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Phone : +54 11 5480-6111

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Founted : 2016

Key People : Andrés Vacarezza

About Flybondi Airline

In Argentina, FB Lneas Aéreas S.A., doing business as Flybondi, is a budget carrier. The nation's first airline of its sort, it has bases in Buenos Aires and Cordoba and uses Boeing 737-800 aircraft. All planes have Argentine registration numbers. On January 26, 2018, the company's first flight took off from Puerto Iguaz's Cataratas del Iguaz International Airport to Cordoba's Ingeniero Aeronáutico Ambrosio L.V. Taravella International Airport. La libertad de volar, which translates to "The freedom of flying," is the company's catchphrase.

On December 17, 2018, Flybondi launched service between El Palomar in the Greater Buenos Aires area and Asunción, the capital of Paraguay.

The airline announced that it would start running flights between Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires in July 2019. 


Reserving management. SEATS, CHECK-IN, or reviewing the specifics of your reservation are all options.

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There aren't many amenities for travellers at the airport, which is also rather small and difficult to get to.

Flybondi frequently combines an earlier flight with a later one, as they did with us, resulting in a 4.5-hour delay. Flybondi won't take off on a given trip unless there are enough passengers on board.

Despite having to pay more, we were able to reserve an alternative flight with LATAM for around four hours later. When we eventually made it back to Buenos Aires, they issued us a refund following a cordial dialogue that my son-in-law, an attorney, had with them. 

Destination And Hubs 

In January 2018, the first flights to Mendoza, Bariloche, and Puerto Iguaz began leaving from its hub at Córdoba International Airport. The airline created a new base and started operating from El Palomar Airport near Buenos Aires in February 2018, becoming the first commercial airline to do so. From there, it offered flights to Salta, Neuquén, and Tucumán.

Flybondi began operating flights between El Palomar in the Greater Buenos Aires region and Asunción, the capital of Paraguay, on December 17, 2018.

The airline declared in July 2019 that it would begin operating flights between Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires. From the airline's main base at El Palomar Airport in Buenos Aires to Galeo Airport in Rio de Janeiro, the flights began running on October 11, 2019.

Check-In and Boarding Pass

For both domestic and foreign flights, Flybondi Online Check-in is available. The following alternatives are available for passengers to complete check-in.

Online Check-in, Airport Check-in, Mobile Check-in (App Check-In) Online flight stub Two hours prior to the scheduled flight departure time, check-in opens and closes. Additionally, you can pay a small fee to choose your favourite seat. The print button can be used to print your boarding pass (Confirmation Slip) (OR) Your email address will get both the e-Boarding Pass and the payment receipt. 

Baggage And Refund Policies 

The size and weight of carry-on luggage cannot be greater than 30 cm by 20 cm by 40 cm.

Maximum weight for checked bags is 15 kilogrammes.

You will be responsible for paying an extra fee if your luggage weighs more than is permitted.

One free piece of checked baggage is available to each passenger. The luggage can only be 158 cm in linear length and cannot weigh more than 25 kilogrammes.

By way of Flybondi, you might get up to €600. Getting compensation is simple when using AirAdvisor. If we successfully recover damages on your behalf, we only take 30% of what you are paid as our fee. However, we only get paid if we are able to get you compensation.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

Buenos Aires to San Salvador de Jujuy, Buenos Aires to Sao Paulo, and Mendoza to Buenos Aires are three well-traveled Flybondi (FO) routes. The busiest of these routes is Buenos Aires to San Salvador de Jujuy, with 1 flight per day.

Typically, each Flybondi economy class passenger is permitted 0–1 pieces of luggage (FO). Before your journey, check your schedule since this information may

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