About Flyr

Flyr is an easy-to-use, responsible airline. Flyr flies between Norwegian cities as well as to European destinations.

Flyr AS is a Norwegian low cost passenger airline. The airline is headquartered in Oslo and has an operational base at Oslo Airport Gardermoen. It operates flights between Norway as well as between Norway and European leisure locations.

Flyr Reservations

Numbers for booking Flyer tickets

Phone: +47 40 00 00 63

  1. Flyer Classes


You can change the date, time, and destination up to three weeks before your departure.

Hand luggage under the seat


You can change the date, time, and destination up to three days before your departure.

Hand luggage under the seat

Overhead cabin baggage

2x23 kg checked baggage

Reservation of seats

Flyr Destination and Hubs

You can change the date, time, and destination up to 30 minutes before your departure.

Hand luggage under the seat

Overhead cabin baggage

3x23 kg checked baggage

Reservation of seats

A free middle seat in front cabin

Fast Track at Select Airports

Cancel within 30 minutes to receive a full refund prior to departure

Flyrs Services

We offer a variety of beverages, snacks, and food depending on how long your flight is. We offer coffee, tea, and water as a guest.

Flyrs popular Destinations and Hubs



















Flyr Check-in and boarding pass

For flights within Norway, the last time you can check-in is 30 minutes prior to departure. International flights require that you check-in and deliver your bags no later than 45 minutes prior to departure. You are responsible for allowing enough time at the airport to get assistance if you need it before check-in closes.

You can avoid stress and carry a lot of luggage by checking in well in advance. Flyr app and online check-in are the best ways to check in. You can also check-in at an airport counter or via check-in kiosks. Check-in kiosks are only available at airports within Norway and Copenhagen.

Flyr Policies 

Baggage policy and fees

Hand luggage

Handbags must be placed under your seat. You can use a small backpack, a purse or a bag to carry your laptop.

Max. weight: 8 kg. Maks size: 38x30x20 cm

Cabin baggage

You can place cabin baggage in the overhead lockers located above the seats. You can either bring a small roll-on, a bag or something similar.

Maximum weight: 10 kg Maximum size: 55x40x23cm You must check bags that are larger or heavier than these dimensions.

Cabin baggage must be carried in the overhead locker if it is full.

Checked baggage must be delivered at check-in in the departure hall. It is then sent to the aircraft's hold.

Maximum weight: 23 kg per baggage. Maximum dimensions: 90 cm x 75cm x 55cm

You can increase the weight of your checked baggage to 32 kg if you feel it necessary. For flights within Norway, the cost is NOK 100 and for international flights, NOK 200. Maximum 9 bags may be checked in. You can purchase this extra service in Flyr-app, or by contacting our customer service. The price is per flight.

Domestic transfer to Norway: Please see the green box below.

Special baggage

We can accept luggage of all sizes as long as it is notified in advance and does not exceed 23 kg.

Pet policy

  • Flyr allows active service guide dogs, as well as police or military service dogs, to travel free of cost. One guide/service dog is allowed per person.
  • Other than dogs, service animals are not permitted.
  • Service dogs and guide dogs must be ordered in advance through customer service.
  • The cabin is not permitted to have emotional support animals.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

Your rights under EU law include:

Up to EUR600 Compensation that isn't dependent on ticket price

Includes disruption Flyr flights upto 3 years old

Covers flights delayed by at least 3 hours, cancelled or overbooked

Flyrs Customer Care phone numbers

  • UK: +47 40 00 00 63


Are there any discounts on all bookings?

All bookings made with Smart or Fleks tickets qualify for a 10% discount This discount is available to you and your companions who are traveling with you. Orders placed before becoming a member do not qualify for a discount.

What tickets are eligible for a discount?

Smart and Fleks tickets are discounted for you and your companions, exempting taxes and fees. Access to discounted youth tickets is also available for members aged 16-29 years old.

What are the best times to use my vouchers

Your vouchers can be used to book tickets. You can only use one voucher per booking.

What is the validity of a coupon?

The validity period of a voucher is usually 12 months after the date it was issued. The validity period for vouchers issued after redemption functionality is available (September at the latest) may be extended.

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