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Founted : 6 January 1953; 69 years

Key People : Carsten Spohr, (Chairman & CEO)

About Lufthansa Airlines

Deutsche Lufthansa AG (German pronunciation: [ˌdɔʏtʃə ˈlʊfthanzaː]), commonly abbreviated as Lufthansa, is the airline of Germany and the country's largest airline. Together with its subsidiaries, it is the second largest airline in Europe in terms of passengers carried. Lufthansa is one of the five founding members of the Star Alliance, the world's largest airline alliance, formed in 1997. In addition to its own services and ownership of the airlines by subsidiary passengers Austrian  Airlines , Swiss International Air Lines, Brussels Airlines and Eurowings (referred to  as the Passenger Airline Group by Lufthansa), as part of the Lufthansa Group, Deutsche Lufthansa AG owns several aviation-related companies such as Lufthansa Technik and LSG Sky Chefs.The group has a total of more than 700 aircraft, making it one of the largest airline fleets in the world.Lufthansa's headquarters and corporate headquarters are in Cologne. The main hub, called the Lufthansa Aviation Hub, is located at Lufthansa's main hub at Frankfurt Airport and its secondary hub  at Munich Airport, where it is located. maintains a secondary flight operations center.The company was founded in 1953 as Luftag  by employees of the former Deutsche Luft Hansa, which was politically linked to the Nazi German government  and was dissolved after World War II. Luftag carried on the traditional brand of the German airline by adopting the name Luft Hansa. and logo.

Lufthansa Airlines Reservations

Lufthansa Airline booking numbers

Many of our tariffs and tickets can still be rebooked on short, medium and long-haul routes. For some existing reservations, the  conditions of the normal rate apply from  June 1, 2022; previous goodwill agreements expire. For you as a customer with unused tickets, Lufthansa Group Airlines offers another alternative if you still do not  want to or cannot set a new travel date.

Lufthansa Airline Classes

These are the classes:

  • Economy
  • Economy plus
  • Business
  • First

Lufthansa Airlines Facilities

Lufthansa Inflight Entertainment guarantees the best entertainment on board. The latest blockbusters, classics from cinema history, music and games guarantee an interesting and entertaining flight. Lean back and enjoy Lufthansa's entertainment program. Enjoy your favorite movie on board while you are still at home. Check out our new online  inflight entertainment guide for exciting previews, articles and information on our current entertainment programme.

Lufthansa Airlines popular Destinations and Hubs

Deutsche Lufthansa, headquartered in Cologne,  is one of the largest airlines in the world. It has two main hubs at Frankfurt and Munich airports, as well as smaller regional hubs in Düsseldorf, Hamburg and Cologne.

Lufthansa Airline Check-in and boarding pass

For flights of all other airlines not listed here and for so-called codeshare flights, you cannot check in via Lufthansa online or mobile check-in, i. H. for flights operated, you cannot check in via Lufthansa online or mobile check-in from another airline, but booked on a Lufthansa flight number. You can recognize codeshare flights with a Lufthansa flight number by the identifier “operated by” in your booking confirmation. For these flights, you can only check in  directly with the  operating airline  on their website. Log in with your ticket number or your Eurowings reservation code  if you want to board a Eurowings-operated flight.

Lufthansa Airline Policies

Baggage policy and Fees

You will be charged an excess baggage allowance if your checked baggage is equal to the allowance but exceeds the  weight and/or dimensions allowance, or if the number of checked baggage pieces  exceeds the baggage allowance. On certain routes, as an Economy Class passenger, you  benefit from discounted flat rates for the second  checked bag (up to 23 kg/up to 158 cm). If you are traveling on another airline,  contact the operating airline directly for  information about your excess baggage  charges

Pet policy

Depending on the type of animal, its weight and size, as well as the regulations in force in different countries, transport is possible  either as additional hand luggage in the passenger cabin or as excess luggage in the air-conditioned hold of the aircraft. Lufthansa Cargo also offers the transport of the above animals and other animal species as air freight. Special rules apply to assistance dogs. Please note that due to local conditions and restrictions,   transport of large animals in the  hold is not available to certain destinations.For more information, please contact our Service Center.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

Travel plans are often subject to change without notice. With the online refund option, Lufthansa flight reservations can be canceled and refunded online up to 24 hours before departure. The refund of the fare depends on the fare conditions.


1. Which airports does Lufthansa fly to?

Lufthansa currently has operations to Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York (EWR and JFK), Orlando, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington, from Frankfurt.

 2. How much does Lufthansa charge for cancellation?

Lufthansa Cancellation Fee

The traveler must pay a $39 cancellation fee to get a refund, and the airline charges a $50 cancellation cost for award tickets. 

3. Can you take pets on Lufthansa?

Only smaller dogs and cats which weigh no more than 8 kg, including their transport container, may be transported under certain conditions as additional carry-on baggage in the passenger cabin (PETC). 

Lufthansa Policies

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