Flights From Des Moines To Yuma

Flights From Des Moines To Yuma


Yuma, Arizona, was established as Arizona City for the first time in 1871. It was renamed in 1873. Yuma is located between Phoenix, Arizona and San Diego, California. It offers a variety of outdoor activities, including tubing on Colorado River or off-roading at Buttercup Sand Dunes. Yuma hosts events such as the Medjool Date Festival and Rio de Cerveza. Midnight at the Oasis is held in the historic downtown. Yuma is known as the winter vegetable capital of North America, with 91% of North American leafy greens grown there. Yuma also celebrates New Year's Eve with the Iceberg Lettuce Drop.Yuma is Arizona's 11th largest city, with a population of 93 064. Yuma is the home of the Marine Corps Air Station, which houses thousands upon thousands of Marines and their families. With the sun-seeking snowbirds who visit Yuma, Arizona, Yuma's population almost doubles between January and March.Nearly 60% of county residents claim to be of Hispanic heritage, despite being close to the border.Just a short drive from Yuma's heart, Winterhaven and Bard Valley are California's two most popular destinations. These communities are welcome as part of the Greater Yuma Area. We also include information about California neighbors.


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Places to visit in Yuma

Yuma, Arizona is the ideal place to get your vitamin D.

  1. Yuma Territorial Prison State Historic Park

Yuma Territorial Prison Park, Arizona Territory's first prison, was opened in 1876. It was later closed in 1909. You can still see their solitary room and other areas where former prisoners spent time in the desert.

  1. Castle Dome Mines Museum, Ghost Town

Castle Dome Landing, a ghost-mining town in the Castle Dome Mountains, is now open to the public.

  1. Yuma Proving Ground Heritage Center

Yuma Proving Ground Heritage Center - This museum is both military and historical. You can learn more about Yuma's history as a military testing center.

  1. Gateway Park

Gateway Park is located next to Yuma Territorial Prison Historic Park.

  1. Mittry Lake Wildlife Area

Mittry Lake Wildlife Refuge Area is 2,400 acres in marsh with 600 acres of water surface close to the Lower Colorado River. It's a great place for nature lovers. You can go on boat trips, fish, or even try water sports like kayaking and canoeing.


What is Yuma famous for?

Yuma, known as "Sunniest City On Earth", according to Guinness World Records promises sunshine and warm temperatures at least 91% year. This makes it a popular destination for tourists year-round. Yuma, located between Phoenix, San Diego and San Jose, offers big-city vibes with small-town charm.

Why Yuma is so important to Arizona.?

Yuma, the best place to cross Colorado River, has been a safest location since prehistoric times. Fort Yuma, which was built in the golden rush, was intended to bring peace to the region and provide a safe route to California. In 1854, Colorado City was established. The town later became Arizona City. Yuma was reincorporated in 1914.

Yuma: Where should you stop?

Yuma's Top Attractions

  • Yuma Territorial Prison State Historic Park. 1,442. ...
  • Castle Dome Mines Museum, Ghost Town. 447. ...
  • Yuma Proving ground Heritage Center. 123. ...
  • Martha's Gardens Medjool Dairy Farm. 343. ...
  • Colorado River State Historic Park. 208. ...
  • Gateway Park. Parks. ...
  • Mittry Lake Wildlife Area. ...
  • Arizona Market Place.
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