Libyan Airlines

Libyan Airlines

Libyan Airlines, Tripoli, Omar Mukhtar, Libya, 2555


Phone : +265 244 060 0322, +265 244 060 0325

Website : Libyan Airlines

Founted : September 1964

Key People : Mr Edgardo Badiali

About Libyan Airlines

Libyan Airlines was established in 1964. It is the flag carrier for Libya. It was previously known as Libyan Arab Airlines, but they changed their name to the current one in 2006. It is based out of Tripoli but offers services to Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East.

Libyan Airlines is a member both of the Arab Air Carriers Organisation (AAO) and the International Air Transport Association, IATA.

Libyan Airlines Reservations

Libyan Airlines Booking Numbers

002 1821 3346 101

Libyan Airlines Classes


The airline offers two types of cabins: Economy Class and Business Class. Economy Class is an affordable service that offers great value and simplicity on all flights. 

Hot meals are available on select flights. You can order food or drinks on all flights.

There is no entertainment system aboard the plane. Passengers may receive a complimentary in-flight magazine.

Economy Class cabins offer large, spacious seats.


Select flights offer Business Class, which is a more luxurious experience with more comfort and space for passengers. 

Libyan Airlines Destinations And Hubs

List Of Libyan Airlines Destinations

  • Egypt
  • Alexandria HBE
  • Libya
  • Benghazi BEN Misurata MRA Tripoli MJI
  • Niger
  • Niamey NIM
  • Tunisia
  • Sfax SFA Tunis TUN
  • Turkey
  • Istanbul IST

Libyan Airlines Check-In And Boarding Pass

Check In Online

Online check-in is not yet available for Libyan Airlines flights.

Airport Checking

Libyan Airlines requires passengers to check in for their flights at the airport. Check-in opens at least two hours before departure and closes 30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time.

Libyan Airlines Policies

Bagagge Policy

One carry-on bag is allowed by Libyan Airlines. This bag must be no larger than 23x40x55cm in dimensions and weigh no more than 8kg. This is applicable to passengers flying in economy and business class. Libyan Airlines offers cabin baggage at no charge.

The type of flight purchased determines the cost of checked baggage for Libyan Airlines. For information on baggage fees and permitted dimensions, check your ticket. 

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

Online check-in is not yet available for Libyan Airlines flights. Libyan Airlines requires passengers to check in at the airport for their flights. Check-in opens at least two hours before departure and closes 30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time.

Civil sanctions against Libya were lifted in 2006. The logo of Libyan Arab Airlines was still used. This was in response to Libya's handing over of two suspects in the Lockerbie bombing.


"Libyan Airlines increases its fleet with the first Airbus A330." Libya Herald. Archived from the original version on 15 August 2013. "Libyan Airlines Receives 1st Airbus A330 Long-Haul Carrier"


Libyan Airlines Policies

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