Koryo Express Airline

Koryo Express Airline

Koryo Express Airline, Pyongyang, Sunan, North Korea, N/A


Phone : 00850-2-381-2231

Website : Koryo Express Airline

Founted : 21 September 1955; 67 years ago

Key People : An Pyong-chil, Director of the General Bureau of Civil Aviation


About air Koryo Express Airline


A drastic reduction in the number international services was seen after the Cold War Ended and Eastern European communism collapsed. CAAK, now Air Koryo, was re-branded in March 1992 as Air Koryo and ordered three Ilyushin Il-76 freighters to carry cargo between its destinations in China, Russia, and China.

Airlines Koryo Express Airline Reservations 

Airlines Koryo Booking


It is easy to book an Air koryo flight tickets. Click on the link to book a flight, then select the destination and departure cities. If you are booking a round trip, select the return date and travel date. Choose the number of passengers you wish to travel with and their ages.

In case of online booking through the Air Koryo website-www.airkoryo.com.kp, passengers can directly buy e-ticket without confirmation of reservations.

Air koryo Express air Airline Classes

It consists of about 20 aircraft in one-cabin (Economy Class) and two-cabin (Business Class and Economy Class) configuration. The fleet includes about 20 aircraft, in both one-cabin and two-cabin configurations (Economy and Business Class).



Air Koryo Express Airlines Popular Destinations and Hubs

Scheduled services only operate from Pyongyang to Beijing and Chongjin, Macau Samjiyon Shenyang and Vladivostok. Additional destinations that are not listed on their website, but are available as charters or seasonal services, are also included.

In 2003, the first charter flights between North Korea & South Korea were established. A Tu-154 was the first Air Koryo flight to be operated from Seoul's Incheon International Airport. Air Koryo offered 40 return flights to Seoul and also flew into Yang yang, Busan, and Busan in South Korea. In 2002, inter-Korean charters began from Hamhung's Sondok Airport in South Korea to Yang yang International. Due to laws in both countries, inter-Korean flight are not possible at the moment. Air Koryo provided services to Seoul Incheon International Airport using Tu-204 aircraft and An-148 for the Asian Games in 2014.

Air Koryo had an interline partnership agreement with Aeroflot (SkyTeam), which provided services radiating from Vladivostok to Pyongyang, until 2017. It was forced to end the agreement by new sanctions.

Air Koryo Express Airline Check-in and Boarding pass

Passenger/baggage check-in which is the first step for departure from an airport, comprises seat allocation according to air tickets and check-in of baggage.

Required item    

  1. Passport 
  2. Visa
  3. Paper Air ticket/Itinerary Receipt(E-Ticket)

Check-in time

Passengers should arrive at the departure airport not later than 90 minutes before the flight and complete all departure formalities. If passengers fail to arrive in time or board, Air Koryo assumes no responsibility for them.

Air Koryo Express Airline Policies 

Baggage Policy and Fees

Air Koryo Hold Baggage

Your checked baggage allowance is based on your travel cabin and fare. Items must not exceed 158cm in total dimensions. Light and Basic fares do not include checked bag options. These must be paid for, with prices starting at €25 online and €40 at the airport.

Pet Policy

Pets Allowed

Cats and dogs weighing more than 17 lbs. (8 kg) maximum weight is 165.3 lbs. 75 kg are allowed to be checked on Air France flights.

Air Koryo Express Airlines Refund and Cancellation Policy

If you've had a cancelled or delayed flight and are looking for information about a refund or Air Koryo flight compensation, we are here to help. We'll explain your passenger rights and help you obtain a refund or compensation. Submit a complaint to Air Koryo and receive as much as €600 per passenger. 

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

Koryo Tours is a British-owned company and tour operator with an office in Beijing. Founded in 1993 by founder Nicholas Bonner, we are the longest-running tour company operating tours in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (‘DPRK’ or ‘North Korea’).

Since 2003, we have expanded to operate tours to other destinations: Turkmenistan, Russia, Mongolia, Tajikistan, and, most recently, Kazakhstan. Our destinations are chosen with careful research and initial on-site visits. We aim to provide authentic and safe travel through a combination of well-rounded and insightful itineraries and input from both local guides and tour leaders. In addition to must-see highlights, we try to incorporate aspects of traditional culture, modern history, as well as the obscure and the quirky into all of our tours.

The word is synonymous with Korea and we share a name with the flag carrier of North Korea, Air Koryo, as well as numerous banks, hotels, and other entities in both the DPRK and ROK.

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