Flights from Jackson to Tulsa 

Flights from Jackson to Tulsa 


Tulsa is second in the state in Oklahoma , and 47th most populous town in the United States. As of the 2020 Census, it had a population of 413,066. It is the main municipality of the Tulsa Metropolitan Area with 1,015,331 inhabitants. It is the county seat for Tulsa County. This county is the most populous in Oklahoma. Urban development extends into Rogers, Osage and Wagoner counties.

Tulsa was settled by the Lochapoka Band Creek Native American tribe between 1828-1836. The majority of Tulsa remains part of the territory occupied by the Muscogee Nation.

Tulsa's economy was once dominated by the energy sector. However, Tulsa has become more diverse and its leading sectors are finance, aviation and telecommunications. The city has two institutions of higher education that offer sports teams at the NCAA Division I levels: Oral Roberts University, and University of Tulsa. The University of Oklahoma also has a secondary campus in the Tulsa Schusterman Center. The Oklahoma State University also has a secondary Campus in downtown Tulsa. The city was known as the Oil Capital of the World for a long time and has been a key hub in the American oil sector.

It lies on the Arkansas River, between the Osage hills and foothills the Ozark Mountains. This region is known as the " Green Country". Tulsa is considered the cultural and arts capital of Oklahoma. It houses two art museums, full time professional opera and ballet companies, as well as one of the largest concentrations of art design architecture.


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Places to visit in Tulsa

Tulsa is known for its cosmopolitan cuisine and Southern hospitality. It is also home to one of the most extensive collections of art deco architectures in the country.

1.The Gathering Place – Tulsa River Parks

Gathering Place, a park of 66.5 acres along the Arkansas River in Tulsa and Oklahoma was established on September 8, 2018. Gathering Place was created by the George Kaiser family. It offers a variety of attractions that guests can explore for free, including Williams Lodge, Williams Lodge and ONEOK Boathouse. There are many activities for both children and adults.

2.Blue Dome Entertainment District

Blue Dome Building, which was constructed in 1924, is the heartbeat of the district. This two-story circular building features unique art deco architecture and a blue roof.

Nine square blocks of downtown Tulsa are home to the Blue Dome Entertainment District. They have historical and architectural significance. The Blue Dome building, a 1920s-era Gulf Oil Station, is a landmark in the district. The district's unique character is also reflected in the many early 20th-century buildings.

3.Gilcrease Museum

The Gilcrease Museum is also known as the Thomas Gilcrease Institute of American History and Art [1]. It is located northwest of Tulsa, Oklahoma. It houses the largest and most extensive collection of American West art, as well as an expanding collection of art and artifacts originating from Central and South America.

4.Tulsa Zoo

Tulsa Zoo, an 84-acre (34-ha) non-profit Zoo is located in Tulsa. It is situated in Oklahoma, United States. Tulsa Zoo Management, Inc. has managed the Tulsa Zoo since 2010. The zoo can be found in Mohawk Park which is one of the largest municipal parks within the United States.

5.Philbrook Museum of Art

The Philbrook Museum of Art, Tulsa and Oklahoma are both art museums with extensive formal gardens. The museum was established in 1939 in the former Villa Philbrook, an 1920s villa that belonged to Oklahoma oil pioneer Waite Philips and Genevieve.

The cornerstone collection features nine collections of art from around the globe, and spans a variety of artistic media and styles. It focuses on Native American art, including basketry, pottery and paintings.


How long does it take to fly from Jackson to Tulsa, Oklahoma?

Nonstop flights from Denver to Las Vegas take approximately 1h 21m. They are 428 miles apart.

What flights are available between Jackson and Tulsa?

Southwest Airlines offers 11 weekly flights between Jackson, MS and Tulsa.

Which airlines offer the best flights from Jackson to Tulsa at the lowest prices?

The prices were available in the last 7 days and start at $118 for one way flights and $203 round trip for the specified period. Prices and availability subject to change. Southwest Airline starts at $49 now (16-mar-2022).

Is it possible to fly from Jackson to Tulsa with no passport?

To fly within the United States, you must have an acceptable ID such as a passport, enhanced driver's licence or military ID.

Which day does it cost the most to fly from Jackson, Oklahoma to Tulsa on a Sunday?

Based on your booking date and time, airlines adjust the prices of flights from Jackson to Tulsa. analyzes data from all airlines to find the lowest prices for flights between Jackson and Tulsa.

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