Fln Frisia Luftverkehr

Fln Frisia Luftverkehr

About Fln Frisia Luftverkehr

FLN Frisia Luftverkehr, a regional airline based in Nordeich, offers short regional services between the North Sea and Germany's mainland, from Lower Saxony up to the East Frisian Islands. In 1969, the airline began offering fixed flight times for passengers who wanted to travel between Germany's mainland and the North Sea islands. The airline's continued success led to expansion of its operations in 2011, adding additional destinations along the coast. In 2014, the airline merged with LFH to form a group of companies that offer various services. FLN is the airline. The airline uses the BrittenNorman Islander aircraft for their island flights, and some Cessnas for scenic tours. The airline offers charter services to other countries, including the Netherlands and the Frisian Islands.

Fln Frisia Luftverkehr  Reservations

Fln Frisia Luftverkehr Booking Numbers

FLN Frisia Luftverkehr IATA/ICAO codes, Customer Care Phone Numbers, Contact Email, Head office Address, Fax Number, and Other Useful Details.

Telephone number:

+49 4931 93320

Head office:

Westerlooger Strohweg 5, Flugplatz Norden-Norddeich, 26501 Norden, Germany

Email address:


Fax number

+49 4931 9332 1523


Fln Frisia Luftverkehr Classes

The airline offers only an economy product on their aircraft. All the seats on the aircraft are the same as for the type of aircraft. The Britten-Norman Islandser aircraft can carry 8 passengers. Inflight catering is not offered by the airline as it is too costly and time-consuming. The airline does not offer any other services in flight and is primarily a transport service that gets you from one point to another at a competitive price.

Fln Frisia Luftverkehr  Facilities

FLN does not have wifi or inflight entertainment because the flights are too short. Additionally, the airline has decided not to install USB charging or charging facilities onboard their aircraft.

Fln Frisia Luftverkehr  Popular Destinations And Hubs

Hub Airport

Due to its nature, the airline does not have a hub airport. The airline does have two main airports on the mainland, Nordeich, and Harle. Nordeich is the airline's headquarters.

FLN has 9 destinations in Lower Saxony, the Frisian Islands and other regions.

Fln Frisia Luftverkehr Check-In And Boarding Pass

FLN Frisia Luftverkehr Online Check-in opens 24 hours prior to flight departure and closes two hours prior. For a nominal fee, you can also choose your preferred seat. Print your confirmation slip (Boarding pass) by clicking the print button (OR). The e-Boarding pass and payment receipt will be sent directly to your email address.

Fln Frisia Luftverkehr Policies

Baggage Policy And Fees

FLN allows you up to 10kg baggage per person for each flight. This is the total weight of your hand baggage and checked baggage. You can bring additional luggage up to 20kg but it will incur a surcharge. The airline states that 20kg is their maximum weight and that if it is over, they may refuse to take it onboard.

Pet Policy

The airline has not revealed any information on pets

Refund And Cancellation Policy

The airline doesn’t provide any refund


What planes fly to Helgoland from the UK? 

Flight operations are performed using the proven Britten Norman Islandser 2 aircraft. This twin-engine aircraft has ample space for nine people and their luggage.

What is the cost of a flight from Mariensiel and Norderney? 

The flight plan is demand-oriented. This means that machines will only fly if somebody books a flight. The cost of a flight with an island airline is around 59 euro per person and for a particular route.

What is the cost of a flight from Norddeich, Germany to Juist?

 For adults, the single flight costs 41 Euros and for children under 12 years old, it is 81 Euros. Children under 12 years old can fly for as low as 24.50 euros and 44 euro respectively. Flying for EUR 11 is possible for small dogs and cats. For large dogs it costs 22 euros.

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