LATAM Peru, Lima,, Avenida José Pardo, Peru, 5420-1000.


Phone : 866-435-9526

Website : LATAM Peru

Founted : July 1998

Key People : Manuel Van Oordt (CEO)

About LATAM Peru

The airline LATAM Airlines Per (formerly LAN Per S.A.) is based in Lima, Peru. It is a division of the LATAM Airlines Group, which holds a 49% stake in the airline. It runs regularly scheduled domestic and foreign services. International Airport Jorge Chavez serves as its principal hub. LATAM Per, which has 73.4% of the domestic market, is Peru's leading airline.

LAN Entrepreneurs Mr. Boris Hirmas Rubio, Lorenzo Sousa Debarbieri, Cristian Said, and Dr. Javier Rodriguez Larrain founded LAN-Chile in Lima, Peru, in July of 1998. Domestic flights to Cusco and Arequipa started operating on July 2, 1999, out of Jorge Chavez International Airport. After the demise of Aeroper, Faucett Per, and other national carriers in Peru, it was launched, marking the return of a significant national carrier. 

On November 15, 1999, an additional international flight to Miami was introduced.


There can be a maximum of 9 passengers on one reservation, which is considered an individual reservation. The term "group reservations" refers to bookings involving 10 or more passengers. An itinerary and booking class must match for every passenger listed in a record.

LATAM requires the following components on every reservation:

names of passengers

aspects of air travel

Contact information for all our flights, including phone numbers from the point of departure and the point of arrival by email (PCTC)

(FOID and/or DOCS) Passenger identification

Review the factors.

According to fare, there is a time limit for issuing.

Information for frequent travellers

Only tickets that have been issued may have a seat reserved. Once the tickets are issued, the agent must offer the seat assignment if the fare regulations permit it. The seat assignment should be done at the same time as reissuing a ticket.


On your seat, you will receive high-quality, freshly prepared meals, and you may even request fresh water. You must make reservations in advance if you need special meals to satisfy any social, dietary, religious, or medical concerns, in order to avoid future issues. Fresh hot and cold beverages are also available on board.

first-class business class

You can obtain more amenities and greater relaxation in this class. The prices are on the expensive side.

superior economy

For individuals who prefer to travel in both economy and first class, this is the ideal choice. More comfort and amenities are available at this location.

Destination And Hubs 

The largest network in Latin America is operated by LATAM Airlines, which flies to over 140 destinations across 25 nations, including, but not limited to, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, Uruguay, and Paraguay. The network is constantly growing as more links and improved connectivity are added.

The primary hubs of LATAM are Comodoro Arturo Merino Bentez International Airport in Santiago de Chile, Jorge Chavez International Airport in Lima, So Paulo-Guarulhos International Airport, and El Dorado International Airport in Bogotá.

Check -In And Boarding Pass 

All customers travelling on LATAM Airlines internal flights inside Brazil, as well as flights operated by LATAM Airlines Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, or Peru, have the option to check in online.

Your LATAM Airlines flight can be checked in right away. The following rules apply to check-in times prior to flight departure:

LATAM Airlines Ecuador, Chile, and Argentina provide service between 48 and two hours.

LATAM Airlines Paraguay and Brazil offer flights that last 72 to two hours.

Brazilian airport regulations state that your web check-in may be revoked if: You fail to show up at the boarding gate 40 minutes before to the departure of your flight with your boarding pass (printed during web check-in).

You failed to print your boarding card at home or at least 40 minutes before to the departure of your flight at any check-in desk at an airport operated by LATAM Airlines.

When asked for identification, you must show a legal photo ID.

Your web check-in may be cancelled.

Baggage And Refund Policies 

Size and weight restrictions: 23 kilogrammes is the maximum weight for checked baggage (51 lb). In the hold, luggage cannot exceed 158 cm linear in total (length + breadth + height). (62,2 in). The weight and size restrictions for checked baggage must be met separately.

When you reserve tickets from the US, a 24-hour policy can be in effect. The United States supports a 24 hour cancellation policy, according to the Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC).

Contact LATAM Airlines Peru at +51 1 213 8200 for more information regarding the airline's cancellation policy. Customer service representatives are available 24/7 to help customers. By calling the helpline number +51 1 213 8200, you can also learn how to cancel your flight or get a refund.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

That entirely depends on the type of fare you have purchased and whether you have a LATAM Airlines Peru refundable ticket.

In the event that LATAM Airlines Peru is at fault for the delay and either: the substitute flight causes a 2-hour or longer delay in your arrival, you are legally entitled to compensation. Your LATAM Airlines Peru flight was postponed with fewer than 14 days to go.

LATAM Peru Policies

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