Flights from Yuma to Detroit

Flights from Yuma to Detroit


PaleoIndian people were present in Detroit around 11,000 years before the modern era. This included the culture called the Mound-builders. In the 17th Century, the area was inhabited HuronOdawaPotawatomiIroquois were also present. The Anishinaabe called the area Wawaataanong. It means "where the water curves around".

Detroit is the U.S.'s largest city. Michigan is the state's largest city. It is also the United States-Canada Border largest U.S. City and the Seat of Government of Wayne County. The 2020 census showed that Detroit had a population 639,111.

The Metropolitan Area, also known as Metro Detroit has 4.3 million residents. This makes it the second-largest Midwest area after the Chicago metro area. It is also the 14th largest in the United States. Detroit is considered a major cultural centre. It is also known for its contributions to musicarchitecture and design. voted Detroit among the fifty Greatest Places in the World for 2022.


Places to visit in Detroit

Dearborn Neighborhood is an area that is very popular and well-known for its association with Henry Ford. You will also find many ethnic neighborhoods, such as an Arab-American neighbourhood that serves excellent Middle Eastern food.

Oakland is the home of the Detroit Zoo. You will also find upscale shops, cafes and restaurants here. Detroit's East side is home to Macomb’s marinas. The fashionable Greater Noni has its own golf course and other recreational facilities.

1. The Detroit Institute of Arts

The Detroit Institute of Arts exhibits a wide variety of human artistic creations. They range from ancient cultures to modern times. There are more than 65,000 pieces in the permanent collection. It contains pieces from Africa and Oceania, as well as from the Indigenous Americas and art of the Near East.

It also houses a large collection Islamic art including bronze, pottery, stone and other works from both the past and the present. The museum also has a gallery that features African American art in a variety media. Museum houses both traditional art forms and a performing arts collection that includes theatre memorabilia, as well the Paul McPharlin puppetry collections.

Address: 5200 Woodward Avenue Detroit Michigan

2. Motown Museum

The Motown Museum, also known by its iconic sign and small size as "Hitsville USA", is a small, shingle clad structure that housed the studio that made the "Motown" sound. You can also visit the original recording studio where Marvin Gaye produced many of his hits. Berry Gordy Jr.'s home can be seen.

The museum tells Detroit's history as a recording studio and its rise to prominence as the birthplace of some the greatest songs of all time. Reservations are highly recommended.

Address: 2648 West Grand Boulevard Detroit Michigan

3. Ford Piquette Avenue Plant

The Ford Piquette Avenue Plant is where the Model T was born. It revolutionized automobile manufacturing and opened the doors to personal transport. This building is now National Historic Landmark. It was once home to the largest manufacturing facility for the most famous car on the planet.

You can see many beautiful early-model vehicles on the original worn floorboards as you walk through the plant. It can be seen exactly as it was back in the days when Ford and his colleagues developed and tested new ideas. It contains Ford's mother's rocking stool and a drafting desk.

Address: 461 Piquette Street, Detroit, Michigan

4. Detroit Zoo

Detroit Zoo occupies 125 acres. It is located just outside Detroit. The Zoo is home to many animals from around the globe. There are many habitat types at the zoo. The most famous is the African habitat. These habitats can house exotic animals such as rhinos and Lions as well as Zebras and Giraffes. Within this section is the four-acre ape sanctuary. It contains twelve chimpanzees, as well as three silverback rhinos.

You can experience a wide range of animal encounters including penguin meets-and-greets or giraffe feeding. There are many playgrounds and a train ride. You will find picnic areas as well as a zone with low sensory for hyperstimulated kids.

Address: 8450 W. 10 Mile Road, Royal Oak (Michigan).

5. Fort Wayne Historic

Fort Wayne's grounds contain a five-pointed bastion Castle built in the 1840s. Tourists have three layers of wood on the Sally Port to gain access to the fortress. Within the fort you will find the large limestone barracks building. It was built in 1848. To give visitors a glimpse into soldier life during the 1860s, they can visit the first floor.

It also houses the powder magazine which is the oldest structure in the fort. There are also the restored officer's quarters, a dry moat, and the Demilune which used to house the water-facing guns. There are many summer events at Fort Knox. You can also take nighttime ghost tours to explore the dark side of the fort.

Address: 6325 West Jefferson, Detroit, Michigan


What is the flight time from Yuma to Detroit?

This flight route has at least one stop, and takes approximately 8h 12m.

Do I need a passport in order to fly between Yuma, Michigan and Detroit?

To fly from Yuma, to Detroit, you don't need a passport

Which day is the cheapest to fly from Yuma, Arizona to Detroit?

Flying to Detroit on Thursday will usually result in a lower flight ticket cost than flying on Wednesday. For better deals, fly to Yuma on a Wednesday.

What airports should I use to fly from Yuma, Arizona to Detroit?

Yuma will use YUM when flying. Detroit DTW will be your landing point.

Which is the earliest time you can fly from Yuma to Detroit

Yuma is the first to depart Detroit at 12:57 AM.

Which is the latest time to depart Yuma for Detroit?

Yuma is the last place to leave Detroit at 5:14 p.m.

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