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About Fly Angola

Fly Angola is stylized FLU-AO Angola and is a privately held airline. It flies from its hub to Angola's province capitals.

Domestic flights are also known by the name "internal flight" and are flights that leave and arrive within the same country. This flight is short haul and provides a quick and convenient way to travel between major cities within a country.

Angola is located in Southern Africa and is the seventh largest country in Africa. The easiest way to travel within the country is by taking an internal flight.

Fly Angola Reservations

Fly Angola booking numbers

+244 9231 90 000

  1. Fly Angola Classes

Fly Angola is a luxurious luxury vacation that offers a wide range of amenities and services.

Business class is the best option, offering the best in-flight experience and the most comfort on the ground. Fly Angola Business Class offers priority check-in as well as a lounge for you to relax while you wait for your flight.

Fly Angola Economy Class means comfort and luxury! Fly Angola's cabins are modern and comfortable. They also have entertainment systems so you can enjoy the best flight experience.

Fly Angola Facilities

  • Meal service;
  • Audio and video entertainment;
  • Video games;
  • Free drinks;

Fly Angola popular Destinations and Hubs

Fly Angola offers domestic flights from Luanda, to four major cities.

Fly Angola Check-in and boarding pass

Check-in at the airport opens four hours prior to your flight departure. It must be completed until one and a quarter hours before that time. You only need to go to the check-in counters. Remind us that most airlines provide check-in times that match the maximum time passengers can board a flight.

Fly Angola Policies 

Baggage policy and Fees

Economy Class

  • Light
    Not included: Hold luggage
    Hand luggage: 1 item/8 Kg
  • Flexi
    Handbags: 1 item/23 Kg
    Hand luggage: 1 item/8 Kg
  • Classic
    2 Items / 23 Kg for hold luggage
    Hand luggage: 1 item/8 Kg
  • Premium
    Hold luggage: 2 items/23 Kg
    Hand luggage: 1 item/8 Kg

Business Class

  • Comfort
    2 pieces/32 Kg of hold luggage
    Hand luggage: 2 pieces / 8 Kg
  • Comfort +
    Hand luggage: 3 items/32 Kg
    Hand luggage: 2 pieces / 8 Kg

First Class

  • Deluxe
    Hand luggage: 3 items/32 Kg
    Hand luggage: 2 pieces / 8 Kg

Pet policy

When making a booking, FLY ANGOLA must be informed in all cases. Animals cannot be transported in Economy Class and are subject to space availability.

All living animals must be declared cargo to countries that don't allow animals as registered baggage. Contact the embassy of your destination country if you have any questions.

FLY ANGOLA cannot transport passengers with an "Emotional Support Dog".

A guide dog accompanying a visually impaired passenger or hearing-impaired person can travel free in the plane's cabin or cargo area. The dog must be muzzled when he is allowed into the cabin.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

  1. For international tickets, the refund period lasts one year, and for domestic ones it takes six months.
  2. For tickets purchased in AOA, and for 5% USD administration fee abroad, discounts of 15% will be applied
  3. Tickets can be returned at the original place of purchase as well as in the currency used to issue them.
  4. The Angola agencies' repayments are centralized at FLY ANGOLA (for now), whose procedures were promptly disclosed to the local agencies.
  5. BSP processes tickets purchased at their offices according to BSP rules.
  6. Tickets paid by state bodies, not only, should be requested and reimbursed to those who made them.
  7. You can deduct 50% according to the tariff rule.
  8. You can get discounts of up to 100 USD, 250 USD, or 15% off the fare on certain routes.
  9. There are some tickets that don't allow reimbursement and others that you are not entitled to reimbursement.
  10. Except for the elderly, children and those with physical limitations, no refunds can be made to you.



Hand luggage refers to the items you can bring with you on board an airplane.


Maximum weight allowed is 5 kg. However, for flights to Beijing, passengers can bring up to 10kg.


One item can be included in hand luggage. One item may be carried on your shoulder, tablet/laptop bag, or medical device.


The total dimensions of the bag/item must not exceed 115cm. Example: 55 cm in length + 40 cm in height + 20 cm in width


Passengers must bring their hand luggage into the cabin.

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