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Air Macau

Air Macau, Macau, China, 999078

Key People : Zhao Xiaohang


Founded : 13 September 1994; 28 years ago

Air Macau

About Macau Airlines

Air Macau Company Limited (Chinese : Ao Men Hang Kong Gu Fen You Xian Gong Si) is the flag carrier for Macau. It operates 24 destinations in Mainland China, South Korea, Thailand, and from the Macau International Airport. Taiwan, Vietnam, South Korea. Air Macau hosted 2.12 million passengers in 2014. The average load factor was 68.20%. It also transported 15,900 tonnes of mail and cargo.

Macau Airlines Classes

  • Economy Class
  • Air Macau's Economy Class is the most basic cabin type and offers a comfortable, simple journey.
  • Economy Class Facilities
  • Passengers have the option to enjoy a warm meal aboard, with a selection of menus available. You can also enjoy cold and hot beverages on board.
  • Economy Class Seating
  • Economy Class seats are laid out in a 3-by-3 configuration. All Economy Class seats can be reclined and the seat pitch varies depending on which aircraft is used.
  • Business Class
  • Business Class passengers get a little more comfort.
  • Business Class Facilities
  • Passengers have the option to enjoy a delicious meal and stretch their legs by having extra legroom.
  • Business Class Seating
  • Business class seats are laid out in a 2-by-2 configuration. For more comfort, the seats can be adjusted with three settings and include a leg elevator. Based on the aircraft used, Business Class seats can be as long as 43 inches.

Macau Airlines Facilities

  • In-Flight Entertainment
  • Air Macau flights do not have an in-flight entertainment system. Passenger will be provided with a copy of the magazine in-flight to help them read on the flight.
  • WIFI
  • Air Macau flights do not have WIFI.
  • Food
  • On longer flights, passengers are offered hot meals and the chance to choose from a variety of snacks on shorter flights.

Macau Airlines Popular Destinations and Hub

  • Domestic Destinations
  • Beijing Beijing Capital International Airport PEK
  • Changsha Changsha Huanghua International Airport CSX
  • Changzhou Changzhou Benniu Airport CZX
  • Chengdu Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport CTU
  • Chongqing Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport CKG
  • Hangzhou Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport HGH
  • International Destinations
  • Japan Fukuoka Fukuoka Airport FUK
  • Osaka Kansai International Airport (KIX)
  • Tokyo Narita International Airport NRT
  • Macau Macau Macau International Airport MFM
  • Philippines Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport MNL
  • Singapore Singapore Singapore Changi Airport SIN
  • South Korea Seoul Incheon International Airport

Macau Airlines Check in and Boarding Pass

  • Online Check-in
  • On the Air Macau website, you can check-in online. Online check-in is possible by entering the name and details of the flight, as well as the required travel documents. Two hours prior to the scheduled flight departure, online check-in closes.
  • Check-in at the Airport
  • Check-in at the airport is also available by Air Macau. Check-in should be done at least two hours before departure. If you are flying from one of the following airports, the check-in counter at the airport will close 40 minutes prior to scheduled departure time.
  • Beijing Airport Check-in Counter will Close 60 Minutes Before Scheduled Departure Time
  • The Pudong Airport check in counter will close at 50 minutes before the scheduled departure time.
  • Check-in at Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport will close 45 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time.
  • Check-in at Chongqing Jiangbei Airport will close 45 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time.

Macau Airlines Policies

Baggage Policy and Fees

  • One piece of carry-on baggage is allowed per passenger with a maximum weight limit of 7 kg (15.4 lb). The dimensions of the baggage must be 56 cm x 36cm x 23cm (22"x14.1"x9").
  • Passengers may also bring along a small bag, backpack, or briefcase to keep their personal items safe.
  • Economy Class passengers are entitled to one piece of checked baggage free of charge, up to a maximum weight limit of 20 kg.
  • Passengers flying in Business Class get one piece of checked baggage free of charge, up to a maximum weight limit of 30kg.
  • Children under 10 kg are eligible for one free item of checked baggage, regardless of cabin class.
  • Each checked bag must not exceed 158cm (62") in total (height + width + height).

Pet Policies

Macau International Airport is the entry point for pets. They can be brought in cabin, checked in baggage or as air cargo. All pets must be clean of any evidence of diseases that could spread to humans upon entry.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

Air Macau's 24-hour cancellation policy allows passengers to cancel any flight within 24 hours. If the booking is made more than a week before the departure date, Air Macau will refund your entire ticket cost.

Macau Airlines Customer Care Numbers

Macao +853 8396 5555 Block D, G/F, Tower 2, Tai Fung Plaza, No. 6-16 Berlin

Street, Macau

(Service hours of reservation hotline: 9am-6pm every day

(Expires in 365 days) Time of service for ticketing department

Mon-Sat 9am-6pm (closed holidays)

Xiamen +86 592 211 1801 Room 26D, International Bank Building, No. 8 Lujiang

Road, Siming District in Xiamen

Nanning +86 0771 210 3195 14th Floor, Building B, Nanning Hotel, No. 38 Minsheng

Road, Nanning Guangxi

Jieyang Chaoshan +86 754 8277 1447 Room 401, East Ladder, Design Building, Rongjiang

Road, Longhu District, Shantou City, Guangdong


Zhuhai +86 756 887 1855


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