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Phone : +202 269 680 00

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Founted : 2006

Key People : Mohamed Sadek (ceo)

About Nile Air

Nile Air, also known as lnylllTyrn in Arabic, is an Egyptian airline that operates scheduled flights to destinations throughout Egypt, the Middle East, Africa, the Persian Gulf and Southern Europe. Nile Air is Egypt's second largest private airline, after Egyptair. It is a full-service airline that offers business and economy classes services. The fleet includes Airbus A320-200s and Airbus A321-200s. The airline also operates from Cairo International Airport.

Nile Air Reservations

To make reservations with Nile Air, visit our website You can also book directly through direct Nile Air website Or call our toll-free number 888-220-0490. Click below to find out more about Nile Air Reservations or Flights Tickets.

Nile Air Classes

Economy Class: Economy class offers comfortable seating, excellent hospitality, and passengers have the option to purchase meals and drinks at reasonable rates. Economy Class passengers receive premium-quality services and hospitality at reasonable rates.

Business Class: Business Class passengers enjoy great in-flight entertainment, comfortable leather seats and complimentary access to VIP Nile Air airport lounges. They also get delicious complimentary meals and beverages during their flight.

Nile Air - Popular Destinations & Hubs

Nile Air, an Egyptian airline, is the hub of the Cairo International Airport. This is the main international airport in Cairo. The secondary hub for the airlines is the Borg El Arab Airport in Alexandria, a coastal city. This regional airline offers international flights to Saudi Arabia and other countries such as Iran, Turkey, Sudanese, Kuwait, Kuwait, Turkey, Sudan, Kuwait, and Indonesia. Nile Air offers good connectivity throughout the region, and can also provide flights to more than 20 destinations.

Nile Air Check-In and Boarding Pass

Nile Air Web Check In

Nile Air allows passengers to do a Web Check-in prior to departure within 24 hours. The simple process of Nile Air allows you to print your boarding card and e-ticket. You can locate your flight itinerary by using your Nile Air ticket, confirmation number, and name (which will be on your eticket), or your Nile Air frequent traveler number. Online Nile Air check-in via the web is the fastest and easiest way to check in for your Nile Air flight.

Nile Air Boarding Pass.

Passengers on Nile Air can print their boarding passes using their PNR Number. To print your boarding passes with Nile Air, there are only four steps. Visit the official website to print your eticket and complete your web check-in. You can call Nile Air customer service at +202 269 680 80 00 and ask them to email your boarding pass to your registered email address. Nile Air has both an android and an apple mobile app that allows you to print your boarding pass and book your Nile Air flight. You can use the kiosk airport Nile Air app to access your Nile Air flight schedule if you arrive at the airport without your Nile Air flights tickets boarding pass.

Nile Air Policies

Baggage Policy and Fees

Nile Air passengers can bring one piece of cabin baggage and one personal item onboard, including a briefcase or camera bag. You can fit your carry-on baggage into the overhead bins of Nile Air or under the seat in front.

The combined dimensions of carry-on baggage must not exceed 114 cm in width, length, and height. This includes wheels and handles.

Pet policy

Pets such as cats, dogs and birds of the household (birds are not allowed on domestic Egypt flights), can be brought onboard for $125 each way. Travel outside Egypt is subject to a $200 fee.

Pets must be placed in a carrier box which fits under the front seat. This carrier is considered one piece of Nile Air carry on luggage.

Refund Policy and Cancellation Policy  

Nile Air's 24-hour cancellation policy allows passengers to cancel any flight they have booked with Nile Air within 24 hour of purchase. If the booking was made more than a week before the flight departure, Nile Air will refund your entire ticket cost. Nile Air reserves the right to cancel any Nile Air flight within 24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

Yes. Fees may apply. These fees are determined by your type of fare, destination, whether you are an active Egypt military personnel or dependent, and if there is status with Nile Air's frequent flyer program, status at an affiliated carrier, status with a Nile Air credit/charge card.

Yes, you can web-check in for your Nile Air flight within 24 hours of departure. It is easy to do Nile Air online check-in.

  • Online check-in (Web check-in)
  • Check-in with Nile Air Mobile
  • Check-in at the airport with Nile Air Counter
  • Check-in at the airport's kiosk
  • Contact Nile Air customer service at +202 269 680 80 00.

Check-in opens 24 hours prior to your flight departure. There may be different requirements depending on the departure airport and destination for Nile Air check in, baggage check, and boarding. Get more information and assistance on how to start your Nile Air flight check in on

You will need to pay $200-$500 depending upon the distance, type and length of your flight. You will receive the remaining fare as an eCredit that can be used for future Nile Air flights.

You can check whether a Nile Air ticket has a refundable clause by visiting Enter the ticket number or the document number to see the Nile Air refund eligibility and information. A traveler can cancel the itinerary even if the ticket cannot be refunded.

Nile Air Policies

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