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Kuwait Airways

Kuwait Airways, Al Farwaniyah Governorate, Koweit, Kuwait, 13004


Phone : +965 434 5555

Website : Kuwait Airways

Founted : 1953; 70 years ago (as Kuwait National Airways)

Key People : Ali Al-Dukhan (Chairperson)

About Kuwait Airways

Kuwait Airways is the National Airline of Kuwait. Its head office and main hub are located at Kuwait International Airport.

The airline offers scheduled international flights throughout North America, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. It aims to re-establish its network in 46 countries worldwide.

It was established in 1954 and is one of the oldest airlines operating in the Middle East. It was originally known as Kuwait National Airways. The airline flew to a few Middle Eastern destinations, such as Jerusalem, Abadan, Damascus, and Jerusalem. In July 1955, it was renamed Kuwait Airways. Later, the Government of Kuwait became 100% owner.

The airline is a member the Arab Air Carriers Organization and has codeshare agreements also with Ethiopian Airlines and Middle East AirlinesYemeniaAlitaila are also members.

Kuwait Airways Reservations

Kuwait Airways Booking Numbers


Kuwait Airways Classes

Economy Class

Kuwait Economy Class provides comfortable accommodation with a variety of amenities for budget travelers.

Kuwait Airways Economy Class offers entertainment options. Up-to-date music and films can be played on the entertainment system located at the back of the seats.

Hot meals can be ordered as a starter, main, dessert and with a variety of beverages.There are three options for halal food, but there is no pork because of religious reasons. Two hours prior to your arrival, breakfast is provided with a pastry and coffee or tea.

Business Class

Relax in the business lounge before you fly. Enjoy complimentary services on board, such as movies, meals, and beverage.

You can upgrade your Business or First Class ticket by contacting a KAC Sales Office or the KAC counter at the airport.


First Class passengers get all the benefits of Business Class including the airport lounge, premium beverages, blankets, and meals. First class passengers can also avail Limousine Services from Kuwait Airways at London Airport.

Royal Class

The airline's long-haul first flight is called the Royal Class.

Royal Class passengers can enjoy all the above and First Class access. There is also a dedicated check in line at the airport to allow for faster-tracked services. Passengers will have access to First Class Lounge with refreshments, snacks, and a buffet at the airport. Royal Class has a large staff ratio, so passengers can be greeted by friendly staff.

Royal Class food is the best quality and most delicious, with many options for main courses to suit your tastes.

Kuwait Airways Destinations And Hubs

Kuwait Airways is an international airline that flies to more than 20 countries and 35 destinations on the continents of Asia and Africa. Kuwait Airways also plans to expand this number to more than 45 destinations in the next few years.


Sharm El Sheikh


Kuwait Airways Facilities

 In Flight Entertainment

Kuwait Airways offers free music and movies aboard its flights, as well as magazines or newspapers.

You can find a variety of music options with complete albums from many different genres, including pop with artists like Bruno Mars and Beyonce.

A mix of Hollywood films as well as Middle-Eastern and children's films are available on the plane.

Inflight Food

Kuwait Airways offers complimentary meals on all flights. The flight duration, departure time, and destination will determine what meals are offered. Passenger will be served a standard menu onboard the plane. They cannot view it before they fly.

Drinks & Alcohol

Kuwait Airways offers a complimentary drink service to all passengers. No alcohol is allowed onboard, regardless of destination.


You can purchase WiFi on certain Kuwait Airways flights depending on which flight you are on. These services can also be purchased onboard.

Kuwait Airways Check-In

Online Check In

Passengers can check-in online anytime between 24 and 3 hours prior to the flight departure. You can do this by visiting the airline website. Follow the instructions to check in online. View and modify your seats. Print or download your eticket/boarding pass. You will need your flight number and destination information, as well as the details of your passport.  

Airport Check In

You can check-in at the airport if you are unable or unwilling to go online. Be aware that every airport has a different check-in time. To ensure that you don't miss the deadline, make sure to check the airline website

Kuwait Airways Policy

Bagagge Policy

Kuwait Airways hand luggage is unique for each class of travel due to its weight. Any piece of cabin baggage should not exceed 56x46x25 cm in size. Each passenger has the right to a personal item. This could include a handbag or briefcase, blanket, camera, reading material, and/or umbrells.

The class of passenger determines the weight and quantity of checked baggage. Passengers who are members of the Oasis club may have additional baggage allowances.

If a passenger has more baggage than the allocated allowance, they may be charged an additional fee. You will be charged for any additional baggage, including extra weight, or excessively oversized, at the airport.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

Kuwait Airways is an international airline that flies to more than 20 countries and 35 destinations on the continents of Asia and Africa. In the next few years, Kuwait Airways plans to expand this number to 45 destinations. Kuwait Airways hand luggage is unique for each class of travel due to its weight.

In July 1955, Kuwait Airways was given its new name. Later, the Government of Kuwait became 100% owner. It is a member the Arab Air Carriers Organization and has codeshare agreements also with Ethiopian Airlines and Middle East Airlines.

Kuwait Airways  is the national carrier for Kuwait. Its head office is located at Kuwait International Airport, Al Farwaniyah Governorate.

Kuwait Airways has codeshare agreements: 1 Alitalia, 2 Etihad Airways, 3 Ethiopian Airlines, 4 Middle East Airlines 5, Turkish Airlines 6, Yemenia


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