Flights from Houston to Cancun

Flights from Houston to Cancun


CancunIs a city located in southeast Mexico The northeast coast of the Yucatan Peninsula Mexico is the Mexican state Quintana Roo . It is a popular tourist destination in Mexico. The seat of the municipality Benito Juarez . The city is located on the Caribbean Sea It is Mexico's easternmost point.

Cancun lies just north of Mexico’s Caribbean coast resort area, the Riviera Maya.


Places to visit in Cancun

Cancun's nightlife and beaches are two of the main attractions for vacationers. The area is also known for its cultural offerings, such as Chichen Itza The underwater art museum and Isla Mujeres . Consider a day trip to nearby destinations if you have extra time. Tulum To see some of Mexico's most well-preserved Mayan ruins. Many of the Top guided tours in the city Include stops at the hot spots mentioned above.

1. Visiting Cancun's Beautiful Beaches

Many of Cancun’s most popular resorts have direct access to the beaches. This destination is renowned for its stunning views of the crystal-clear, sparkling waters. Cancun is actually made up of many long beaches. While regular visitors might have different preferences, it's impossible to go wrong. All of them are nice and have something to offer.

De las Perlas and Linda are some of the most well-known playas. Some of these playas lie alongside the Boulevard Cancun or the Paseo Kukulkan, a distance from the city's boundary. (Of these, Chac-mool and Caracol tend to be the busiest).

2. Explore the Mayan Ruins at Chichen Itza-

Visitors will not want to miss out on the opportunity to visit one or more Mayan ruins located within Cancun's reach. Chichen Itza is a popular day trip from. It's located three hours west of Cancun and is one of Mexico’s most well-restored and largest archaeological sites. This UNESCO World Heritage Site was established by the Mayans over 1,000 years ago. It includes important buildings like the El Castillo (30 m tall), one of Mexico's most famous pyramids.

You may want to join Chichen Itza or Cenote Swim tour if you are an early riser. The tour lasts for a full day and starts early. The hotel pickups will be at 7am. However, it is worth the wait to see the famous ruins. The fun-filled day includes the most important sites, fascinating facts, a buffet lunch and round-trip transportation.

3. Discovering El Rey Maya Ruins-

You can find El Rey, a collection of Mayan ruins located just minutes from Cancun's Punta Nizuc. The El Rey Ruins (Las Ruinas del Rey), named after a mask that was found here and believed to have been dedicated to the sun god. They include 47 buildings' remains, as well as many tombs constructed by the Mayans starting in AD 900.

The two main platforms, with their temples, are of particular interest. They were once part the market and served as important ceremonial areas. The site is well worth the effort. Many resorts offer cheap tours.

4. Stopping by The Maya Museum

The Maya Museum (Museo Maya de Cancun), located in Cancun's largest convention center, is a must-see attraction to learn more about Mexico's rich history. This amazing attraction is the largest of its kind since opening the Templo Municipal Museum in Mexico City in 1987. It explains the origins of the Mayan culture from its foundations centuries ago to today.

Highlights include 350 artifacts that are spread over three halls. They come mostly from Cancun.

Address: Blvd Kukulkan km 16.5, Zona Hotelera, 77500 Cancun, QROO

5. Divers can dive to the Cancun Underwater Museum

The Cancun Underwater Museum is one of the most interesting points of interest in the resort. This seabed-based attraction was created in 2009 after storm damage to the Cancun National Marine Park. It is an absolute delight for divers to explore.

This unique collection is centered around more than 500 sculptures that are spread over two underwater galleries (some are on land in a nearby shopping mall). They are submerged at depths between three and six metres and include human figures in various poses (there's even an actual car).


What is the flight time from Houston to Cancun?

KAYAK does not list direct flights on this route. The longest multi-flight duration takes 2h 19m.

What airlines offer the best deals on flights from Houston to Cancun?

Frontier ($150) and American Airlines ($243 have offered the best return flights from Houston to Cancun in the last 72 hours. Frontier offered the cheapest one way flight for $69.

Can I fly between Houston and Cancun without a passport?

To fly from Houston to Cancun, you will need a passport

Which day is the cheapest to fly from Houston To Cancun?

The cost of a flight to Cancun will be lower if you travel on Fridays and higher if you go on Saturdays. For better deals, fly to Houston on a Wednesday.

What airports should I use when flying from Houston, Texas to Cancun?

Houston is served only by two major airports, and Cancun has one main airport. Houston Hobby and Houston George Bush Intcntl are the two main airports from which you will depart Houston. You will arrive in Cancun.

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