Jonair Airlines

Jonair Airlines

Jonair Airlines, Esplanaden, Umeå, Sweden, 903 26

IATA: flights use JON ICAO: JON CallSign: JON

Phone : 090 - 12 12 00/ 070 - 54 80 453

Website : Jonair Airlines

Founted : 1973

Key People : David Jones (CEO)

About Jonair Airlines

Jonair, a Swedish airline, was founded in 1973. The airline operates a single flight between Lulea airport and Pajala airport in Sweden. It flies 22 times per week and uses a Beechcraft King Air 200.

Jonair also offers Lulea-Pajala services, and offers business and ad-hoc Charters from its Umea base.

Jonair's first 38 years of existence was devoted to providing air taxis. In September 2015, Jonair announced that it would start a service between Lulea airport and Pajala. To help with operation, the airline added a Beech King Air 200 maiden to its fleet of two Piper PA-31s and 32.

Jonair Airlines Reservations

Jonair Airlines Booking Numbers

You can book tickets online using the booking system. Call +46 (0)90 12 12 40 for support. Jonair's telephone hours are Monday through Friday, 09:00 to 17:00. For assistance with bookings, you can also call your local travel agency. Jonair offers free bookings between 09.00 and 17.00 on weekdays. Your travel agency can also help you book. Phone number for Jonair: +46-(0)90121240

Jonair Airlines Classes

Standard Seating

This airline only operates small flights. The standard Economy class is the only cabin class available on the aircraft. You can choose your seat and receive one checked bag free.

Jonair Airlines Facilities

Scheduled flights: On the regular flight between Pajala & Lulea, the airline always serves coffee and sandwiches on the first morning flight.

Charter flights: The airline will always offer coffee and tea onboard.

The airline can also provide sandwiches and complete meals on longer flights.

Jonair Airlines Popular Destinations And Hubs

Jonair has scheduled flights between Lulea, Pajala and Sveg, Arlanda since October 2019, Umea-Ostersund, and Sveg, Arlanda as of February 2021. Air taxi services are also offered by the airline in the north of Sweden. These destinations include Lulea and Ostersund, Pajala Stockholm, Sveg and Umea.

Jonair Airlines Check-In And Boarding Pass

Check-in opens at airports that have check-in. It is open 45 minutes prior to the departure time on the ticket.

Check-in closes at the airport 30 minutes prior to departure time. Don't arrive at the airport late. After check-in closes, the booked passenger is removed from his seat. The passenger on the waiting list is granted access to the same.

To be taken to the plane, the passenger must wait at the gate/collection point no later that 30 minutes prior to the departure time on the ticket.

If a passenger is not present at the gate/collection point by the departure time indicated on the ticket, they risk missing the escort to and from the aircraft. This also means that the ticket will be forfeited for the current trip.

Jonair Airlines Policies

Baggage Policy And Fees


Your luggage must not exceed 20kg. Your hand luggage.

Hand luggage should not exceed 5 kg in weight and be placed on the ground by your chair.

Maximum dimensions for checked-in baggage are 158 cm (length + width + Height) and no more than 20 kilos. Hand luggage. Baggage exceeding the weight or size limit is not guaranteed a place on board. See below for special luggage and excess luggage.

Luggage overweight

Overweight (over 20 kg) is charged SEK 30 including VAT per kg started (minimum fee SEK 200). If you have overweight luggage, our ticket office will refer you to pay the overweight fee. Jonair cannot guarantee that overweight luggage can be carried onboard.

Special luggage and extra luggage

Special luggage and luggage exceeding 20kg are subject to availability. If excess luggage or special luggage cannot be carried onboard, it will be sent along with the next available departure. No matter if the luggage is being transported at the scheduled departure or the next available departure, the minimum fee is SEK 200 per trip and package. This fee is payable on-site before departure.

Jonair cannot deliver late-arriving luggage exceeding 20 kg. Extra luggage or special luggage must be collected by the passenger at their final destination. Extra luggage, special luggage, and luggage exceeding 20 kg must be reserved in advance. Contact Jonair at + 46-(0) 9012 12 40 or

Pet Policy

Jonair must be notified in advance if you wish to allow your pet to travel in the cabin. You can call +46(0) 90-1212 40 or email The availability of the animal and whether other passengers are allergic to it is not guaranteed. If an allergy occurs in another passenger, the original booking will be rebooked to another departure. Jonair cannot be held responsible for any personal expenses incurred due to accommodation or other costs that may arise in the event of a departure change. When booking, a fee of 200 SEK per cage or tour will be charged.

When transporting pets into a cabin, you must follow the following guidelines:

Animals must not have strong odors

The dimensions of the cages must not exceed 45x35x20cm. Animals and cages must not exceed 8 kilos.

Only one cage may be carried by passengers. The animal must remain in its cage throughout the flight. The animal cannot be disturbed by other passengers.

All animals allowed into the cabin must meet the above requirements.

Refund And Cancellation Policy

We can offer rebooking at the final destination of your flight ticket if the cancellation is made as soon as possible. If the latter time is not feasible, compensation will be offered for any additional costs incurred during the wait period. These extra costs could include food, hotel accommodation, and transportation to and from the hotel. You have the right to make up to two calls, faxes, or e-mails if the flight is canceled. If the flight is cancelled more than seven days prior to the flight and the flight to which you are rebooked departs or arrives more quickly than the original flight, the passenger can make two telephone calls, send two faxes, or e-mails, and if the cancellation is not due in any way to exceptional circumstances, the airline is allowed to compensate the passenger up to 250 Euros. You have the right to cancel your trip and receive a refund for the flight ticket. In certain cases, the passenger can also be entitled to a return flight to the original departure point (one of Jonair’s destinations, Pajala or Lulea, Umea Ostersund, Sveg, or Arlanda depending upon which destination is on the issued ticket). Contact Jonair at +46 (0)90 12 12 40

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

The airline may cancel or change your flight if it is too far away. This could offer you options, including a full refund. Can you cancel one person but not the other? The ticket issued by an agency will determine whether or not the cancellation pax was split off.

Baggage fees apply per bag and per direction. One way = one cost. Round trip is subject to two additional charges. Baggage will usually be transferred from one flight to the next if there is a connection. No additional fees will be charged. provides a great website to find international airline schedules and routes. It allows you to search for destinations by finding non-stop flights departing from a particular airport. It can be used to organize your weekend vacation or business meeting based on your schedule and the closest airport.

Jonair Airlines Policies

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