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Phone : +359 2 952 51 02

Website : GullivAir

Founted : 2016

Key People : Yanko Ivanov, CEO

About GullivAir

GullivAir is a Bulgarian airline based in Sofia.

GullivAir, a Bulgarian carrier, is included in the list. GullivAir, a long-haul airline, flies to Africa as well as the Caribbean. It is located at Sofia Airport (SOF). Its principal base is Sofia Airport. The airline also has a second airport at Bucharest Henri Coanda Airport. The airline currently operates flights to five destinations. Plans are underway to fly to more destinations in the near future.

GullivAir started flights in 2020. Its first flight was in October from Sofia to Nassau. These charter flights weren't part of GullivAir’s regular flight schedule. In December, the airline began scheduled charter flights between Sofia, Bucharest, Mombasa, and Punta Cana.

The airline plans to expand its operations by 2021 and beyond. 

GullivAir Reservations

GullivAir booking numbers

We are available to answer any questions you may have about your upcoming flights. You can also email us your question or comment at: 003592944590 27.

GullivAir Classes

GullivAir offers a business class cabin to passengers who desire luxury flying. Business Class passengers enjoy exceptional Business Class service by the cabin crew.

GullivAir Facilities

Our top priority is safety of our passengers.

We closely monitor developments in Covid-19 so that you can feel safe and well when flying with us. We implement extraordinary security measures to ensure that you travel safely, and in good health, according to the regulations of the International Air Transport Association and the European Union Aviation Safety Agency.

GullivAir Hubs and Destinations


Sofia - Sofia Airport base

Dominican Republic

Puntacana – Puntacana International Airport seasonal chart

Sri Lanka

Hambantota -Mattala season charter


Phuket - Phuket seasonal charter

GullivAir Check in and Boarding Pass

To protect valuable and fragile items, label your baggage. You are prohibited from bringing money, jewelry, laptops, tablets, film equipment, and photo equipment. These items should be kept in your cabin baggage. You will not be held responsible for items that are easily damaged or lost, such as jewelry or valuables. These items cannot be checked in by passengers. Additional accessories and items attached to, fastened or stuck to checked baggage will not be covered by the carrier.
You can avoid problems on your trip by making sure your luggage doesn't contain restricted or prohibited foods.
Checked baggage cannot contain lithium batteries. Be sure to carefully read the list of prohibited dangerous objects that cannot be carried onboard.
Checked baggage may be searched by airport security personnel for safety and security reasons. They are not responsible for the consequences of any actions taken or not taken by them.
Extra baggage may result in additional charges if it is more than 23 kg (max 32kg), or has dimensions larger than 158 cm (max203cm). Your bag will not be accepted for carriage if it weighs more than 32 kg or has dimensions that exceed 203 cm.

Gullivair Policies 

Baggage policy and fees

Except as otherwise stated in these General Conditions all Fares, taxes and charges along with Fees For Other Services are non-refundable.

If the person who purchased the Carriage passes away, the refund will be paid to their family members or to you.

In most cases, the amount of the refund will be paid in the same currency as the carriage. If this is not possible, the reimbursement will be made in Euro.

Pet policy

  • The animal must be able move in the transport container and can turn around or lie down.
  • It is essential that the container for transport be leak-proof. Lined with absorbent material such as blankets
  • Containers should not be broken. Strong containers made of plastic or wooden are best. You can make them from non-toxic, harmless materials. Wire-mesh cages are not allowed.
  • To prevent animals from injuring their own bodies, the container must not have sharp corners, edges or nails.
  • Ventilation holes should be provided on all four sides of the transport containers

Refund and Cancellation Policy

If there is a cancellation, we will inform you of alternative transportation options.

GullivAir is not liable for any loss or damage if we are unable contact you at the numbers provided in your reservation.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

GullivAir's timetable includes flights from many cities. Use eSky’s search engine to find connections.

Book your GullivAir tickets well in advance.

GullivAir Policies

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