Loganair Airlines

Loganair Airlines

Loganair Airlines, Paisley, Scotland, uk, PA3 2TG


Phone : +44 141 848 7594, +44 141 642 9407

Website : Loganair Airlines

Founted : 1 February 1962

Key People : Airline Investments Limited (AIL)

Loganair Airlines

Loganair - A Scottish airline that is primarily located at Glasgow Airport, near Paisley in Scotland. By passenger numbers and fleet size, it is the largest UK nearby airline. Its main base is in Glasgow. However, it also has hubs in Inverness (Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Inverness) and Newcastle (Nearland). This allows it to transport passengers, mail, and shipment on any plane that has 20 or more seats.

Loganair airlines Reservations

Loganair airline booking numbers

Loganair airline online reservations are available 24/7. If you require any additional assistance, you can contact the customer service desk for better offers or discounts

Loganair Air Airline Classes

Each flight is divided into four classes: 1: Economy.

2: Premium economy.

3: Business

4: First.

Loganair Airlines Facilities

All of our prices include a free preserve bags allowance, 6kg bags, assigned seating and complimentary drinks. But, make sure to test all versions before you book.

Loganair Airlines' Popular Destinations and Hubs

Loganair has four important hubs: Inverness (Aberdeen), Inverness (Inverness), and Newcastle (Neeresk).

Loganair Airline Check In and Boarding Pass

Check-in opens at 1 hour before departure for flights departing Scotland Highlands and Islands. Check-in closes at 45 minutes before departure for other UK domestic departures & Donegal. Check-in open 2 hours before departure. Check-in closings at 30 minutes before departure. Check-in closed 1hr before departure. Have your bags scanned. Keep everything you need on the flight. Check-in at your airline's counter to obtain your boarding passes.

Loganair Airline Policies

Baggage policy, Fees

You should not carry more than 25kg in your luggage, regardless of whether you purchased extra baggage or fare. Additional charges for additional baggage may apply.

Pet Policy

The pet will always be inside the hold with the exception of a help dog. For puppies to travel, they should be at least 12 weeks of age. As observed luggage, puppies and cats can be taken. The puppy can be checked-in on the passenger terminal.

Refunds and Cancellation Policy

Loganair airlines fare is non refundable. Refunds may be made if the airline cancels it.



Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)


In general, when Loganair cancels a flight, they will attempt to rebook passengers immediately onto another flight without additional cost. If the alternative flight is not suitable for you or you don't wish to travel on that route, you can request additional changes.


It may take some time for the Loganair refund request to be processed. However, it can be granted within 7-10 working days. Loganair provides compensation for passengers who are forced to cancel their Loganair flight due to unavoidable circumstances.

This can be done via our website's "manage my book" function or by calling our Customer Contact Centre at 0344 800 2855. You can also cancel your flight and receive a full refund, including any additional Loganair flights included in your booking.

Loganair Airlines Policies

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