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LATAM Ecuador

LATAM Ecuador

LATAM Ecuador, Quito, Guayaquil, Ecuado, 06600

Key People : Daniel Leng (CEO)


Phone : +593 2 399 2601

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Founted : July 2002

About LATAM Ecuador

LATAM Ecuador, previously known as LAN Ecuador, is a subsidiary to LATAM airlines. It is located in Guayaquil in Ecuador. LATAM Peru, and LATAM Argentina are other subsidiaries of LATAM Airlines. The airline was founded in July 2002, and it began operations on 28 April 2003. LATAM Airlines Ecuador was approved to start domestic operations in 2008. These were launched with an Airbus A318 aircraft in March 2009.

LATAM Ecuador has codeshare agreements to American Airlines, and Iberia.

LATAM Ecuador Reservations

LATAM Ecuador Booking Numbers

1800 000 527 

LATAM Ecuador Classes

Economy Class

Long-haul passengers have the option to make use of the inflight entertainment system, which includes a personal TV at the back of their seats.

The seats are comfortable with padded headrests, recline, and ample legroom.

Premium Economy

Premium Economy provides extra space in a separate area of the cabin. Premium Economy is only available for domestic/short-haul flight on all Airbus A319 and Airbus A320 flights.

Premium Economy passengers receive an increase in baggage allowance, priority checkin, boarding disembarkation, and baggage collection as well as access LATAM's airport lounge.

Premium Economy passengers have the option to enjoy a personal television screen and charge their electronic devices with the charging ports located at each seat.

Premium Economy seats can be found at the front of an aircraft. Each block has three seats. The middle seat can be used as a tablespace or left empty.

Business Class

Business Class passengers have access to the airport lounges, which offer priority boarding, check in, and baggage collection.

Each passenger can have a 15.4-inch screen at their back, which is fitted to each seat.

The airline's inflight menu is created by some of South America’s best s chefs. Passengers have the option to order hot meals or unlimited alcoholic/soft beverages.

LATAM's Business Class seating is fully reclineable and can be transformed into flat beds. Every seat comes with touch control that can adjust the position of your head, back, and foot.

Business Class seats come with granite cocktail tables, a personal workspace and a private space.

LATAM Ecuador Destinations And Hubs

LATAM Ecuador offers flights to the following destinations: 

  • Baltra Island;
  • Cuenca, 
  • Guayaquil.
  • Quito, 
  • San Cristobel Island (Ecuador); 
  • Lima,
  • Peru;
  • Madrid (Spain); 
  • Miami (New York City) (United States);
  • Santiago de Chile(Chile). 

LATAM Ecuador Facilities

In-Flight Entertainment

Long-haul passengers have the option to make use of the inflight entertainment system, which includes a personal TV at the back of their seats.


All our meals include a wide variety of drinks, including juices, soft drinks, Premium coffee, tea, and herbal tea, complemented with an excellent array of wines and spirits as of noon.

LATAM Ecuador Check-In

Online Check In

Online check-in is possible for passengers between 48 hours to 75 minutes before departure. 

Airport Check-In

If you haven't checked in online, you must do so at your airport. Check in at the LATAM Airlines checkin desk early to ensure a quick check-in. 

LATAM Ecuador Policy

Bagagge Policy

Maximum weight of carry-on baggage in Economy is 8 kilos (17 lb) and Premium Economy or Premium Business 16 (35 lb).

Flying Economy with Brazil's origin or destination, the maximum weight allowed is 10 kilos

Maximum dimensions are 21 inches (55cm) x 13 inches (35cm) x 9 inches (25cm) (height, width, and depth), excluding the pockets, wheels, and handle. If your carry-on baggage exceeds this weight, it must be shipped as checked baggage. Fees may apply if it exceeds the allowed baggage allowance.

A passenger is also allowed to bring one small personal item. You can bring a baby or laptop bag. It must be 35cm by 20cm by 45cm.

The maximum weight of all checked luggage is 23kg. This is dependent on the flight route and purchased fare.  To find out how much you have included in your allowance, check the airline website or the e-ticket.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

Group reservations are those that include 10 or more passengers. All passengers in a record must share the same itinerary and the same booking class. LATAM's requirements for each booking include: Seat reservation is allowed only for tickets issued

Navigate to the menu. Skip to the main content. Navigate to the sections for users. Latam Airlines Review baggage policy. This will open a new browser tab. Choose the type of trip.

LATAM holding company maintains different interline electronic ticketing (IET), agreements that must be verified in the system prior to any issuance. Travel agents must use the system's automatic pricing to issue tickets. Each passenger can only be issued 1 ticket.

LATAM's requirements for each booking include: Seat reservation is allowed only for tickets issued. If the fare rules allow, the agent must assign the seats once the tickets have been issued.

LATAM Ecuador Policies

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