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Hainan Airlines, Haikou, Hainan,, China, 570206


Phone : +86-898-95339

Website : Hainan Airlines

Founted : 1989; 33 years ago

Key People : Chen Feng (Chairman)

About Hainan Airlines

Hainan Airlines, a Chinese airline, is based in Haikou. It has a hub at Beijing Capital International Airport and Haikou Meilan International Airport. China's fourth largest airline by fleet size and the 10th largest airline in Asia for passenger numbers, the airline is currently China. Hainan Airlines, along with 10 other airlines, has been awarded the Skytrax 5-star airline award. JACDEC also listed the airline as one of the Top 5 Safest Airlines in the World in February 2016.

The airline offers both domestic and international scheduled domestic flights, as well as charter services. The airline's first intercontinental flight powered by biofuel was completed in 2017. Learn more about how airlines are trying to reduce their environmental footprint by visiting the most eco-friendly airlines.

Hainan Province Airlines was the original name of the airline. It was renamed in 1996 to its current name.

Hainan Airlines Reservations

Hainan Airlines Booking Numbers

Reservation Hotline: 1-888-688-8813

Hainan Airlines Classes

Economy Class

The airline is a five-star SKYTRAX airline with an Economy Class which offers friendly and comfortable service. Comfortable space is provided between the seats in this brand-new wide-body aircraft. Delicious Western and Chinese cuisines are meticulously prepared and there are many new films to keep you entertained.

Business Class

You will have a seamless, premium travel experience in Business Class. This includes upgraded services such as priority check-in and easy rebooking.


Hainan Airlines currently does not offer first-class. Select a Business Class fare to upgrade to a premium experience.

Hainan Airlines Facilities

Economy-Class Meals

Economy meals are prepared using fresh ingredients. They are delicious and can be adapted to other cuisines.

A meal service will be provided to passengers flying short-haul in economy for around 3 hours. It includes a salad, main dish and dessert. For longer flights that last more than seven hours, passengers will receive two meals services with a variety of choices. You will have the option of two Chinese dishes or one Western dish as your main course.

Business Class Menu

Business class passengers can enjoy delicious meals on long-haul and short-haul flights. Hainan Airlines offers a delicious and healthy meal service on short-haul flights that take around 3 hours. The typical meal consists of an appetizer and main course, followed by desserts. There are many options for Western and Chinese cuisines. Two meal service options are available on long-haul flights that last more than seven hours. Each is served on fine china and with fine cutlery. This adds to the high-end dining experience. Four main courses will be available to passengers.

Hainan Airlines Popular Destinations And Hubs

It is believed that it operates in 7 bases across China. Additionally, it flies to a network through the People's Republic of China which further connects Asia with Europe, North America, and Oceania. It flies in around 90 cities and serves nearly 500 airports. It flies to 51 destinations across 28 countries, offering both regular and charter flights. These include Beijing, Dalian and Guangzhou as well as Singapore, Bangkok, Singapore, Bangkok, and other destinations. In the summer 2016, it began flights to the UK. It has added a variety of destinations to the UK since then, and continues to grow its services.

Haikou (Hainan Meilan International Airport, (HAK),) is Hainan Airlines' main hub. Hainan Airlines also has 8 other major hubs in China, located in the following cities: Beijing; Xi'an; Guangzhou; Shenzhen; Taiyuan; Urumqi and Lanzhou.

Hainan Airlines Check-In And Boarding Pass


Check-in online via our online checking-in page. Click on the logo to go to the Hainan Airlines online checkout page. Enter your flight details. Online check-in is available for most flights up to 42 hours prior to departure and closes an hour prior.

Airport Check in

You can also check in at the airport by going to the Hainan Airlines checkin counter. The service opens approximately 2 hours prior to the flight. However, it may open earlier or later depending upon your departure airport. Please check your booking confirmation to determine the time you must be there.

Hainan Airlines Policies

Baggage Policy And Fees

Carry-on Baggage

For domestic flights, passengers can carry up to 4kg of cabin baggage. Cabin baggage cannot exceed 20x40x55cm. You can bring one piece of cabin baggage if you fly in Economy Class. If you fly in Business or First Class, you will get two pieces.

