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Founted : 2004

Key People : Alhaji Muneer Bankole

About Med-View Airline

Med-View Airline, a Nigerian airline, is based in Lagos. It primarily offers domestic flights but also flies internationally. It flies to over 15 destinations in Africa and parts of the Middle East.

Murtala Muhammed international Airport is where the airline's headquarters are located. It was established in 2007. The airline initially operated only charter flights. It primarily flew to Saudia Arabia for Hajj. In November 2012, the airline began regular domestic flight operations using a fleet of Boeing 737-series aircraft. The airline then began to expand its route network and eventually started international flights to destinations in Africa, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE.

Med-View Airline aims to bring Nigerians an air service that combines the best of well-respected carriers, top-quality safety and quality on-board and on-board services with the most modern technology and operational efficiency of the new-age carriers.

Med-View Airline  Reservations

Med-View Airline Booking Numbers

+44(0)1293 804 777; 1293 804 653;

Med-View Airline Classes

Two cabin types are offered by Med-View Airline: Economy and Business. Business Class passengers have access to extra legroom and 5-star services, while Economy Class passengers get complimentary snacks and beverages.

Med-View Airline  Facilities

All flights offer complimentary food and drinks to passengers, regardless of their cabin class or ticket fare.

Med-View Airline  Popular Destinations And Hubs


  Murtala Muhammed International Airport

Med-View Airline primarily flies to Africa. Most of its flights fly to and from Nigeria. The airline offers flights to Abuja and other destinations such as Enugu, Jeddah. Kano, Enugu. Jeddah. Kano, Lagos. London. Maiduguri. Port Harcourt. Yola. ;

Med-View Airline Check-In And Boarding Pass

Check in for your flight Check your airline's website at least 24 hours before your flight. To check in, use the confirmation number from your online account . You can also view your seats and confirm your seating preferences if allowed by the airline.

Med-View Airline Policies

Baggage Policy And Fees


No matter if they fly in Business Class or Economy Class, all passengers are entitled to a 7-kg carry-on allowance. The 7kg allowance can only be used for one bag per passenger and must not exceed 40 cm (15.7") x35 cm (13.8")x18 cm (7")).

Passengers may bring a small personal item, including a bag, laptop, backpack, or handbag, in addition to their 7kg allowance for carry-on baggage. The item must be small enough that it can be stored under the seat.

Depending on whether the passenger is flying Economy Class or Business Class, the allowance for checked baggage will be different.

Economy Class passengers receive a 23kg free checked baggage allowance

Business Class passengers receive a 32-kg free checked baggage allowance

Pet Policy

Med-View Airline allows pets to fly as checked baggage on certain flights provided that the pet's combined weight is not more than 50 lbs (23kg). Contact customer service for more details.

Refund And Cancellation Policy

It's never easy to experience flight delays. It can cause stress, confusion, and long waiting times at the airport.

Med View Airlines generally offers flight delay compensation if you depart from an EU airport and are delayed for more than 3 hours. You can receive compensation up to EUR600 depending on the duration of the delay or the distance covered.

You also have the right to free food, beverages, and, in longer delays, a hotel bed. There are also free transfers from and to the airport.

Not all Med View Airlines flight delays can be eligible for compensation. A notable exception is the exceptional circumstances. These include bad weather, as well as security, health, and safety threats, as well as strikes by airport personnel and political unrest. Med View Airlines may have to cancel a flight in these situations to ensure safety for its passengers.


What are the details of the flight?

Flight Details, also known by In-Flight Services or Flight Service, returns scheduled flight data, including departure, destination, arrival, flight time and travel time.

What is economy non-flexi?

Economy flex tickets are refundable, while economy non-flexi tickets are non-refundable. Both can be changed with a penalty for no-shows and a fare difference fee. Need assistance with booking?

Who owns Med View Airline and why?

Board of Directors

Abdul Moshen Rahman Al-Thunayan Chairman

Medview Airline Plc

Edmund Abayomi Jones, Non-Executive Director

Medview Airline Plc

Babatunde O. Ajisomo Non-Executive Director

Medview Airline Plc

Fatimah Ummi Idris Non-Executive Director

Kwadani Farms Ltd., Tabwa Farm Ltd., Medview Airline Plc

Med-View Airline Policies

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