HiSky Airline

HiSky Airline

HiSky Airline, Chișinău,, Str. Armeneasca, Moldova, MD-2012


Phone : +40 374 955 955, +373 22 95 55 95

Website : HiSky Airline

Founted : 2020

Key People : Iulian Scorpan, CEO

About HiSky 

HiSky, a Modovan airline, is based at Chisinau International Airport. The airline has a hub at Cluj International Airport in Romania. It also holds an Air Operator Certificate (AOC), in both Moldova and Romania. HiSky offers flights to some of the most popular European destinations, including France, Germany and Turkey. HiSky is a low cost carrier that offers additional services such as extra baggage. HiSky offers four service packages: premium, premium, and basic. You will have an unforgettable experience regardless of which package you choose.

HiSky was established in February 2020. The airline was scheduled to launch flights in July 2020. Tickets were sold in May 2020. The launch of the airline was delayed to April 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The airline's Air Operator Certificate (AOC), was obtained in December 2020 in Romania, and February 2021 for Moldova.

The airline has a fleet Airbus 320 family planes that fly to Europe and the Middle East to serve more than 10 destinations.

HiSky Reservations

HiSky Booking Numbers

+40) 374 955 955

HiSky Classes

HiSky company offers 4 service packages: basic, classic, premium and premium plus, but no matter which one the passenger chooses, he/she will have quality services and professional attitude from the company staff.

Our Company complies with the highest standards of safety and comfort. We know that without dedication and permanent attention to detail, there can be no appreciation of the passengers and progress, in general.

We will make efforts to become one of the most appreciated airlines, in terms of punctuality, flights network, diversity and quality of the services provided, for our passengers to have a great experience travelling with HiSky.

HiSky Destinations And Hubs

HiSky flies to more than 10 destinations in Europe, the Middle East and Asia from Chisinau (Moldova). These destinations include France, Germany and Ireland as well as Russia, Turkey, Romania, Russia and Romania.

  • Chisinau
  • Paris
  • Frankfurt
  • Dublin
  • Tel Aviv
  • Iasi
  • Cluj
  • Satu Mare
  • Moscow
  • St Petersburg
  • Istanbul
  • London


HiSky Facilities


You can purchase food and beverages onboard.


HiSky does not currently offer WIFI onboard for its customers.

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HiSky Policies

Bagagge Policy

Baggage allowances can vary depending on which tickets were purchased. The following information is intended to be a guide.

HiSky passengers receive an 8kg/18lbs piece of carry-on baggage. You must limit the item's dimensions to 40cm x 30cmx20cm

The carry-on bag cannot contain prohibited items, including fluids exceeding 100ml. Any fluids exceeding 100ml and any other prohibited items will not be allowed in the carry-on baggage. For airport security checks, any fluid must be put in a bag.

The amount of checked baggage allowed depends on the ticket purchased.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

The airline has a second hub at Cluj International Airport, Romania. It also holds an Air Operator Certificate in Moldova. HiSky was established in February 2020. The airline was to launch flights in July 2020. Tickets were sold in May 2020.


GS AIR is proud of being HiSky Airlines' preferred sales agent for Italy. HiSky, a private airline that was founded in 2020, is an alternative to local and regional air travel between Italy and Moldova. It also offers flights between Italy and Romania.

On the basis of a partnership agreement with Cobrex Trans, the company, which was founded in Moldova launched on the local and regional markets. HiSky will fly to six European destinations: London (United Kingdom), Dublin, Ireland (Portugal), Lisbon (Portugal), Paris(France), Bologna [Italy] and Dusseldorf.


Cobrex Trans, which was supposed operate Airbus A320s for HiSky, has not yet got this type of aircraft in its fleet. According to the Civil Aviation Authority of the Republic of Moldova (dated 12 May 2020), HiSky had not been licensed for commercial operation.

HiSky Airline Policies

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