Jetblue Airlines Pet Policy

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Jetblue Airlines Pet Policy

We don't care if are a cat or dog person. We'd like to make the journey of your furry friend enjoyable.

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  • International travel.
  • You'll have to verify the entry requirements, documents and vaccination requirements for your pet at every destination.
  • U.S. 
  • There is only one pet carrier which is approved by the ASPCA. Your pet and the pet's carrier are yours to keep. They should be able be placed under the seat in front. The pet's carrier shouldn't exceed 17.5"L and 12.5"Wx8.5 inches (43.18cm Lx31.75cmW and 21.59cmH) and shouldn't weigh more than 20 pounds. The pet carrier can be purchased on the internet or from the JFK T5 ticket desk (subject to availability and credit card payment only).
  • Blue Basic pet food carriers are not allowed.
  • A pet for each pet carrier is allowed. If the door is shut the pet must be permitted to rotate their heads.
  • If you are at the airport, or on board an airplane the pet are required to be inside the pet carrier.

Mint is the only way to reserve your pet. You cannot bring small pets or cats with you to the cabin., JetBlue app and via phone are all options to reserve your pet. 

The price for pet insurance for each excursion is $125 (one hundred twenty-five US dollars). It can be added to your reservation by going to the Extras section.

  • Per traveller, two pets are allowed. Each pet has their own pet carrier. A second seat as well as a pet fee must be paid in order to permit an additional pet.
  • You can bring up to six animals on a Jetblue airlines flight and you must book your tickets early.
  • We understand how important it is to take care of your pet. Mint isn't a suitable pet to keep as pet.
  • It is strongly advised to use an aisle seat or window seat. Storage under the seat isn't permitted for bulkheads, exit rows or any other seats that are restricted.
  • Pets aren't allowed on interline/codeshare bookings regardless of where or when they were made. This applies to certain nonstop American Airlines flights within U.S. American Airlines will confirm the details of your pet, and then add the cost to the reservation.
  • TrueBlue members receive 300 points for adding an animal to the reservation.

Do you travel with your service dog?

Different rules and policies apply to animals as opposed to humans.

Pet Travel Checklist

It's simple to take your pet on a trip if you've got everything set. This checklist will ensure that you have everything you require for a successful trip.

  • The documentation and vaccinations are mandatory.
  • Identification tags
  • Pet license
  • FAA certified pet carrier. Sizes are 17" L. and 12" W.
  • Treats for pets and chews (pets can also poke their ears)
  • The most beloved toy you can smell
  • Pet items to bring along during the trip
  • The exercise your pet does prior to the flight. This will help them adjust faster to their new environment and let them rest more peacefully during flights.

Jetblue Airlines Pet Policy for In-Cabin

An approved airline carrier is required if your cat or dog meets the requirements of Jetblue Airlines flight pet policy. Your pet must be able to stand and turn, the carrier must have water resistance, ventilation, and must be secure. 

The carrier should be able to fit under your seat. The pet must be in the carrier throughout the flight.

Per flight, only four (4) pets can be allowed. A fourth pet is allowed per flight if booked at the airport ticket counter within 24 hours.

Pets are allowed

Small cats and dogs.

Age Requirements

To fly domestically, puppies and kittens must have at least 8 weeks old

Route restrictions

JetBlue does not allow pets to travel to Jamaica, Barbados or St Lucia. Pets are allowed on flights to and from Mexico. St. Maarten is not allowed for pets that travel through the United States from Central or South America.


Jetblue Airlines flight can be notified that you're traveling with a pet. You can also book your pet's transportation online.

Carrier Requirements

Maximum size of a carrier: 17.5"L x 12.5"Wx 8.5"H (hard-sided carriers). Soft-sided carriers should be compressed to 8.5".

Maximum combined weight of pet and carrier: 20 pounds One passenger can be a carrier.

Formula Requirements

Travel to many international destinations requires vaccination and health certificates. Click Here to view international pet import requirements. They are not required for domestic flights within the United States.


Each way $125 USD

Service dogs

JetBlue will allow service dogs to fly on its flights, as per their regulations.

Service dogs must be kept on a leash and harnessed at all times while they are in airports and on aircrafts. All documentation required must be received 48 hours before departure

Service dogs should be able sit at the feet of their handlers and not interfere with other passengers' space. They can also be placed on the lap of their handler if they are small enough. 

Service dogs can't occupy more than one seat at a time. If you have more than one service dog, you can purchase a second seat to allow them to occupy the space in front.

Within 48 hours of travel, supporting documentation must be submitted.

JetBlue does not accept service animals as training animals.

After February 28, 2021, no emotional support animals can be transported. Reservations must be made before January 11, 2021.

Checked Baggage Pet Policy

Jetblue Airways doesn't offer live animal checked baggage service.

Airports served

JetBlue flies primarily along the east and western coasts of the United States, Aruba, Colombia, and the Caribbean.

Kittens and Puppies

JetBlue will not fly to kittens and puppies younger than 8 weeks. If they are flying internationally, they must also be able to meet import requirements.

Other Animals

Jetblue Airways only allows small dogs and cats to fly on their aircraft.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

Pet guidelines

Small dogs and cats are not allowed to travel in the cabin. One pet is allowed. Jet Blue will not accept cremated or other forms of pet remains in its cabins or as cargo. and the JetBlue app are two options to book your pet. You can also contact us for assistance. You can add the pet fee in the Extras section of your booking. Two pets are allowed per traveller, each in their own carrier.

Carrier Guidelines

Carriers must not be larger than 17"x12.5"x8.5" (43cm x 31cm x 21cm) for pets that are traveling in the cabin. The animal must be able and able to move about the carrier comfortably. The bottom of the carrier must be leak-proof and ventilated at least two sides.

JetBlue Pet Guidelines

Each pet will be charged $125 per flight. You can only bring four pets per flight. However, you can reserve up to three places in advance. You can bring your pet along with their carrier, but they count as personal items. They must fit under the seat in front. They must weigh less than 20 lbs.

To allow your dog to travel with you, airlines typically charge an $100-$125 one-way fee. Consumer Reports estimates that a pet carrier for airlines is $30 to $250.

You must:

  1. Call Reservations at least 48 Hours Prior to Travel
  2. With your official orders, you can check in at the ticket counter.
  3. You should allow extra time for check-in (minimum 2 hours, maximum 4 hours) before you fly.
  4. Discuss the checklist with your agent.
  5. A health certificate is required.

Call 1-800-JETBLUE (538-2583 to cancel your pet's booking before the departure time. The fee you paid will be forfeited if you do not cancel your pet's reservation. The pet fee paid by you will be credited to your account after you cancel your pet's booking. You can use it later (within one year) for future travel.

No. You will have to pay pet fees for all tickets.

JetBlue charges USD 125 per person for one direction. Only cats and dogs are allowed in the cabin. The combined weight of the pet and their carrier should not exceed 20 pounds.

Book your pet online, or over the phone. You can take your pet carrier as carry-on baggage.

Documentation and Health Requirements

JetBlue requires that you bring health documentation, regardless of whether you are traveling domestically or internationally. A valid health certificate from your veterinarian, no older than 10 days, and proof of current vaccinations are required.