 2 is where Norra flys.

Norra has flights to over 40 European destinations, including Kemi and Kuopio, Kuusamo and Oulu.

Nordic Regional Airlines Check-In And Boarding Pass

Online check-in is possible through the Finnair online checking-in page. Check-in online opens 36 hours prior to the scheduled flight departure time. To check in, passengers must have their last name and the booking reference number or their e-ticket numbers.


Passengers can check in for their flight at their airport departure point by visiting an airline check-in agent with their travel documents. All Norra flights have an airport check-in closing time of 45 minutes prior to scheduled flight departure.

Nordic Regional Airlines Policies

Baggage Policy And Fees

Baggage allowances can vary depending on what cabin class they choose and which route they are flying.


Economy Class passengers get a complimentary allowance of one carry on bag that can carry a maximum of 8kg. This bag must measure 55 cm x 40cmx23 cm (22' x 16' x 9")

Business Class passengers get a complimentary allowance for two carry-on bags, each with a maximum weight limit of 10 kg. Each bag must measure 55 cm x 40cmx23 cm (22"x16'x9")

Each passenger can also bring one small personal item to board, as long it does not exceed the dimensions of 40cm x 30cmx15cm (16cm x 12cm x 6") It can be small bags, laptop bags, and backpacks.

Economy Flex customers do not receive a complimentary checked baggage allowance.

Passengers that have bought any Economy fare receive a complimentary allowance for one bag, up to 23kg in weight. The bag must measure 158cm (62") total.

Business Class Passengers are eligible for a free allowance of 2 checked bags. Each bag must weigh no more than 32kg. The bags must measure 158cm (62") total.

Pet Policy

We can offer you this option if you wish to travel with your pet, such as a cat or dog, ferret, or other small animal. The pet's weight and dimensions will determine the place you travel in the cabin or the cargo hold.

We can only accept a small number of pets for your comfort and the comfort of our passengers. Please make a reservation as soon as you are able by calling Nordica customer service.

Refund And Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

Nordic Regional Airline allows passengers to cancel flights online with no hassles. You can also request a refund online by filling out the form on the Nordic Regional Airline website. Only eligible Nordic Regional Airline flight tickets can be refunded if they are cancelled within the current time frame. Nordic Regional Airline will not issue a refund after the expiry of the ticket. Refund requests from Nordic Regional Airline can take up to 7-10 working days to process and may not be granted immediately. The Nordic Regional Airline provides compensation for passengers who are forced to cancel their flights due to unavoidable circumstances. You can cancel your flight easily and receive a refund from Nordic Regional Airline.

Cancellation Fees

Nordic Regional Airline has also established a cancellation fee that applies to international and domestic flights. The following instructions will help you to learn more about the cancellation fee charged by Nordic Regional Airline for international flights.

If you cancel your ticket after the risk-free cancellation period of 24 hours, a cancellation fee of $100 to $500 will be charged by Nordic Regional Airline. Nordic Regional Airline will charge a $100-$400 cancellation fee if you cancel your flight within 24 hours of the departure. After cancelling your flight ticket, you can also file a cancellation request.

Contact Nordic Regional Airline cancellation numbers for more information. They are always available to help passengers. The helpline number can be dialled to get information about cancelling your flight and requesting a refund.

Sometimes, plans change and you have to cancel a Nordic Regional Airline plane that you've been waiting for for months. You've probably been in a situation where you had to cancel a Nordic Regional Airline Flight. It can be costly and complex.

Nordic Regional Airline is a great place to cancel if you have booked your flight and are unable to cancel. Find all information about the cancellation policy of Nordic Regional Airline and which policies are applicable to your situation.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

It depends on the fare type and whether you booked a refundable Nordic Regional Airline tickets.

All customers have 24 hours to cancel their Nordic Regional Airline reservation, regardless of the fare, within 24 hours.

You will need to pay $200-$500 depending upon the distance, type and length of the flight. You will receive the remaining fare as an eCredit that you can use for future Nordic Regional Airline flights.

Nordic Regional Airlines Policies

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