Hand luggage is allowed for passengers on flights leaving the U.S. Each passenger is allowed to bring one personal item. These items can include a laptop, wallet, or briefcase.

All international flights allow passengers to bring one carry-on bag for economy class, and two bags for first or business class passengers. Hand baggage cannot exceed 10kg, or 115 cm in total linear dimensions (length + width + high).

Checked Baggage

The allowance for checked baggage varies depending upon the route chosen and the fare class.

North American Routes

Economy passengers have 2x23kg of checked baggage. Business class passengers have 2x32kg. Maximum dimensions of each item must not exceed 158cm (length, width, and depth).

European Routes

Economy passengers are allowed 1 x 23kg and business passengers are allowed 2 x 23kg. Maximum dimensions of each item must not exceed 158cm (length, width, and depth).

Africa/Western Asia Routes

For flights between Beijing and Abu Dhabi, you can check 40kg of baggage total in business class, and 30 kg in economy class. Each passenger can only carry 2 bags, each bag not exceeding 32kg in weight and no larger than 40x60x100cm.

For flights between Beijing and Luanda, you can check 50kg of baggage total in business class and 40kg for economy class. Each passenger can only carry 2 bags, each bag not exceeding 32kg in weight and no larger than 40x60x100cm.

Passengers flying between China, Tel Aviv and Israel are allowed to bring 2 x 32kg bags or 1 x 23kg for economy class. For combined linear dimensions (length + width + height), each item must not exceed 158cm

China and Asian Countries, & Regions (excluding West Asia).

Passengers are permitted to carry a maximum of 30kg for Business and 20kg for Economy on domestic flights within Mainland China. Each piece must be no larger than 40x60x100cm.

Passengers are permitted to carry 2 x 32kg (business) and 1 x 23kg (economy) on flights between Mainland China, Taiwan, or Southeast Asia. Maximum dimensions of each item must not exceed 158cm (length, width, and depth).

Passengers on flights between China, Japan and China are permitted to carry 1 x 32kg (business) or 1 x 23kg (economy). Maximum dimensions of each item must not exceed 158cm (length, width, and depth).

Passengers are permitted to carry 2 x 32 kg in business class and 2 x 23 kg in economy on flights between Mainland China, Australia, or New Zealand. Maximum dimensions of each item must not exceed 158cm (length, width, and depth).

Passengers are permitted to carry 2x32kg in business class and 1x32kg in economy on flights between China, Almaty and China. Maximum dimensions of each item must not exceed 158cm (length, width, and depth).

Pet Policy


FLY w/ a larger dog, CAT or other ANIMAL
If your pet is too big to fit under the seat, Hainan Air will transport it as checked baggage. The cargo section has the same temperature as the passenger cabin. TIP Tell the Captain of the aircraft that your pet will be flying in the cargo hold. This will allow them to maintain the right temperature. More information on airline pet travel by cargo.

Your pet must travel in the cargo section of the airline, either through the cargo department, or as checked baggage. It must be housed in an pet carrier that meets IATA standards. Learn more about IATA-compliant pet crates. More airlines require it. After you have received your crate, it is important to adjust your pet to it before you travel. This guide will help you prepare your pet and its travel crate, especially for pet owners who are new to traveling with pets. Get Preparing Your Pet's Crate for Travel.

Refund And Cancellation Policy

Passengers can cancel a reservation without penalty and get a full refund within 24 hours of payment, if the reservation is made more then 7 days before the scheduled departure.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

Hainan Airlines has been certified as a 5-Star Airline because of the quality of its airport, onboard product, and staff service. Product rating refers to the quality of seats, amenities, food and beverages, IFE, cleanliness, etc., while service rating is for both ground and cabin staff.

We are well-placed to offer you flights to any one of our many Chinese destinations. Choose Hainan Airlines when traveling to China.

HNA Group also controls 13 additional airlines and a global fleet totaling 900 aircraft. Hainan Airlines confirmed that it is still operating as normal.

Hainan Airlines Policies

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