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Fly Tiwi  Airline

Fly Tiwi Airline, Darwin,, Northern Territory, Australia, 0812

IATA: FT ICAO: n/a CallSign: n/a

Phone : (08) 8928 9300

Website : Fly Tiwi Airline

Founted : 2008

Key People : Andrew Hardy (Managing Director)

About Fly Tiwi Airlines

Hardy Aviation and the Tiwi Land Council established Fly Tiwi in November 2008. Hardy Aviation, a Territory-owned and operated company, was founded in Darwin in 1991.

Fly Tiwi initially offered services to Bathurst, Melville Islands (Nguiu-Pirlangimpi, Milikapiti).
In January 2009, it was extended to serve the remote communities Warruwi on South Goulburn Island and Minjilang on Croker Island. Fly Tiwi expanded its reach to Ramingining, Arnhem Land in May 2009. Services have also been extended to Lake Evella, Milingimbi and other locations since then.

Hardy Aviation is proud of its close ties with Territory communities, and responds to emerging needs.
The Company has a fleet well-maintained aircraft with highly qualified pilots who are familiar with the Territory's unique flying conditions. Fly Tiwi flights follow strict guidelines for aircraft maintenance and pilot experience in Regular Public Transport (RPT).

Fly Tiwi Airlines Reservations

Fly Tiwi  Airline booking numbers

If you are unable or unwilling to book a seat on a scheduled flight, please contact Fly Tiwi Office

(08) 8928 9300


Fly Tiwi Airline Classes

The airline offers only standard seating. A maximum of 10 seats can be accommodated on an aircraft.  

Fly Tiwi Airlines Facilities

The flights are short, and passengers will have stunning views of the surroundings below. There are not many facilities during flights so it is important that passengers make use of all the amenities available at the airport before departure. This includes the purchase of snacks and W/C facilities.

Fly Tiwi Airlines popular Destinations and Hubs

Hub Airport

Darwin International Airport

Darwin International Airport (IATA DRW), is the busiest airport servicing Darwin. It is located 5.0 miles from Darwin's city centre and the Northern Territory. Darwin Airport is home to an international terminal, domestic terminal, and a cargo terminal. Other domestic airlines that are based in DRW are Airnorth and Alliance Airlines. Jetstar Airways, Qantas Link, Virgin Australia Regional Airlines, Qantas Link and Qantas Link.

Fly Tiwi operates flights from Darwin International Airport to/from the airport's designated terminal.

Fly Tiwi offers flights between Darwin, South Goulburn, Croker and Tiwi as well as to destinations in northern Arnhem Land. These destinations are served by Fly Tiwi from Darwin:

  • Wurrumiyanga (Bathurst Island)
  • Minjilang (Croker Island)
  • Garden Point (Melville Island)
  • Gapuwiyak (Lake Evella).
  • Milingimbi Island
  • Ramingining
  • Milikapiti (Snake Bay)
  • Warruwi (South Goulburn Island)
  • Maningrida

Fly Tiwi Airline Check-in and boarding pass

Online Check In

Online check-in currently is not possible.

Airport Check In

Check-in at the airport closes 30 minutes before your scheduled departure.

To ensure that your luggage is checked in, it is a good idea to arrive early.

Fly Tiwi Airline Policies

Baggage policy and Fees


A single piece of luggage or freight cannot exceed 15 kg.
Fly Tiwi staff must be notified in advance if you need baggage or freight between 15 and 30 kg. A $50 surcharge is applicable.

All items over 30kg will be refused

Take On Baggage

Safety regulations for passengers prohibit more than one handbag/package per person in an aircraft cabin. Maximum dimensions for a handbag/package are 40cmx30cmx23cm. Other small items, such as an umbrella or overcoat, may be carried by passengers into the cabin. Each passenger's carry-on luggage must not exceed 3 kg.
Please bring all baggage to the check-in counter in order to avoid delays.

Checked Baggage

Maximum weight of the free checked baggage allowance per person is 15kg Extra baggage above 15kg can be purchased at Excess Baggage rates. Families and passengers traveling together to the same destination as each other may share their baggage to maximize the benefits of the free baggage allowance. Fly Tiwi will make every effort to transport all baggage. However, space and weight limitations mean that Fly Tiwi can't guarantee all items will travel with the departing passenger.

Pet policy

Only service dogs are allowed

Refund and Cancellation Policy

Fly Tiwi must know at least 24 hours in advance of departure from any port that you intend to cancel. Cancellations made after 24 hours are considered a no-show, and are non-refundable.

The current Coronavirus pandemic has forced us to change the cancellation policy. Cancelled bookings will now be put in credit for 6 (6) months after cancellation. The credit will be forfeited if the travel is not completed within six months from the date of cancellation.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

Check your ticket to see the baggage allowance. The baggage allowance for a ticket that bears the code 1 PC is 1 piece. If your baggage allowance exceeds "0 PC", you can only carry-on and not charge for baggage.

Fly Tiwi routes could be affected by the entry requirements of certain destinations. Fly Tiwi's live COVID-19 Travel Map has all the information you need to plan your trip.

The Hardy Aviation group

the Hardy Aviation Group owns the entire company. This is Australia's largest general aviation group and currently operates over 50 flights per semaine between 8 destinations.

Fly Tiwi Airline Policies

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