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Founted : 15 March 2017

Key People : Fernando Candela (CEO)

About Fly Level Airlines

Fly LEVEL SL, trading as Level, is an airline brand under which airlines in the International Airlines Group (IAG) operate low-cost flights.The brand is headquartered in Madrid, Spain.Level was originally marketed  as a long-haul, low-cost airline and began transatlantic flights from Barcelona-El Prat Airport in June 2017.In July 2018, Level expanded with long-haul flights from Paris Orly Airport, which acquired operations from IAG subsidiary OpenSkies, and began  its first short-haul flights from Vienna International Airport, , operated by Level Europe.On  June 18, 2020, Level Europe went bankrupt and the brand's short-haul flights operated by the Austrian airline ended with immediate effect.On  July 8, 2020, the closure of OpenSkies was announced, initially ending the Paris Orly-based brand's long-haul flights,and although ticket sales for OpenSkies flights under the brand name later resumed,The Operations have not resumed. The brand's long-haul flights from Barcelona, ​​operated by Iberia, were unaffected by the closures of Level  Europe and OpenSkies.

Fly Level Airlines Reservations

At LEVEL we always have affordable prices, even in high season. Because we believe that you are in control and should decide how you want your trip to be, what  you  pay for and what you don't want. That is why we offer different tariffs with different services. You choose: your flight, your rules. You can reserve your seat, eat on board, check in luggage and have the comfort kit on board (an all-inclusive, so to speak).You can fly in the premium cabin and have it all (including the extra space). You can also pay less, travel with hand luggage and bring  food from home.

Level Airline Classes

These are the classes:

  • Economy
  • Economy plus
  • Business
  • First

Fly Level Airlines Facilities

Sit back, sit back and enjoy a wide range of movies, TV and music. There's no better way to spend a flight than enjoying the latest movies and box sets. Your personal backup includes a fantastic selection of movies, TV shows and music. and podcasts. Entertainment is complimentary in all cabins.

Fly Level Airlines popular Destinations and Hubs

Flights New York - Barcelona

Flights San Francisco - Barcelona

Flights Los Angeles - Barcelona

Flights Boston - Barcelona

Flights Buenos Aires - Barcelon

Level Airline Check-in and boarding pass

We recommend that you check in online prior to your arrival at the airport and have your boarding pass issued  and, if possible, download it to your smartphone to minimize physical contact. Upon check-in, you must also fill out the Advanced Passenger Information (API) form. mandatory information required by the authorities  before the date of travel and which the airline is responsible for collecting.

Level Airline Policies 

Baggage policy and Fees

Save up to 50% by checking your suitcase now and leaving nothing behind. Because sometimes the whole world doesn't fit in  hand luggage. We make it easy for you! Checking luggage on our website is cheaper than  at the airport. Even if you  check some bags on your flight, you can still check in online.All you have to do is hand in your luggage at the check-in counter and you're good to go! At LEVEL we adapt to the needs of our customers, that's why we offer suitcases in 3 different sizes so  you can choose the one that best suits your trip

Pet policy

Pets allowed in the cabin: dogs, cats, fish, turtles and birds (except birds of prey). Take them into the cabin if they weigh no more than 8 kg. (including his cage or pet pack). Some pets can travel with you in the cabin if  you get permission from the reservations office and  the pet meets these conditions: 8 kg.maximum weight including cage or pet package. The maximum dimensions of the container  are 45 cm long, 35 cm wide and 25 cm high and the sum of the three dimensions must not exceed 105 cm. The cage or pet pack must be strong, ventilated, with a waterproof floor and secure. When transporting birds, make sure the cage is stable, closes well, and that no food or drink is spilled. The cage must also always be covered.You can transport several animals of the same species in the same container if they are small and light. Your pet must travel with you without disturbing other passengers. It must remain in its case/cage throughout the  flight and its care is up to you. Responsibility Animals with special characteristics, e.g. strong smell etc., they can interfere with other passengers and  crew, and you cannot transport them. For safety reasons, please do not sit in the aisles next to the emergency exits.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

The terms of the LEVEL fare do not include the possibility of refund and cancellation. If your flight has been cancelled, you can make a date change or request a voucher in the My Booking section


1. How do you use LEVEL vouchers?

To use the Level 60 Boost Voucher, on an existing character, you only need to do the following:

Press the "Escape" key on your keyboard to bring up all of the icons on the bottom of the screen.

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